Challenge #2 - Head Sculpting - Votes and Winners!

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We are extremely pleased with the turnout and participation on the forums!

Below each judge has posted who they like best and why. This will hopefully give valuable feedback to help you grow as artists. All that was required was a 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, honorable mention, and of course why. 

The voting was done in points and the user with the most points wins. 1st place is worth 20 points, 2nd place is worth 15 points, 3rd place is worth 10 points and honorable mention is worth 5 points.

Don't be alarmed if some judges give completely contradictory feedback from another judge. Its important to understand diversity in art and why some would like one or the other. This also reflects hiring decision in game studios and so on. Thanks again for everyone's participation!! Smiling

Final Votes and Winners:  

Judges   alouattaz schiefer Txiki Bolo_3d Persh Arkadius doses robat
Michael Pavlovich   20 10 15   5        
Phillip Morales   20 15         10   5
Adam Schuman   15 10 20   5        
Enrique Pina   20 15 10   5        
Michael Pedro   20 15 5 10          
Thomas Woods   20 15   5 10        
JP Self   10   15     20   5  
Riki Babington   20 15   10     5    
Total Points   145 95 65 25 25 20 15 5 5

Congratulations to alouattaz for placing 1st, schiefer for 2nd, Txiki for 3rd, and the honorable mention goes to both Bolo_3d and Persh. Each user will be contacted about the prizes in an email soon. :)


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This post is from Michael Pavlovich - Sr. Character Artist - Sony Online Entertainment:

1st - Alouattaz:  I love the character of this...character!  I also enjoy a caricatured face that maintains structure and doesn't get that awful "liquified" look. The expression, costume, and warm colors really come together nicely in this one. 

2nd - Txiki:  Excellent!  A lot of character shows through in this one--not just because there's a lot of wrinkles, but his expression, mouth, eyebrows, receding hair, 5 o' clock all makes for a very solid piece of character work.  I'd nit pick some anatomical stuff, but it doesn't distract from the piece overall, and even makes him a bit more unsettling in a "misfit" kind of way.  Super job!

3rd - schiefer:  Man, count me out for the game-rezed version of this thing lol.  Some very nice "meats meier-esque" detail going on, that really complements the overall character.  The hair on this guy (facial hair, beard and eyebrows) works really well on this guy too.  Very, very nice!

4th - Persh:  Great Sculpt, great detail, and a render like that straight out of ZBrush is a m a z i n g, very nice work indeed!  I want the skin to have a little more variation to the texture (plus maybe darken that nostril up a bit), and the muscle looks a little "plasticized" instead of having been in a jar liquid for a while, but other than that, very solid piece indeed.  That glass shader is killer, I might need to bug you for your settings sometime :D

Other Feedback:

