NextGen Small Scene - Abandoned Freight Post

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btw, my english is not my native, so...



Maybe at last i need to try some sort of competition.

My idea is to make an abandoned freight post.

"This little station served as a trans-shipment point between ships and planet hubs, which were located right beneath those stations. Commodities were unloaded to post hangar and then transported on the surface with directed tractor beams. This was necessary due to the fact that some small industrial sips could not pass through the dense layers of the atmosphere, and merchants had to pay for services.

After some decades, technology allowed to put these tractor beams on the ships themselves and the need of those freight posts disappeared. They were abandoned and remained on the low orbit."

Here are some references, most of them are made in order to provide an overall view for myself.

I hope ill find time to make all those props and little details of that freight post. =)

Next - rough model to see how all this will look like.

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oh, nice reffs. some of them i recognized, they from cgtextures.

waiting for geometry:)

btw, English is not my too. I'm from Ukraine

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heh, hello neighbor)

ill try to make rough models tonight and maybe some views w/o detailing.

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at last, update. done tonight. much work ahead.

i know, its not a small scene, but i started it already and want to finish it before january 2.

some fast backstory, its a little easier for me to imagine all this with a short stories.


"By the end of the 21st century, mankind encountered several problems which were expected for a long time already. They were simple -lack of resources and lack of territory. Technologies of that time were already high enough to build small station in planet orbit (not only Earth, but also Moon and Mars satellites - Phobos and Deimos), which were assembled already in-orbit. Thus an idea was proposed - to build so-called freight outposts bases, which will serve for haulage commodities between planets by specifically constructed industrial ships.  Funding of the project was laid on the company Nove Teck Corp (NTC). Nova Teck Transites (NTC subcompany) took up the construction of this freight posts. An order to build industrial ship was given to the china company Khar-Khushen Heavy Industries (Hong-Kong).

Construction of parts of these stations began in 2087 in Marchand the first piece was moved to the station Teka III by the end of that year. Over the next few years are the same stations were established on the Moon and satellites of Mars."



freight_post_02_wo_tex.jpg freight_post_03_wo_tex.jpg freight_post_04_wo_tex.jpg
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if i may - can i ask to move my thread to the WIP section of the forum?

or ill nedd to do it just by copying every post there?

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Looks Awesome (As usual)!!! Promoted





I think I'll have to treat myself to a new Elegant Black Bowknot Lace Stockings soon.