Challenge #4 - High-Poly Vehicle Modeling - Votes and Winners!

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Thanks for everyone's hard work on another amazing competition!
You can see all the qualified entries here:

Below each judge has posted who they like best and why. This will hopefully give valuable feedback to help you grow as artists. All that was required was a 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, honorable mention, and of course why. 

The voting was done in points and the user with the most points wins. 1st place is worth 20 points, 2nd place is worth 15 points, 3rd place is worth 10 points and honorable mention is worth 5 points.

Don't be alarmed if some judges give completely contradictory feedback from another judge. Its important to understand diversity in art and why some would like one or the other. This also reflects hiring decision in game studios and so on. Thanks again for everyone's participation!! Smiling

Final Votes and Winners:  

Judges   Mrs Doublefire -HP- RABITAGORE jsargent Goten-trunk Alex S. Jonfer3D BadKarma
Jim Magill   20 5   10 15      
Marshall Womack   15 10 20 5        
Brandon Hall   20 15   10       5
Thomas Woods   20 10 15   5      
Jeremy Baldwin   20 10   15   5    
Laurens Corijn   15 20 10 5        
JP Self   20 5 15 10        
Andy Davies   15 20 5       10  
Riki Babington   20 15   5   10    
Total Points   165 110 65 60 20 15 10 5

Congratulations to Mrs Doublefire for placing 1st, -HP- for 2nd, RABITAGORE for 3rd, and the honorable mention goes to jsargent. Each user will be contacted about the prizes in an email soon. :)


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This post is from Laurens Corijn - Environment Artist / Instructor

1 - Helder Pinto
2 - Mrs Doublefire
3 - Rabitagore
4 - JSargent


Helder Pinto
Superb Work! Proportions are spot on, everything from the concept has translated nicely. The detail is perfectly balanced. I like how your presentation is so thorough, showing so many aspects. Also cool how you used those simple colour differences to make it look more interesting. What really sold me, is how you used some sculpting to add damage, really takes it to the next level! A well deserved winner imo.

Albert M
I think you cut yourself short a bit here by picking a car. Not that i don't like cars, but their smooth shapes and often detail-free exterior just don't say "awesome highpoly" as much as tanks or other greebled vehicles. Your model is well-made however, flow seems good in most areas. Not a fan of the way you cut the headlights in however. Presentation doesn't really packa punch and seems a tad blurry at times.

Alex S
I think you went for Zbrush as presentation and that's hurting you here. The zbrush matcaps wash everything out and hide detail. The lack of shadows and AO is also not very appealing. very thorough presentation otherwise, nice job there.
Things are modeled really well too, not much to remark there. What does bother me a bit, is how the overall design doesn't really "fit together" for me. I think it's because the front and back parts are so different. The rear is a tracked sort of greenhouse, the front is a wheeled heavy truck. they should be tied together more visually.

Your design doesn't really amaze me, everything is very squarsih and a lot of shapes seem like just primitives. I don't think your modeling skills are limiting you, more the design. You should try to study some concepts like maschinenkrieger and try to determine what makes them so cool.
Presentation isn't great, the "standard vray" look always seems cheap to me, take a look at some other Highpoly presentation renders or even look at the Dozer DVD to see how to do it better.

Cool, something different. While perfectly executed for what it is (save for the materials being very cleanish and sometimes lifeless) I think you've got the same issue with a plane as a car. They're very streamlined and in the end, have trouble going up against very detailed vehicles like tanks and so. In the end there's very little to remark (maybe just that i think the propeller blade shape is not so cool), but I'm not amazed by the final product as I am by some others.

Modeling ok, rendering okayish (could do with some brighter highlights here and there), but proprtionwise a bit flawed, also some details are off. The wheel position seems a bit strange, I'd place them more outwards and lower. The inside of the wheelwells seems very simple and not really correct. I think you could spend some time improving this!

A bit of a crazy design choice. I would be very hesitant to combine two things of VASTLY different scales (the fighter is obviously tiny compared to the battleship). You ended up with something that looks just that, two different things shoved together. I think if you picked either one of them it would have read better as a whole. Don't get me wrong, but when desiging and creating things, you need to keep the scale and spread of details in mind, so that you can tell how big something is and to have it look interesting. Right now the front and back of your ship are sort of on different scales concerning this matter.
Your modeling is ok, but does stay on the simple side sometimes, would like to see you tackle some more difficult shapes and try to really get those perfect.