aamirhussain:  Gruesome!  In all honesty, I would push this further.  Not realistically if you don't want to (reference photos for this kind of thing are hard to stomach for sure), but  if you cover the gory part of his face, it's just some guy starting at you.  Give him some emotion, he's been through a lot!  Jordu Schell is a master at combining the grotesque with awesome character, look him up and bookmark him!  Very nice sculpt!  His overall spec is a little plastic-y, which would be more fitting to a character stylized to appear "shiny-er" than the average human, but your sculpt is so realistic it conflicts with the presentation a bit.  I also don't know if the band aid helps the overall piece, almost has the appearance of being "tacked on".  Overall a solid piece!
Antoine:  Your profile reads pretty well, but you're losing structure in the front and 3/4 view (seems unusually "gaunt" around his nasal labial folds, and his lips are suffering from that as well).  Native American faces (especially those old black and white photographs) make for excellent ZBrush practice--I'd suggest getting a nice 3/4 view (and front and side if you can find similar heads) and really nail the overall form, then get that nice character those faces usually have.
arkadius:  Yowza, one of the more "dynamic" presentations for a bust I've seen!  The depth of field is a little much...which I would actually be ok with because there's a lot of interesting depth to your image, but there's an overall "fuzziness" that ends up giving it a glamour shot feeling which doesn't really work for this character (he'd need a nice blouse, plucked eyebrows, lipstick, and a freshly layered feathered wolf hair for that).  I would expect a little more contrast with a character like this, along with a little more texture treatment (both the sculpting details and the texture paint).  All in all a very cool character!
Arundelain:  Finally, a girl!  The details of the headdress are impressive, but they compete for attention with the head.  Now, that's not to say you can't ever have details around a head--of course you can!  However, you've got to make sure your head can hold its own in the composition, and in this case it ends up falling flat under all that detailed, realistic modeling.  The head itself doesn't look like much ZBrush was used at all; what I mean by that, is it has the appearance of having a head base mesh modeled, then smoothed a bit, then given a skin color with a little blush in the cheeks.  Off the top of my head, you might want to look at some of the artwork done by Linda Bergkvist, looking at her work probably explains better what I mean than by me trying to type it!
Biano:  Slimy demon, a man after my own heart!  I want to see some compression folds around the mouth--when he closes it, that skin has to go somewhere, and after years of opening and closing your mouth (even a sphincter-esque mouth, or maybe ESPECIALLY a sphincter-esque mouth), you'll find those wrinkles where the orifice is constantly being stretched and contracted.  The teeth stand out as not ringing true, a little more attention to those will go a long way for this piece.  The tongue is also a little flat for my tastes (no pun intended...well, maybe a little pun), and it hangs a little limp for a tongue.  Beef it up, curl it around, and it'll add an extra bit of horror to this piece.  Gross!
Bolo_3D:  Very sharp sculpt, and I really like the silhouette and materials.  Google "giant tigerfish" and check out some of those open-mouth photos, I think it might give you some cool ideas for teeth detail that would help a bit.  There's also something bugging me about that green flap of skin connecting the jaw to the upper mouth--I don't know if I've ever seen anything like that in nature, so it doesn't ring true to it looks like if he closed his mouth, he'd have a sad little loop of flesh hanging out of either side.  Flesh is elastic, sure, but not like rubber band, especially when it doesn't have support on either side.  I actually think this piece would improve a lot by taking that out--if you did that, he'd have a much more menacing maw, instead one hindered by an odd attachment!  Overall very sharp. 
Bones20:  Gah!  Parasite is right, he's got his legs all buried in his head there...The video was very dark and I didn't get much out of it, your pictures read a little better.  There are some instances where you want to go darker than usual, but not at the expense of not being able to see your work!  I'd punch up the lights about 300% and get some contrast back into the image.  I'd also nail your forms before starting the detail work--it looks like you ran out of time and got his head sculpt about half way before you put the wrinkles on him.  Really focus on building out those planes of the face, lines around the lips, the ear all the way sculpted, give that nose some form, etc...the only thing creepier than having a big parasite roach sucking fluid out of your making it look like it's really happening!  Nail those forms, put on a crazy texture job, and the "Master of Nightmares" title is yours.
