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I missed doing the old pillar challenge. so I'll give this one a shot. this should be a very interesting challenge good luck to everyone who enters =)

Final Moments of A Fading Robot


old robot that's be long forgotten it's been trapped/encased under dirt and concrete and now the last of its power is starting to fade. Vines and that have started to overtake the area once more.

Quick Asset overview:

·         collection of rocks

·         Grass

·         wooden planks

·         rubble pile made up with dirt and concrete

·         old robot

Concept is pretty rough..

And some refs..

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Good luck buddy!

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i'll have a block update tomorrow Laughing out loud would love to hear people opinions and suggestions =)

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Nice concept!

Good luck Smiling

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Abit late i forgot to post Sticking out tongue. this is how the placement is going to work.. i don't really want to do anything too big for the scene.. i reall want to capture a simpler feel to the next-gen scene that this comp is based off