NextGen Small Scene - Wildstyle :: Final

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Ok seems I made it just in time! Has been a crazy week but here's the end result!


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Ill get you this time wildstyle!!!!

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Saw your work in Old and damaged. Really of luck!

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Let's do this man! Good luck wild!

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goodluck..make it gud

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Wow thnx everybody!

I'm still thinking about what I'm going to do. There's a risk of going to large and losing the option to do some awesome details.
Doing an interior scene might not make the best turntable because I would try and use a wall as a backdrop.

I would like to try and do something a bit more sci-fi hard surface stuff. But I also have a soft spot for more classic stuff and art styles
like art nouveau and art deco.

I also found a quick sketch I did a while back, I might be able to use this as a starting point and iterate on that.

So, lots of ideas nothing decided yet. Hope to have one by the end of this week though, pulling a two-week crunch like last time during the Christmas break will probably not be appreciated by my GF Sad

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I love that concept, honestly. Good luck! 

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Very cool man!

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Hey this is really great concept.. All the Best... Waiting for more updates..

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Nice stuff so far man. Loved your pillar in the previous comp. You are really nailing those texture properties. Also had a look at your portfolio again ....last time you were still working on the helicopter scene! It came out sweet and you are definitely improving with every new piece!

Good luck with your entry! Sure it will be awesome!


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Thanks for the comments guys,

I finally have something in mind that sparked my creativity so expect some updates soon!

Sadly the first two weeks of this comp I've been having problems with my pc, ever since the last comp it's been unstable.
I've tried doing a fresh install of everything but as it turns out the memory banks on my 4870 where damaged and this last week has seen many crashes up to the point where it wouldn't even boot up any more. Took some time to figure out why it was doing this but as of yesterday an order for a new gpu has been placed and hopefully it will be here the day after tomorrow.

I was planning on replacing it at some point but this is just bad timing, hopefully I can make some good progress once the new card is here.

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Wow! Last couple of weeks have been crazy, lots going on, stuff breaking or needing attention.
I finally have some time available and although I'm not sure I'll get it finished in time lets just finish this year with a bang!

So, first up, new direction concept and blockout. More coming soon!

concept_smallscene.jpg smallscenewip1.png smallscenewip2.png smallscenewip3.png
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Some updates on the texturing Laughing out loud

scenetext_wip1.png scenetext_wip2.png scenetext_wip3.png scenetext_wip4.png
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Here in the Netherlands it's three hours until 2011, so here are the last updates for 2010.
The scene is somewhere around 7.500 triangles at the moment. with a bit more than
1024 texture space left.

Still have some things in mind and some time left but now it's almost time for champagne!

Happy new year everybody!

smallscenewip1.png smallscenewip2.png smallscenewip3.png smallscenewip4.png smallscenewip5.png
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I made a different shot just for fun with a nice background.

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Nice job!

Laughing out loud

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nice job. im sure you will place.

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I fixed the first post.

Might be worth baring in mind that there isnt really a reason to save as png for something like this. The file sizes are huge Sticking out tongue

I saved all your images as jpg and they look sweet (still).

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Thanks for the replies!

@metalliandy, thank you for changing the file sizes. Good to know it was à file size problem, sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm glad I was able to finish, although it might have been a bit unhealthy to do it all in one week (I really need some sleep Laughing out loud ).

Once again I had a lot of fun working on this and it was a great test to see what I can do.