Bozyszcz:  Oh wow, I get an awesome Ed Roth vibe from this one.  If you really focus on cleaning up some of those shapes (getting a little form back into him without losing the overall energy of the piece), increase the contrast (add some nice darks around the eyes, mouth, cuts, nostrils) and really push your textures to make him pop, you'd have a real stunner of a piece.  Is stunner the right word?  I think so.  If it were pushed ANY less, I'd pick it apart until it crumbled, but you went far enough to where...I don't know.  It works for me in a crazy way!
Conradgames:  I actually think of all your entries, the 2nd picture (out of 6) is the most successful.  He's got a shrunken, fetus-in-a-jar thing going on that I think you could really run with.  As your piece progresses, it starts losing that charm (weird word to use for that description I know) and becomes less and less interesting.  If you still have that 2nd image saved as a .ZTL somewhere, go back and polish that one up!
doses:  Screaming skulls?  Check.  Chains with SPIKES on them?  Check.  Cataract eyes?  Check.  Bust that literally ends under his (her?) busty bits?   Check.  Well, you finished off my secret checklist, congratulations, I love it.  And although the padlock is a nice touch, I hate to break it to him-- it's not keeping anything locked up hanging off a chain link like that!  Put it holding two links together for a little extra win for this one.  Very nice job.
gavinneil:  you have some very nice skin treatment going on (both the material and the texture work), but he falls a little on the wooden side.  His hair comes off a little "carved out of wood" which is where I probably get that feeling, but his eyes also don't have any life in them.  I'd gloss them up, and give him a little moisture around his eyelids and lips.  I also think you could get a little heavier-handed with the skin detail (especially around the eyes and forehead for example), right now the skin detail of his face is looking very uniform-noisy. 
grungenie:  Wow, this one pops like crazy...I'd say almost overwhelmingly so, but it's consistent in its overall zaniness, so I'm going to roll with it.  I love the decoration on the helmet, the cavity mask coloring give it an almost "cartoon made of tiles" look, but in this case I think it fits.  I don't know if it's just the colors, but I get a very Tibetan art feel from this...almost as if it were a statue made by some Tibetan monks somewhere.  Not sure if this is what you meant to convey, but if so, it works for me!
illusionist:  Pushing this one a bit in certain areas would result in a very solid head study--I'd thicken up those eyelids a tad, take another pass at that ear (make sure to check it from all views with your reference, get the curve of it from the front going, then add the other structures in the side view), push that waddle under the neck (by push I mean exaggerate it, get in there and really study the way an older neck wrinkles and bunches, same with the eye bags)...and what I would do if it were handed off to me, would be to take the clay brush and add some contrast back into those face and wrinkles by building up the surfaces around them.  Sorry for that run-on sentence lol.  I'm not saying every old person head should be turned into a cavernous dried out husk, but adding that contrast into your sculpt would really help it.  Even keeping the underlying form, but pushing and digging the flesh would help this piece pop.  It's a very nice start, and head studies are where it's at--keep going!
IsmailW:  This one freaks me out in a 60's Star Trek kind of way--I could totally see this guy going hand to hand with Captain Kirk on the backlot of NBC.  You've got some texture and skin detail success on the back of his neck, but it gets a little lost on the front.  I think I can kind of see what you're going for, almost a lobster-belly-to-darker back look, and I think if you took another pass at it (really work some darks in there to contrast with the fishbelly) it would make a difference.  His eyes also look a little "pushed in"; I'd grab some reference of a crab eye (or something like that) and work those forms in to really sell that it's an eye with a purpose, not a ball pushed into a head.  Same with the texture treatment--stealing from nature is a sure fire way to make sure humans can accept what's going on with your creature!