Pretty cool, design works mostly, but seems to lack details and refinement here and there. The side and top of the hood for example are a bit bare.
I also feel like the presentation is holding me back from fully appreciating it. From the AA it looks as if you used a realtime viewport like Nitrous to present it? I wouldn't cut myself short here and render like everyone else.

Neat, nice choice of subject. All works together nicely. I like the colors in your presentation too.  I think in the end, you're held back by the fact that a few things just look a bit fake. The front tires are just too square and sharp. Cool that theyre different from the back ones though (which i like better). All the metal plating all seems perfectly cut and fitted to the car, like it was made by a robot and not cobbled together by a human. You also have some cloth in the back that's a bit blobby. Also, I am missing some rear lights or at least holes where they used to be.

Cool, a mini-dozer! I actually like how you paid a lot of attention to details and proportions. It all seems to be quite spot-on. Nice work on the chair. There's just two things i think are off: the front blade, such a bummer man, it looks so blocky, square and  boring compared to the rest... Presentation could also just do with that little extra punch. I think an AO pass would fix a lot already.

Pretty cool subject, proportions seems spot on. Modeling is ok, but you seem to have a lot of very sharp edges, that reduce the real highpoly feel. Would also have loved to see the damage from the concept on there as well.
Presentation is good, but mostly because of the last green images. The brown ones are a bit flat. Would also have liked some specular on there.

This is WACKY! Cool idea but i feel you lost track of the whole a bit. A lot of details seem to have received a ton of attention, but big parts like the body and wheel arches are a bit underdefined then. I also don't really know where to look first with all that's going on. Your rendering is very busy too, with what seems like at least 3 shadows. The shiny materials detract from the whole a bit too. The details are okay in terms of modeling, but could do with some more complex shapes at time.

You seem to know how to model pretty well, your wireframes show that. I also like the design of the engines, but not so much of the pod; it clashes with the engines ( a silly sphere compared to complex, streamlined shapes. Also could do with being a lot smaller). I also think you're lacking a bit in detail and refinement, which hides the scale. I think it's supposed to be pretty big?

I like this quite a bit. Many aspects exactly hit home for me. Presentation is great, love your colors and lighting.  You really paid attention to details and proportions. Love how even the wheel wells are detailed with nuts, how the leaf springs from the suspension show through at the back and how the rope is wrapped around the front!
The only thing that bothers me, is the 50cal. You don't seem to have put the same attention to porportions in it, it looks like a toy version of the real one (like fatter and shorter). Also the barrel, even though it might be a specific version, would have been cooler a bit longer.

Decent attempt, but falls short in a few areas. Presentation is the main problem for me, blurry renders on a black background are just terrible... Modelzise it seems ok, proportions work, there's some details, but it doesn't really feel believable yet to me. The rear axle for example seems overly simplified to me. Same with the front suspension, I suggest to study more reference.

Very cool concept, but yours doesn't really nail all its specifics. The back of your vehicle is the best, has the most details. The front seems underdetailed and really doesn't feel like a worn, cobbled together truck that's seen a lot of action. Your 2 organic elements, the tarp and the skull also seem a bit simple. I would have gone and sculpted some extra creases on the tarp, it seems very rigid and simple now. The skull could also be a lot more awesome, it's supposed to be such an eyecatcher. Would help to look at some real mammoth skull reference there.

Whoah, at first this didn't really strike me, but when seeing everything upclose, i must applaud your attention to detail. I think you must have had this truck somewhere close by to study in real life. Love the closeups, just everything is there! Fantastic work. All I can say is the renders with materials could be a bit more exciting, seems a tad flat sometimes. I almost like the wires more.. My choice for second place!

Cool, another airplane, and a pretty neat one to boot. I feel like you did a pretty good job. Most things seem there, the proportions look perfect. It's just missing some finer details. The fuselage seems awefully bare, and the tires don't have treads for example... The interior being solid is also too bad. Presentation is Ok, but seems a bit blurry.

This one seems really good too. Too bad I just can't see it that well. Your renders are kinda small and there's only one! I'd actually name your as runner up, you'd be my fifth place. Just make sure next time, judge's have enough material to work with...

