Challenge #1 - Old & Damaged - Votes and Winners!

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We are extremely pleased with the turnout and participation on the forums. So much-so that the next contest should be much bigger and better. Smiling

Below each judge has posted who they like best and why. This will hopefully give valuable feedback to help you grow as artists. All that was required was a 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, honorable mention, and of course why. 

The voting was done in points and the user with the most points wins. 1st place is worth 20 points, 2nd place is worth 15 points, 3rd place is worth 10 points and honorable mention is worth 5 points.

Don't be alarmed if some judges give completely contradictory feedback from another judge. Its important to understand diversity in art and why some would like one or the other. This also reflects hiring decision in game studios and so on. Thanks again for everyone's participation!! Smiling

Final Votes and Winners:  

Judges   Wildstyle Rico roosterMAP BIANO Bunglo ryanwatkins8 Oniram Jackboy Smithreed antsvetkov kyle.rau
Jim Magill   10 5 20 15              
Marshall Womack   15 5 10 20              
Andy Davies   15 20 10     5          
Thomas Woods     15 20     5     10    
Josh Ball   15 20 10   5            
Enrique Pina   20     10 5   15        
Michael Pavlovich   15 5 20   10            
Brad Lewis   20   5   15     10      
JP Self   10 20     15           5
Riki Babington     20   10   15       5  
Total Points   120 110 95 55 50 25 15 10 10 5 5

Congratulations to Wildstyle for placing 1st, Rico for 2nd, roosterMAP for 3rd, and the honorable mention goes to BIANO. Each user will be contacted about the prizes in an email soon. :)


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This post is the voting results of me "Riki" and my reasoning. I hope the feedback is helpful. I tried to give feedback on everyone that finished and it too me many hours Sticking out tongue


1st Place - Old & Damaged - Rico :: Final

The final came out very nice and I enjoyed your participation on the forum during the contest. The silhouette reads very well and I love the metal details throughout the texture and normalmap. The alpha glass was a great addition and really sells this well.

Suggestion for Improvement: 
1. One thing that bugs me is the smoothing group on the very top “Rico Gasoline” sign blends with the geometry around it. It would be an easy fix to select all of those polygons and give it a unique smoothing group. The dark gradient especially around the bottom looks forced even in direct light and it just seems wrong.

2. Also there are quite a bit of texture space that could have either been re-used or taken more advantage of. When looking at the text by itself I see areas that look very similar and you could have made them much different to help them stand out, or just overlap the UVs in a clever way. A piece like this would probably end up as a 1024 at most in a game and much of the resolution could be lost.

3. The Red color is pretty bight on the bottom and in a uniform way. I would have experimented more on breaking that up some and put more desaturated-red areas to make it feel a little older like the rust spots suggest.


2nd Place - Old & Damaged - Ryan Watkins :: Final

The most obvious compliment is the originality of this piece. I also like the silhouette and can see this fitting into a game quite well. I also like the color variation in the bone and the details in the normal map are great.

Suggestion for Improvement: 
1. The top and bottom base seem to be a bit rushed in comparison to the bone. You could have carefully distinguished the tiling rings to make them stand out a bit more from the underlying surface. This is causing them to look very flat. Also the details on the bottom “fingers” just doesn’t hold us as well as the rest of the bone areas.

2. The emissive area could have been presented better to show it off more. Currently it barely looks emissive. The outer parts could have been darker to give more contrast in that area to make it stand out more.

3. The lines through the artwork and text created my Marmoset are a little distracting and should have been removed somehow.

4. The heightmap probably didn’t add anything noticeable, perhaps the time spent on a specular map may have added some.


3rd Place - Old & Damaged - BIANO :: Final

This game out great and I love the details in the texture a lot. You did a great job on the sculpting and really tool the Old Pillar to the next level with a good range of large/med/small details.

Suggestion for Improvement: 
1. More participation in the forum would have been well received.  I realize it can be hard to stop what you are doing in long sessions to post wip images but for the benefit to us all it would have been great to see more of your process and thoughts along the way.