john_doe:  Another female head!  I think this one suffers a bit of the same problem the first one did; namely, it looks like a smoothed face mesh, and not a lot of actual ZBrush sculpting.  The trick to sculpting females isn't to keep them smooth and formless--it's to give them the correct form, perfectly!  That's why they're considered a little more difficult than the alternative--you can't hide their foundational flaws under wrinkles or scabs or warts, so you REALLY have to nail their forms, and make those rock solid.  And if you're a character artist worth your salt, after you've done that, you can still give them real personality and charm that compliments their "flawless"-ness.  Watch your nose forms, and give her some eyelids, and round out those eyes, they're looking a little flat as well.  Her head also looks a little "wide" from the side view.  Like I said before, pretty girls can be a tough project, keep going!
Laticis - Black Jack:  It took me a second to see why this guy was called "Black Jack" because I had to get past the horrific disfiguration, it was almost like an Easter egg.  I got it though, back on track now!  This is probably going to start sounding a little gross, but I'd like to see some contrast on the...melted?  side of his face.  If you were going realistic-ish, I'd like to see some wet sinus cavities, fat tissue globs, baked muscles and glistening tendons (sorry for everybody who just lost their lunch reading that).  If you wanted to go a little less realistic, I'd still want to see a material difference on that side, and maybe some more darks in the recesses of his destroyed side.  Right now it kind of looks like his head got hit by gamma rays last year and he's kind of had some tissue grow back and dry out, not sure if that's intended or not.  All in all a creepy as hell piece!
Laticis - Master of Chaos:  Has an oil stain rainbow color scheme that gives him an interesting "luster".  Also some very intense eye texture work, I like them a lot.  The forms are a little soft under the detail for my tastes, but overall a nice piece!
loup987567:  Very effective retro-universal lighting for this one!  Has a nice gargoyle-meets-nos-feratu feel.  There's some foundation issues, which I think you could solve by staying on your lower subdivisions longer, and keep working around your model, even if you get bored with it!  Subdividing too fast will lock in a bad foundation that you can't save with nice details or textures!  I can see where you were trying to go with this one, and with a little practice it'll start clicking.  Keep making more!
maikeelassi:  Reminds me of getting up early on Saturday mornings and catching some Ninja Turtle cartoons before my parents woke up and yelled at me to go play outside.  I like that you worked some facial expression into this piece!  His "squinty" eye looks a little liquified, I'd take another pass on the eye shape and make sure it isn't getting squished in a weird way.  The materials on his face and his "fuzz" work for me, but the metal is reading a little plastic and dull for some reason.  Very intense!
nerf3601 Nerf-Bat thingy:  Very creepy!  I think if you went in and really punched up his texture paint you could rock this one. 
nerf3601 Lizardly guy:  The video came out a little dark (your previous entry also suffered a bit in the video compression area as well).  The tongue is a little out there (conceptually, not just physically!  lol); usually when I see cobra or lizard tongues (not often thank god) it's for a fleeting moment, and they don't usually curl elaborately out like that.  It might help if you shortened it in half, smoothed it out, and gave it a little more texture love, since it's so prominent in your composition (dial that spec down and widen it a bit).  I'd also punch up your key light so we can see all your model detail!
Robat:  Pushed super far, I love it!  Great details and texture work; my only real problem is his jaw and where it hinges from--they kind of pulled this kind of thing in the Mummy (the newer version, was I the only one who saw that?)  Anyway, they had these skeleton guys who would yell...but instead of their jaw opening and swinging back, they went straight down like yours does.  It causes kind of a weird effect  (especially from that side view) that is a bit distracting for me.  Other than that, something like this is killer practice.  Cool!
sdabbs:  Danny Devito as the Penguin:  wow, I remember these guys!  Overall very solid; the material on his head is giving me a kind of shimmery "electron microscope" vibe...kind of make him look cold and fishy, but also gives him a semi-metallic look as well.  Overall looks like something I'd find on the shelf at the local comic shop!
sdabbs:  Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman:  Likenesses are great observational practice for those of you keeping score, and you nailed that Pfeiffer lip expression.  The strong green cast on the skin is kind of throwing me a bit, almost giving her an undead look from some angles (kind of worked for the Penguin, but not so much on Catwoman).  I think if you warm that up a notch it'll help sell her skin.  Very nice!