This is one mean looking machine! I must say this is the best custom design i've seen in the competition, you really seem to grasp that. Would fit right into Terminator! Very nice presentation also. 
Modeling is pretty much perfect, wires are beautiful. The only thing I can really remark, is that the back and sides at the back seem a bit underdetailed compared to the front. You have so much going on there compared to some other bare surfaces. My third place choice!

interesting design, it does work for me, but seems to lack detail all over. Would've liked a more steampunk look with more plating and nuts and bolts to it, it's a bit undefined now. Also, only one non-wireframe render is not much...

This is pretty well made! Very nice attention to detail. As a biker myself, I appreciate that most of it is technically sound. What I don't like, is the "ribcage" kind of frame, not the prettiest, as well as the weird exhaust pipes that swoop downwards 9shouldn't they go up?). Also, you seat and fueltank don't really flow into each other nicely. Presentation could be a bit more interesting, seems basic now.

cool choice of subject. All in all it's pretty well made, presentation is ok. I just feel like you skipped details and polish here and there. I actually went to your forum thread to check out the concept, and it looks like you omitted a whole bunch of stuff on the top/front area. there' much more going on there, small edges, height differences, details. If you'd match the concept everywhere like you've done in other areas, this would be a lot more interesting.

I can't really tell what your thing is uspposed to look like! There's one unclear zbrush image (bad choice for presentation), and it looks unfinished. I think it did have potential, your design seemed pretty sweet. Guess you didn't have the time to finish it ?

decent attempt, but falls short. It seems very random in terms of design, I see a lot of parts that suggest different scale (the forklift reads like it shouldn't be this big). I'd suggest to stick with existing subjects before you really go and design things yourself. Presentation seems very standard, you render come across as gamma corrected but look washed out when I look at them full-size. Black background isn't exactly pretty either.

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This post is from Jim Magill - Sr. Environment Artist - Sony Online Entertainment


Great turnout! Tough to make meaningful comments about the modeling, as most looked good from a technical aspect. In the end, I went with the ones that had the best presentation and the most pleasing design. I mean, those tanks are nice, but Lawd am I sick of seeing tanks.
1st: Mrs Doublefire
Is this thing clean, or what? Simple materials, great presentation. This one stood out to me from the get-go and I just can't justify knocking it out of the #1 spot.
2nd: Goten-trunk - mad-max-looking car 
Simple, stylized, blocky, and mean-looking.
3rd: jsargent - jeep 
I'm a sucker for simple shapes and small details.
4th: -HP- military vehicle
The design of this thing sold me. Definitely wins Best in Show in the wheel and tire category. This one belongs in a Batman movie.
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This post is from Thomas Woods - Lead Environment Artist - Timegate Studios


1st - mrsdoublefire High Poly Vehicle - Mrs Doublefire - Final
Just a solid looking vehicle.  I love the brush and other detail of the underside.  Great presentation shots. 
2nd - RABITAGORE High Poly Vehicle - Rabitagore - Final
Just looks cool.  I think the front of the camera sticking up out of the top is the weakest part, maybe extend the lenses so they are less flat.
3rd - High Poly Vehicle - Helder Pinto - Final
Another mean looking machine. Was hard to decide between #2 and #3.  I like the overall look.
4th - Goten-trunk High Poly Vehicle - Goten-trunk - Final
Another cool armored car. 
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This post is from Brandon Hall - Hard Surface Modeler / Indigo Studios


1st    Mrs. Doubtfire.
The Good:  The attention to detail is mind blowing. The two things that really stood out to me were the headlights and the sweeper brush.
The Bad: The only thing that even remotely caught my eye, was I felt the orange bands in the back hold the hose could have shown a little more flexibility. It would have been nice to the rubber bands bend a little where the small wires are going through.
2nd  Helder Pinto
The Good: The puzzle like body style really caught my attention on this one, especially the front. The rims are also a beautiful piece of work.
The Bad: The only crit I have is that some of the dents make the metal body seem a little too fragile. 
3rd      Jsargent
The Good: I really liked the Jeep. The suspension, cables and rope are what really speak on this model.
The Bad: There should have been a much smoother transition where the tread meets the tire.
4th Bad Karma
The Good: The showing of the guns is brilliant and the cockpit is very nice as well.
The Bad: I felt like the landing gear could have used more detail, plus there wasn’t enough rivets on the plane.
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This post is from JP Self - Animator - Xaviant Games


