Head sculpting - Lady Vampire

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Hi everyone, here comes a new challenger ^^

I start with a base mesh done in 3Dsmax, and then gonna sculpt in ZBrush

I choose to do a woman because they are no represented enough in the society as vampire ^^


Here's my base mesh


Image preview


And some sculpt


Image preview

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Thats a really nice Basemesh and a great start!


The Sky Cake Is a lie...

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very nice start kenshiro!

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Pretty cool man

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Thanks all for the kind words !!!

I have had polygons to make a bust, I don't know if it's allowed, I resize it at last if I must do it ^^

It is just temporary for cloth (I won't submit nudity ^^)

characterstripvampirewomansuclpt6.jpg characterstripvampirewomansuclpt8.jpg
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I sculpted the hair this night, I will refine it much better later, hope you like it ^^

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wow - you made something sexy AND disgusting Laughing out loud awesome!!

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so great work .i can't wait to see her with texture.

good luck

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hooo....sexy silky hair!

It was brought to my attention that the crucifix follows the breast curves. Wouldn't feel better it it were hard surface?

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"beautiful" model

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I sooo love that nasty brow line, reminds me of dusk till dawn type vamps. So are you planing to add some "life" to this undead? like her about to chomp down on some poor unsuspecting soul?


ooh or maybe give her a very uncharacteristic pinup type pose Sticking out tongue

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First happy new year to all and thanks for all your comments, there's a long time since my previous post ^^ , don't really have time last days, but i will try to finish ^^


My last update

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wow she is so ugly