Head Sculpting - Biano - Demon Head :: Final

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Final entry:

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nice sketches biano! Looking forward to more

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Quite like the shrunken head actually, but the viking looks ace Smiling

Philip Mehr - Character Artist


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Thank you guys...


Video wip:


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great sketches and great start!

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looks good so far, cant wait to see more

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nice progress man Smiling

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damn I think Im in love with your demon dude . . very sexy can I make you my idol man? I promise to worship you and sacrifice small children!!  J/p


This thing looks awesome and would make one wicked game character

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very nice !

love your draws ^^ !

keep it up ..

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thanks a lot guys...


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very nice biano, i really dig his profile - very dynamic

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good, good, good, good.

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Reminds me of a new species in Resistance. Good stuff!

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Great sculpt. Evil.

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thanks a lot guys... update

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hey biano i like that you opened his mouth a little more, it gives him much more agression and dynamic.

tongues a good idea, too. While looking at it i felt that the axis of the jaw is to paralell to the axis of the collarbone.

i attached a quick ps-rip of your demon to illustrate what i mean, because i am not sure if i can explain that in english Eye-wink

cheers schiefer



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Glad to see u made it man.
very nasty looking creature!

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Okay....gross...hehe. Nicely done. Very dynamic pose.

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great job biano , i like him very much Smiling