1. Mrs Doublefire
Great piece!
I just love that it is a truck that is realistic and looks like what I
would expect in a real world scene. All the parts that comprise this
truck look like they would actually work in a real world scenario.
Everything about this sculpt looks clean and professional.  Even with
no textures on the piece, it still looks like a completed asset.
I really love the sci-fi element to this transport vehicle. Very
simple concept in the art design, but effective in it’s delivery.
With nothing to compare the scale of the vehicle, I can feel that it
is very heavy and slow moving.  It looks fully functional with it’s
moving parts, and looks like it can be drivable if it existed in a
real life scenario.
All the pieces that create this vehicle look proportionate with each other.
3. JSargent
I really love this piece because it screams “style”.  Even though it
has a subtle style to the art, it looks consistent to what a realistic
military jeep would look like.
My only negative critique would be that for a army jeep, there should
be some major dings in the body of the jeep.
4. Helder Pinto
An exciting piece that is interesting to look at it. I stare at the
images presented and I want to actually see this vehicle move around
in the real world.
I love the weight of it, and the great size of it. I know I don’t want
to be in front of this when it moves forward.
I really love how the artist focuses a lot of attention to the little
details that make up this truck, telling a story. The little dings and
holes that look to be created from impacting bullets, or fast moving
My only critique is that even though it feels like a big vehicle, the
doors on the side feel inconsistent. Out of place.
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This post is from Jeremy Baldwin - Eat 3D Moderator / Environment Artist


First Place:
What an outstanding vehicle! One of the factors that really won me over with this entry was the attention to 
detail and how it was evenly created on the model. Areas such as the under carriage or axel mechanics would 
normally not recieve as much love because its never really seen. But that was far from the case here. Every part 
looks functional in a real world sitauation, which can be hard to achieve sometimes even with a decent amount
of reference to look at. The topology looks great and it doesn't look like any corners were cut. The end
composite shots were well created as well, and the proper passes were used at the correct strengths. (Example:
No odd and/or overblown occlusion passes) These are shots I would consider 95% portfolio ready. The tubing was 
another element I am glad you added. It brought this design to life and helped to break up the angular structure.
The background image for your composite shots seems a bit too noisy and doesn't compliment the model as much as it could.
There are a few small and descrete spots that have triangles instead of quads, not that this is really important
if the model is being used as just a source for your low poly to bake from, but its still a good practice to keep
it in quads. 
Excellent work and it was a pleasure following your updates and seeing this model come to fruition!
Second Place:
Honestly, this for me was a tough one. In my own opinion, it was batteling my personal choice for first place. It
was executed perfectly and the way it has been modeled would make it ideal for a game res version. I love the techniques
you used and the end result is something I could easily see in a wide variety of games. (Preferably in the next Far Cry) 
I loved your attention to detail and you used Sculpted detail where it would be aesthetic, not just as a detail filler.
I am very pleased with your detail shots and the manner in which you created your composite. I would say this is easily 
almost portfolio ready. 
It would have been nice to see a bit more detail. Having a leather surface texture sculpted onto the seats would
have been really awesome.
Personally, I think it would have been nice to see some more detail on the dash and/or gauges
This is truly a great vehicle, and I feel you did the original some serious justice. 
Thank you for participating, it truly was a blast watching this thing take form!
Third Place:
Helder Pinto
This model was really well created. The thing that caught my eye the most, was how close to the concept it was actually 
created. Its style is unique and the design is solid. I personally enjoyed the attatchments and hose located in the back 
and top of the vehicle. This really helped to break the shape up and gave the eye a rest from the straight edge design. 
Another nice feature about this model was the dramatic slopes and angles that were modeled. This would really make a nice bake. 
The light rig used, and composite methods are great. I think this model is well on its way to being portfolio ready.
The sculpted detail was probably the biggest turn off for me personally. In my own honest opinion, the places it was added, 
and the style in which it was added, really muddied up the model causing the metal to look more like a melted plastic or punched
Fourth Place:
Alex S.
This monster is detailed! I loved your attention to every little thing and its functionality. It really helps to sell "real world
mechanic plausibility". Another thing I loved about this was its back story and purpose. You don't find too many people who will go 
the extra mile and create a story (Or modify one). Your updates were spot on and your end shots are vast. I say this thing is almost 
Portfolio ready.
You can't really appreciate this model unless you are right up close to it. From far away, you loose a lot of its worth. Try and make
sure to capture the larger detail, and carry the same design principles through them as you would your medium and smaller details. 
I also felt the design could have been vamped up a bit. Something about it just seems a bit off or incomplete.
All in all this was a great model that represented a cool purpose and back story!
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This post is from Marshall Womack - Sr. Environment Artist - ID Software


