NextGen Small Scene- Medical Accident :: Final

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Hi Folks - Just made it home in time to add my final bits and pieces. Really wish I had found Eat3d sooner so I had more time to spend on this, but thanks for the comments and I am looking forward to the next challenge!

Here is a link to a video:


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Very unique design.. Keep it up!!

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Added plastic sheets/back wall/burst piping/ceiling-floor lighting/robot surgeon armz (including nasty one stuck in the bed...!)

Time to let the blood flow!

screenshot.30.jpg screenshot.31.jpg screenshot.32.jpg screenshot.33.jpg screenshot.34.jpg screenshot.35.jpg plan.jpg
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I love the look and feel of this.

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This came out blazing fast in just 12+ hours, you must be a robot...

Anyways, cool concept! This scene has alot of neat stuff. Though, if I didn't read your first post, I would say it was more of a torture room than a medical bay. I guess it kinda reminded me of the Metal Gear Solid Scene...


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Smiling Thanks - No not a robot although I need to be at the moment with crunch at work and still wanting to do this Smiling

The first post was about 3 hours work over two sessions - but I saved my post up! and the second was about 5 hours of work yesterday.

Its interesting what you said about the torture chamber - My initial idea was to do that and I thought  - if i can be really clever with the texture budget maybe I can do two skins - 1 really clean medical bay thing and one messed up high tech torture chamber. The ring is based on a CT scanner and since I have started I have found a weird vets CT scanner that is much smaller but moves around the patient!


Mind you - Imagine how horrific it would be of a torturer had access to all that info about your body terrifies me but I can feel a re-purposing coming on! Smiling Tonight - Make this bad boy fit in budget!

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wow, love the idea

very nice start on it too!

keep it up Smiling

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Works been hectic and not had a chance to do much - not sure i am going to get this one finished in time as I am away over christmas -

So -

*Added extra light tenticles -

*Low poly caged the lot

*Made a few high res assets to flat surface transfer for tiles

*Unwrapped the lot -

Tonight -

*Surface transfering the whole schemole -

*Base textures

*a lot of panting

*No sleep!

screenshot.1.jpg screenshot.2.jpg screenshot.3.jpg screenshot.4.jpg screenshot.5.jpg screenshot.6.jpg
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 Merry Christmas and hertling into the next new year - I got another day to play with this today travelling through to visit more family -


So -

*Downloaded a copy of Crazybump demo from as we use this at work and its frickin brilliant' buy today y'hear! This will help me speed up my bakes and tweaks.

*Surface transfered all my bits to the low poly models - mostly mirroring or quartering where possible

*Got Sandbox from Cryengine fired up and set up multisubs - (Cryteks clever way of using 1 map multiple times for different materials)

*Into sandbox - exported model - around 9k at the moment before optimisation.

*Started painting textures - I got 1 morning tomorrow to do all the textures before i go away again so I am proberbly out but I'll try and get something reasonable in. The whole thing will fit on a 2048 when all said and done.

*Going for some film noir lighting and its definiatle a torture chamber!

screenshot.1.jpg screenshot.2.jpg screenshot.3.jpg screenshot.4.jpg screenshot.5.jpg screenshot.8.jpg screenshot.7.jpg screenshot.9.jpg
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This looks a bit like a movie set. Very nice atmosphere!

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Right - Looks like this is it for me!

Had another hour this morning and painted some very reudimentary textures and a few blood splats. Wish I had more time to polish this. These are straight out of Sandbox so forgive the roughness!

Will upload a video but that won't be until 1st Jan when I get back.


Have really enjoyed this and look forward to the next challenge. Happy new year ya'all.

screenshot.1.jpg screenshot.2.jpg screenshot.6.jpg screenshot.5.jpg screenshot.4.jpg screenshot.3.jpg
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hi, looking good but I think this is to high poly ^_^, remember the 10.000 tris budget Smiling

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Hey Nawal - Thanks for the comment.


Check the stats at the top of my last post - this rolls in at 8292 polys. I think I could have spent them a lot more wisely though! Think I let myself down a little bit but I came across this challenge a little late and really only managed to spend the equivalant of 3 days on it. I wanted to do something much more grand but tried to do something smaller that I had some hope of finishing Smiling Mind you - the upshot of this - smaller area - smoother curves!

Final stats:

Model - 8292 tris

Stage/Skybox - 100 tris (Inverted chamfered box for light blocking)

x 3 - 256x256 (Diff/Norm/Spec) - Pipe ends/Pipe body/Rubber matting

x 1 - 64x1024 (Diff) - Hologram

x 1 - 2048 x 2048 (Diff/Norm/Spec) - Everything else

x 1 - 512 x 1024 (Diff/Norm/Spec) - Very wastefully laid out floor/roof quarters

x 1 - 512 x 512 (Diff) - Couple of alpha'd blood splats with alpha in spot channel.)


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really amazing, nice job.

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there we go! job done

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Very cool!


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what engine is this? congrats on finishing

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thanks Smiling

Its Cryengine - you can get a free copy of it from the Crysis Warhead disk. You can get everything you need from the official Crytek user forum at - enjoy Smiling

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wow - this blew me away - great job!

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aww boo i just bought crysis too, and i didnt get the engine. i have unreal but i always get this weird CPU message accross my screen in large green letters

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I have the engine and I got it through Crysis. You just have to search for the editor within your Crysis files

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Yeah - that might have been my bad - I think it comes with crysis 1 too. What Hulkspidy said. The best thing about that is that you get all the C1 assets to look at and play with. This link will take you to a playlist of video tutes that will cover most things -


Give me a shout if you get stuck

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aw thanks man cheers for the link Smiling