2. There seems to me to be scales issues that are hard to define.  I assume the pipe valve would be the size for someone’s hand and such but some of it just feels strange scale-wise. It almost feels like a miniature of something larger for a movie set or something.

3. The presentation of this model is a bit dark and hard to appreciate. Its ok to have things dramatic but if things are too dark it will be hard to see all the details. The problem seems to be in the lighting from what I can tell and with a few tweaks this could have looked better.


Honorable Mention - Old & Damaged - antsvetkov :: Final

Its was almost impossible for me to choose between antsvetkov and roosterMap for this placement. Both were so well made but I went with antsvetkov due to his extensive participation and use of a good amount of color.

Suggestion for Improvement: 
1. Although I like the yellow, it seems very flat and uniform on the surface. It would have been beneficial to break that up more with a mask and also chipped some away like old metal.

2. Some of the stone seems a bit “soft”. This shows itself particularly at the top where the large stone is extruding, but also some at the bottom extrusion. Its almost as if this was at the bottom of a riverbed for a long time instead of being a wall.


Other Feedback:

Old & Damaged - roosterMAP :: Final

I also liked this pillar a lot and with a few adjustments it could have taken 4th place in my opinion. The highres looks beautiful and you should be proud of this to put it in your portfolio.

Suggestion for Improvement: 
1. A few small things of color may have helped this stand out more.  I was imagining some sort of cracked blue led lighting coming from the inner circle on the top pieces, maybe even flickering a bit. Also you could have added rust on the metal-like parts to give it a bit more red.

2. The broken area in the middle doesn’t seem natural enough; perhaps a little more time spent on this would have made it look better. Also I may have been beneficial to put the crack on the other side in the top to break it up more.

3. The silhouette is a bit uninteresting. Perhaps exaggerating the details to make them stand out more against the background would have helped.


Old & Damaged - Wildstyle :: Final

This also came out great and could easily go straight to your portfolio. I would suggest you change the green tile  pattern to be more simple because it’s hard to make sense of it. Also I would desaturate it some to make It look older and mask out areas of each tile  to break it up even more (maybe even mask more out near the edges of the tiles). Still overall nice work and great execution.


Old & Damaged - Smithreed :: Final

This came out good and I think perhaps a few changes could make it better. I like the overall silhouette and it feels nice and old. One suggestion would be to check your smoothing groups because there are a lot of dark areas on this making it hard to see and appreciate. I also notice there is a lot of darkness painted in the diffuse which would be causing this. You may also want to take out some of the noise in the spec/normal for the metal bucket and other metal pieces to make it look less like concrete.


Old & Damaged - Oniram :: Final

I love the scale of this and it has great potential. Overall the final shot is very dark and noisy and its very hard to appreciate. Your textures don’t look so dark so perhaps it is a lighting issue. Also you may want to remove some of the dark in the concrete to help it read better and maybe tone some of the AO down a bit. The unlit screenshot actually looks better in some ways because you can see it and appreciate the hard texturing work you did.  I would try and find a way between the lit and unlit screenshots.


Old & Damaged - kyle.rau :: Final

I love the style and think this came out great. The highpoly looks exceptional but much of it didn’t translate as much I was hoping into the final. Some things to try would be breaking up the brown with a different color/material type completely. You could try like in your reference image where the outer part is white and the exposed parts are brown, this level of contrast would really help the sculpted details stand out. Also the presentation could have been better to show the details if you had only a couple lights to help the normal maps do their thing. It seems almost completely self-iluminated in the final shot.


old & damaged - manfredp :: Final

Also great work on this but it seems to suffer a bit from the dark lihting. I love how modular this is and you could easily have 20 of these in a scene without any obvious repition. You could have experimented with destroying a section of concrete more and that could potentially help it look more damaged without being too unique. The normalmap and diffuse look great and this really is a good piece, but I think its simplicity and dark lighting for the final prevented it from standing out with the competition.