Great turn out!  Looks like it was a lot of fun, wish I could have joined in. ;)   Below are my results/rankings.
RabbitAgore's APC model:
Positives:  Absolute Awesomeness.  Beautiful design, love the balance of detail and clean space.  Great work on the paneling and mechanics.
Very little negatives here.  Would be cool to see some minor damage/wear.  Back end could be even better if more detail added to match level of detail in front.  Overall, an incredible piece of work.
Mrs. Doublefire's Street Sweeper:
Amazing model!  You've taken a vehicle as boring as a street sweeper and made it look cool as hell.  I almost want to change jobs just to drive this thing now (not really) ;).   Great hard surface modeling with clean lines and perfect amount of detail. Incredible work.
Nothing negative about this piece.  The only thing that would have made it better would be to have the door open with view into the cab with all its detail.  But the exterior is great!
Helder Pinto's APC:
Great piece, Awesome design, lots of good hard surface modeling, detail on wheels is superb, love the attention to detail you have with the subtle damage.  Glad you didn't go over the top with the dents.
Can't really say anything negative about this piece.   Very well done, would love to see a textured version!
JSargent's Jeep:
Beautiful work!  Excellent composition of detail with placement of the ropes and shovel/axe.  Love the interior and the subtle fabric folds.  The shocks and under parts are great as well.
Can't say too much negative about it.  Would have been cool to see more seams or welding on the jeep body.  Seems to beg for some additional small details, like snaps around the door opening for a rag top addition, or some raised text on the jeep tires, maybe even some subtle dings and scratches to the fenders/frame.  But an awesome model!
Honorable Mention
Abrahams tank:
Awesome work!  Detail is spot on, outstanding modeling skills.  Love the detail in the treads and top area. Would love to see it textured!
Nothing bad about this model. Only thing more I'd like to see is some character or history to it, such as minor damages or dings/wear.  But as a pristine model, this is outstanding as is.

Game Environment Artist and App Designer

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This post contains the results and reasoning for me "Andy Davies" Eye-wink

I hope everyone finds my comments and critiques helpful Smiling


First Place:-

I absolutely love this vehicle. I am very impressed how close you managed to get this to the reference and everything looks spot on!
There is a really amazing sense of weight to the model, which help sell its believability and I think its great that you decided to incorporate some parts that would normally be reserved for texturing.
This is really going to be a fantastic portfolio piece! I think it would be great to see this as a fully finished LP asset too!
Awesome job Helder!


  • Nice, clean sharp details
  • Excellent sense of weight
  • Efficient use of polygons
  • Good to see some floating geometry Smiling


  • It would have been nice to see a higher res. turntable


Second Place:-

Your entry was one of my absolute favourites throughout the challenge Smiling
I was extremely impressed with your abilities and thought that everything was executed very well. There is a really good sense of weight to the whole piece and the small details really made all the difference to the final look!
Make sure this goes into your portfolio!


  • Very well executed
  • Very efficient use of polygons
  • Excellent details


  • The turntable would have benefited from a higher frame-rate and a wider FOV


Third Place:-


I thought you entry was really great! The design was really striking and you executed the whole model extremely well.

The amount of details you managed to fit in to the model was brilliant and I really loved all the extras, such as the cogs, valves, pipes and the general steam punkish feel to the whole thing.

It was great that you updated the thread so often so that we could all see your progress.

Make sure this goes into your portfolio! (along with a LP version Eye-wink)



  • Very original design
  • Efficient use of polygons
  • Some really good details


  • The background of the render was a little distracting sometimes and it drew my attention away from the model on some occasions.