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This post is from Phillip Morales - Creative Director - Timegate Studios:


1.       Pirate (alouattaz)
The complete package. Technical Skill (both modeling and texturing), Unique Style, a Distinct Personality, Execution. What separated this from the Goblin King was the inherent “life” of the character’s facial expression and pose.
2.       Goblin king (schiefer/wursti)
A VERY close second. While this model also exhibited excellent technical skill, a unique style, a distinct personality and execution, what ultimately separated the two was the distinct, “living” personality of the Pirate. This character’s expression was more subdued (which suited the character well), but it lacked “life”.
3.       Screaming creature (doses)
Had the technical skill, style/personality and execution – just to a slightly lower degree than the Pirate and Goblin King.
4.       Screamer (robat)
This guy was just attention grabbing due to his extreme “personality”. This was a close one with the head in the jar (which was attention grabbing in its own right). Both heads were technically well executed, but what ultimately separated the two was the distinct, living personality in the Screamer.


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This post is from Adam Schuman - Sr. Character Artist - Vigil Games:


1st: TXIKI Head Sculpting - Txiki - My misfit :: Final 
Misfit! The sculpt is so meaty and full of style, how can you not love it? Solid anatomy as a base allows the limits to be pushed and still feel "real". The textures feel really nice as well, the subtle beard and underlying soft veins, push the awesomeness, I wonder if some soft black around the hair line might have helped from keeping the hair looking so "stuck in" but it's awesome none the less. The Misfit stand is a nice way to display the character, but the fact that the rocks at the bottom make it look like breast is kinda weird. Nice work all around!
2nd: alouattaz Head Sculpting - Alouattaz - Pirate :: Final 
I really liked the expression on the smug pirate. The red scarf really helps make the character pop, would have been nice to see some of it on the forehead to tie it into the character more. Since the face has color value change I want to see that same attention in the clothes: the hat could use fading at the tips and the fold where it sits on the head, same with the jacket. The mini head is a nice touch but her details feel so tight and small, I'd try and unify the sizes of details a tad more (thin metal staples being wider, hair not being as noisy... possible different solution). 
3rd: schiefer Head Sculpting - schiefer- Goblinking :: Final
The Goblin King swoops in with great detail and takes 3rd. The forms for the Goblin head are really nice, definitely feels really old. Only area that could use some loving is the forhead, it's the same amount of noise through the entire surface, I attack weight areas like I do cloth, find the main mass and then support it with softer details. The hair is well done and makes me cringe at the amount of time it must have taken! I can tell there is some subtle asymmetry going on, but I think they could have been pushed more as well. The eyes could have been opened/closed more, maybe open the mouth some, let the viewer see the teeth barely holding onto the pipe, etc. The crown, while unique is lacking structure and feels more like noise. Same idea as the forehead, build your main form and then supply the details to sell the idea. 
4th: Persh Head Sculpting - PERSH :: Final 
My favorite final presentation, simple but visually pleasing. Though not the most unique head it does well at not overdoing the details, the forms are solid and it works. 


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This post is from Enrique Pina - Lead Artist - Timegate Studios:


1 Alouattaz - I really liked the overall design and execution. All of the textures and surfaces seemed properly conveyed. The model has a very pleasing style. the only comments i would make are that they ears don't seem believable, pay closer attention to real world reference. Also the neck area lack definition. However, the reason why this is the winner for me is that ,of all the entries, this one was 'alive'. The expression is just great.
2 Shiefer - This peice displayed a great level of expertise and craftsmanship. The design was is very original. The model is attractively complex and has great attention to detail. Only suggestion i would make is to work on the shaders a bit, the piece as a whole looks a bit too metallic. 
3 TXIKI - The style here is key. I really like the stylized features and subdued colors of the piece. The only suggestion i would make is to really play up the different surfaces. The eyes, could have a nice wet look with high specular and the hair could have a bit better shader. I think that would contrast nicely with the subdued feel of the rest of the piece so the 'flatter' areas look more intentional. 
4- Persh - Nice concept and execution. Suggestions would include to 'deaden' up the skin a bit. should look paler and lifeless if it has been in that solution a while. The edges where the skin in cut on the skin should show the cross section of the skin to really sell that idea. The neck has maybe too many wrinkles, at least when compared to the age the face seems to have. Would also suggest some natural asymmetry on the face. Strong piece. 


