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heres the final image...got it done in time... 

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seems i m too late...but  i ll try to finish it.... heres the wip so far

wip.jpg wip2.jpg
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I dont know man... if you really know zbrush you might be able to finish something.  you have 23 hours left to perform a hat trick! Sticking out tongue






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well the rules say i have to post the image on the first post...however i dont see any edit button...any suggestions?



edit: ok ....i can see the edit in all my post except my first one??

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heres my work...i  dont know how to put it in my first post...

an important lesson learnt ....always save the work at reagular interval...almost lost all the detailing work had to do it all over again...so did the painting pretty fast...

dont know how but it seems similar to the eat3d head although i havent seen the training videos......


rendered with BPR and its the crop of raw render...

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have uploaded the turntable...but  youbue took away all the quality and vimeo asked for processing time...

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Hey Illusionist You did it man!

Congratulations! Nice sculpt and textures!


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thanx maikeelassi....

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congrats on finishing dude