Honourable Mention:-

I love this vehicle!
There is a really good sense of weight and size, which help sell it and I think the armour is very well done. It really looks like this could take a beating! Laughing out loud
Your hardsurface work on the vehicle is outstanding and I think that this is going to be an awesome portfolio piece! A fully finished LP asset would be a great next step Smiling
Nice work!


  • Excellent sense of weight
  • Efficient use of polygons
  • Great hardsurface work!


  • It would have been nice to see some sharper renders Smiling



Albert Monarrez
I thought that your vehicle was really original and was really fun to analyse. The glossy feel to the really helped sell this:)
Your topology was generally good, but you should really try and stay away from using triangles in the future Smiling
Your turntable was really fast! Maybe next time, I would slow it down by 200-300% Eye-wink

Alex S.
Your vehicle was one of the high points of the challenge for me and a very close 4th place. The design was very original and everything was extremely detailed and overall it has very good topology Smiling
This will make a fantastic portfolio piece and I cant wait to see a LP version!

Your vehicle was great!
You have used the geometry very well and it should be a great portfolio piece Smiling
Work on your rendering a little more and I think you will have a bright future!

Your vehicle was also one of the high points of the challenge for me Smiling
I loved the design and though it was very well executed. Your topology was very good and it should be a great portfolio piece Smiling
Well done!

There is a really good sense of weight to your model, which I thought was great. Everything was done really well, though your renders could have been a little more clear as in some shots the wireframes are not very visible. Clean up those and this will make a great portfolio piece Smiling

Your vehicle was also one of the high points of the challenge for me Smiling
I loved the design and thought that everything very well executed. Your topology was very good and you managed to squeeze in some great details.
Your turntable would have been much better if you had fit the whole image within the frame as I was a little disappointed that some parts got cut.
Overall, I think that this is going to be a great portfolio piece and I cant wait to see a LP Smiling
Great job!

I loved this model! There is a really good sense of weight and size, which help sell everything, though there seems to be some sort of Z-Fighting/artefacts in the renders, which was a little distracting.
Your topology was very good and I thought that everything was very well executed. Next time I would recommend that you use a higher FOV, so that the size of the object is much more apparent in the render.
This will be a great folio piece and it would be great to see a LP version Smiling
Great job!

Your vehicle was also one of the high points of the challenge for me and was a very close top 4!
I loved the design and thought that your topology was very good and that everything was well executed Smiling
You really should consider making a LP version of this as combined they would make excellent portfolio pieces.
Great job!

I thought that your model was solid. Its was proportionally strong with a good sense of weight. I was a little disappointed that you used so many ngons though, as it would have been nice to see some more detailed wire shot. This should make a great folio piece Smiling

I thought that your piece was stunning and really wish that we had more places than just a top 4. It was great to see someone using Modo too! Laughing out loud
I loved the design and thought that your topology was excellent and that everything was well executed Smiling
Awesome job with this!

I thought that your model was solid and absolutely loved the design and thought that everything very well executed Its was proportionally very strong with a great sense of weight with a nice topology
A LP version of this would be fantastic! Great work!

Another top 4 contender!
I loved the whole piece and thought you managed to really sell it's strength and weight. Your topology was very good and that everything was well executed (the rope was awesome!) Smiling
Please make a LP version of this! Awesome folio piece Laughing out loud

This was a nice piece Smiling
I loved the metal plates as they really gave strength to the whole model. Your topology was good, though I would recommend against using white wires in the future.
The wobbling of the turntable was very distracting, so you may want to rethink that in the future Eye-wink
Nice work!

Another top 4 contender!
I loved the whole piece and thought that your topology was very good and that everything was well executed The weight of the piece was very apparent, which makes it look super strong Smiling
I was a little disappointed that the cloth was made up from tris would have been nice to see that as quads. I was impressed by how much detail you managed to fit in and loved the amount of forum participation that you made. Awesome work! This will make a great portfolio piece!

It was nice to see some HP aerial vehicles in the challenge Smiling
You did a really awesome job at nailing the form and your topology was really nice. I would also recommend that you stay away from white wires as they can be a little distracting Smiling Also I think that the renders and turntable would have benefited from a wider FOV.
Awesome work! This will make a great portfolio piece!

I loved your model and thought that everything was really strong. It's awesome to see how much you have progressed over the past few months. Truly inspirational Laughing out loud
Your topology was great, though it would have been nice to have some larger shots Eye-wink
Also, the turntable would have looked better if it the tank had been centred a little more Smiling
Great job!