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This post is from Michael Pedro - Sr. Concept Artist - Sony Online Entertainment:


1st - alouattaz Head Sculpting - Alouattaz - Pirate :: Final
Pros: Great expression, great proportions.  Perhaps the greatest challenge to sculpting a convincing character is to "give it life"; this character has it in spades.  Sculpt looks smooth and polypaint is well-done, especially the material treatments.  If Dreamworks or Pixar did a pirate film, this character wouldn’t be out of place.  Also, great presentation; the "base" really integrates well into the bust sculpt, stylistically and technically.  Great job.
Cons: None.
2nd - schiefer Head Sculpting - schiefer- Goblinking :: Final
Pros: Intriguing design; looks like a character from Ridley Scott's Legend.  The detail work on the ornamentation and vine-crown looks really great.  All-around cool-looking character.
Cons:  Could've benefited by more attention to material treatments (to really pop the details and give it more contrast).  Also, face looks a little stiff, could try loosening up the expression or exaggerating more in certain areas.
3rd - Bolo_3d Head Sculpting - Bolo_3d - Alien Head :: Final
Pros: Head looks great overall; for some reason I'm really liking that it isn't just a normal human head.  Technically, this sculpt looks pretty good, especially with all the surface textures and material treatments.  The layering of the skin and carapace gives it some great dimensionality.
Cons: I like that the artist went out on a limb with an original concept (which is fairly solid), but there are a couple of questionable design choices that hurt the "flow" of the various head shapes and seem to the throw off the balance, such as the proportions of the rear head fin/limb.  The core design and pose, and hence a feeling of "life", are the most important aspects of the character, and can often spell failure or success regardless of technical execution.
4th - TXIKI Head Sculpting - Txiki - My misfit :: Final
Pros: Although not technically superior, this sculpt has plenty of character and great presentation.  Love the integrated base, as well as the exaggerated depth of the facial features and just the general expression.  Something about it just "clicks" with the Misfits band theme.
Cons:  Sculpt could be a bit more refined in some areas.  Skin material could be tweaked to look more convincing.


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This post is from Thomas Woods - Lead Environment Artist - Timegate Studios:


1. Alouattaz - Pirate
Love the character and shape ... the facial expression is great. Also nice work on the skin and facial hair. I think the ears could be improved. Overall, awesome!
2. schiefer - Goblinking
I love goblins, and I like this different take on one. Very interesting design.  Nice work on the ageing, but think the forehead lines could be softer, and I think the skin is a bit shiny. 
3. Presh - Head in a jar
I liked the head sculpt and had to make this one of my picks.
4. Bolo_3d - Alien Head
It was tough deciding on #4 but I picked this one for the nice mix of shapes and detail breakup. The spine like work on the back is what tipped the balance over other possible 4th place contenders. Also dig the front neck.  I think the texture/materials could be improved.


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This post is from JP Self - Animator - Xaviant Games:


1. Arkadius (the French kiss)
Wow. I really love this piece a lot. I love the sculpting techniques the artist used to make this look like it
was literally painted. The emotion of the character just screams to me not to get to close, or you’ll get
I can’t really find too many complaints about this piece. I enjoy the colors, I enjoy the expression, I love
the shading and I love the model.
A really great portfolio piece, a definite outstanding job by the artist.
2.TXIKI (My Misfit)
This is a really great piece. I love the exaggerated physical features the artist used to give us his “Misfit”,
which looks like he is true to the look of the band after so many years.
I really enjoy the facial expression that is given, that sarcasm look to his face.
The sculpting looks clean and consistent to what I would expect, if I saw this guy in real life. My only
critique is that the anatomy on the collar bone area near the neck looks very much “extruded”.
3.Alouattaz (Pirate)
The expression of the pirate speaks high volumes of glee. I love it.
The anatomy and the modeling of the face look appropriate, to the style being used. Very clean mesh
and textures. The hair on the pirates face is some of the best hair I have seen on a 3d model. The
expression of the pirate is priceless. And the exaggerated facial features are memorable. I just love how
the character speaks to me.
I wish the artist would have not used the shrunken head. To me, the shrunken head takes away the
focus away from the main head piece. My eye wants to keep focusing to that shrunken head. I didn’t
really like the hair on that piece either, doesn’t look as good/consistant as the hair on the face of the
4. (red sunglasses)
I really enjoy this piece as a whole. It has a subtle expression that works really well with the model. The
modeling is very well done and professional.
My only critique would be on the overall shader quality. The model as a whole looks very “plastic”, not
realistic at all.
Overall the modeling is really great. But I really would really enjoyed more of a stylized creative
approach from the artist.


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This post is from me Riki Babington - Eat 3D President / Sr. Environment Artist

1st - alouattaz Pirate: This head is amazingly well constructed and the expression really set it apart from the others. Amazing job overall and I really enjoyed your progress and posts on the forum. I would have also liked to see a shot with some dramatic lighting, also the ears seem a bit underdeveloped.

2nd - schiefer Goblinking: It was very hard for me to decide between this on and the Pirate because they are both amazing. In the end it came down to the expression and how the character felt if it were animated or alive. Another thing to try would be to give the hair a darker tint as it contacts he skin to make it not so harsh. Also since this had to be rendered in ZBrush I may have painted a small amount of fake ao here and there and maybe some slight grunge on the leather so its not brand new.

3rd - Bolo-3d Alien: This came out great and I really love the textures! I really like how you broke up the colors in the green and tan areas. I would have liked to see more shader variation around the mouth and eyes to make them stand out.

4th - doses: This head is very dynamic and I love the impact is has when you first look at it. The shaders and textures could have been taken further to make this stand out more (particularly on the horns)


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Congratulations to the winners, well done and top quality work, a few

small surprises but not unexpected.


Thanks to the judges, the feedback is brilliant and much appreciated.


Looking forward to the next sculpting competition.

Really enjoyed this one and learnt heaps.

"Every man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow it,

 to accept it, no matter where it leads him."

-Henry Miller

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Congratulation to all the winner!!! Really nice choice!

Thanks a lot for comment!! I'll try to keep it in mind next time I'll work on that piece and all other future work!

Finally thanks Riki for this contest, it give me a good reason to try sculpting a head (organic stuff) and I learn a lot in Zbrush!!! 

I'll try to buy the lesson 'cause I'm sure that it contain a lot of  good information!!! Seriously, this community really Rock and I'm happy to be here!!! Thanks and see you soon on other post!!! 

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Congrats not only to the winners but everyone who finished!

This has to be the best contest I've seen, it was very organized, well executed, and best of all Some FEED BACK! 


Thank you very much for hosting this! Smiling


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thanx judges for the feedback...i'll try to improve the image.. and congrats everyone

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This was was my first contest and really my birth in this field and I gotta say it was awesome!

Congrats to those that won and all the others that had the guts to go against them Eye-wink


now all we need is to have a lan party and just sculpt all day Laughing out loud



btw I want to move my contest entries to WIP section can I do that or do I have to just repost everything? Im still playing around with the lizardy guy and prolly gonna still do more work on batthingy

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Congratulation to all winners!!!

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nerf3601 wrote:

btw I want to move my contest entries to WIP section can I do that or do I have to just repost everything? Im still playing around with the lizardy guy and prolly gonna still do more work on batthingy

Yes you can move your entry into WIP, if you are unable please let us know and Andy or I will do it for you. Smiling


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Congratulation to winners

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Hey all,

Everyone who submitted a qualifying entry in the challenge should have received an email asking which tutorial they would like for their 1-month complementary streaming.

If you finished the contest but didn't place within the top 4 and qualify for the streaming but have not received an email from Eat3d regarding this, please check your spam folders and then contact support and we will get you set up Smiling


Also, we decided to give everyone who didn't place in the top 4 an additional 1-time 30% off coupon to show our appreciation for all the hard work.