I thought your entry was fantastic and probably one of the most original designs in the entire challenge Smiling
You did a really great job at nailing the form based upon the reference and your topology was really good.
This will make an awesome portfolio piece! Great job Laughing out loud

Your entry was really very good. It was great to see such a departure from the 4 wheeled vehicles that most people chose to make.
The form was top notch and you really managed to pack some fantastic details into the engine. This will make a great piece for your portfolio.
Nice job!

I thought that your model was pretty solid Laughing out loud. Its was proportionally very strong, with a nice sense of weight due to the low centre of gravity. Your turntable could have been a little slower(maybe 30-50%), which would have really helped sell this more. Great work Laughing out loud

There is a really good sense of size on your model, which helps sell everything but it doesn’t look too heavy as to not be able to fly.
It was a shames that the turntable was set up that it kept cutting the back off the vehicle though. Next time I would try to fit that in a little better Smiling

I liked the design of your entry and thought that everything pretty well executed. Your topology is good and you managed to squeeze in some great details.
I would try and stay away from white wires though, as they can make it hard to see the topology in some places and it would have been cool to see this rendered with a wider FOV.
Overall, I think that this is going to be a great portfolio piece Smiling
Great job!

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1st: Mrs Doublefire - Street Sweeper
Extremely well done and professional. What made this stand out the most was the execution and presentation. I love the close-ups and the attention to the smallest details to make this thing feel real.


2nd: -HP- - Military Vehicle
It was very hard to choose between this and the Street Sweeper. Amazing and Professional work.  I love the fact that you added sculpted details to the surface. My only suggestion would be to explore more into the silhouette to make it even more compelling with the details.


3rd Alex S. - Scientific Vehicle
I chose this as 3rd because of the insane amount of detail and the design. I also liked the video ;P.  The amount of detail is just out of control and even though I love the details it may just be too much overall. 


4th JSargent - Jeep
I love the presentation and simplicity. Great proportions and style!


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Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to Mrs Doublefire, -HP-, RABITAGORE, and jsargent Laughing out loud

This was a really tough challenge to judge!

Everyone who submitted a qualifying entry but didn't get a top 4 place in the challenge, should now contact us by creating a support ticket with "Eat3d - Streaming prize" in the title, stating which 1-month complementary streaming tutorial they would like.

Thanks for all the hard work everyone, you have all done us proud!

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Congrats to all the winners and everyone who finished!

There are a lot of really awesome pieces in here, great job everyone!

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Congratulations to EVERYONE that finished, especially the winners, finishing something is never easy!

This was loads of fun.. let's do it again! Sticking out tongue

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Congrats to you all, it was fun too participate! Till next time Smiling

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congrats to all four winners,

thanks judges for your valuable comments. Smiling

this was really great challenge and every entry was special in a way,

better luck next time.....

cant wait for another contest.

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Wow, thank you judges. I've never won anything like this before. Congratulations to -HP-, RABITAGORE, and jsargent. Your entries were amazing. I really loved that Jeep, and of course Aliens marine tech is awesome. Loved it.

Thanks Eat 3D.

Can't wait to see the next challenge.

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Awesome! Congrats guys! =)

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congrats to all winner and thanx judges for your comments

and @ HP ya let's do it again Smiling

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Congrats guys!!! Thanks a lot for all the comments!! I really appreciate that andy!!thanks you very much...This contest was a Great experience to me and everyone =D!!

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My congratulations to winners!!!

Well done guys!

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Congratulations to all winners and the honorable mention! I wasn´t expecting any points at all since I´m quite new to modeling and it was my first high poly vehicle ever, but I´m still very honored to have received these great comments and even a few points Smiling Thanks everyone who has taken time to give us their valuable opinion and I´m looking forward to the next competition Eye-wink This competition really has inspired me to continue improving myself on all fronts.

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Congrats to all the winners !!  and to everyone who participated .Thanks judges for your votes and comments!

Thanks and well done to Eat 3D for this really great contest , can't wait for the next one !

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Excellent stuff. Congrats to all!

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congrats to everyone

thanks you to the judges & Eat 3D 

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thanks a lot for comments and advices

Congrats to winners!Smiling

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thanks a lot for comments and advices

Congrats to winners!Smiling