Old & Damaged - Kaneth :: Final

Great work on this one. The first thing that jumps out at me is this needs a healthy dose of color. It would have been great to see the blue in the casing but messed up and peeled a bit. Also the details on the inner panel should have different tones/colors to stand out more. The keys could have been white, darker behind the keys etc. Sometimes you may even have to go against the reference to make it visually more pleasant in the game.


Old & Damaged - Madshooter :: Final

I really liked your AO highpoly shot and this would be a very valuable modular asset for a game. In the final it seems to suffer from both a diffuse that is too dark, and a color that is too uniformly green in my opinion. You can tell that the lighting is over brightening the wall and floor to compensate for it looking decent on the pipes. I try to explain the leveling benefits for this exact reason in the texturing DVD.  Its still ok to have things dark, but you also want to use the full range to show off all your hard work in details in a correct lighting environment. It would also have been beneficial to break up the green in many ways to help some parts stick out, because currently it all tends to blend together.


Old & Damaged - Bunglo :: Final

The final lighting looks great and for what it is seems very well done. Looking at the diffuse along I can tell that it would need to be “leveled” to fit correctly in an environment.  This seems very well executed but I guess it just didn’t stand out as unique enough to withstand the heavy competition. Perhaps next time you can consider doing something more original/complicated.


Old & Damaged - cmc444 :: Final

I love the concept on this and looks very old and damaged. Its unfortunate that you couldn’t get it looking better in unreal because from your post it looked better in the maya viewport! The textures in your final look very soft and even blurry. You could have tried setting the compression group on each texture to UI and probably do a little sharpening in photoshop.


Old & Damaged - Jackyboy :: Final

This one came out great and its hard to say what can be improved because of the simplicity of the piece. Perhaps next time you can try to do something more complicated and risky to stand out more. The textures look good, lighting, and everything hold up in the view but its just doesn’t stand out in the heavy competition.


Old & Damaged - gmstmichel :: Final

I love this idea but in the end the textures prevented this from standing out. What you can try is lightly outlining the damaged areas in the diffuse to make the edges stand out, and also make the insides lighter and the outside darker (although this is not necessary, you can have the opposite and make it look just as good). Another idea would be to slightly break up the uniform tan ton/color with some grunge textures or even some photoshop brushes. The details are there in the normal, but its not being shown well in the game, its flat for some of the reasons mentioned above.


Old & Damaged - Shyamsagar.S :: Final

I love the silhouette breakup on this one and it will help this look great in-game. Unfortunately the final looks dark like many of the other entries.  The other views you have don’t have the dark problem with the lighting, but now that you can see the textures better it would have been better to remove perhaps some of the noise on everything in some areas (especially the metal). It may be worth it to make the rebar a different tone/color to help it stand out from the concrete. Also I would carefully go through the metal texture and make sure all the geometry doesn’t get mushed together and lost.


Old & Damaged - Reksaw :: Final

I love the textures you created and I only wish they would have translated to a final like I would have hoped. In the final images everything seems to get mushed together and there isn’t anything in the lighting, ao, or texturing that helps you see what it is. Also the pedestal hurts the overall pieces a lot in the top final image and I wouldn’t have included it as its distracting. Something you can try is to find a way to get a good AO on here and change the lighting to not be so uniformly lit. This will help everything stand out and see the larger shapes interacting, plus show off the normal map better.


Old & Damaged - Hulkspidy51 - Broken Door :: Final

I like how the silhouette is broken up at the top and would help it read well in the game. The wood design/texture you chose is a bit too noisy and would probably have looked better not to have so much uniform noise across the whole thing. Also it seems very saturated and may have been nice to have something to break it up more. (sign, paint, etc). The ground also is a bit distracting since it is so dark and blurry.


Old & Damaged - Popeye9 :: Final

This came out good and would be very useful to copy around in a level. It does seem a little boring because the color/tone is so uniform across the entire object. It may have been interesting to incorporate some greens from moss or something up top to help the text read better. It also looks like there may be some smoothing group issues that are causing the mesh to have dark gradients and that can give weird artifacts in some game engines/viewports.


Old & Damaged - Rahul :: Final

The details in here are great but there are probably just too many to appreciate them.  Its hard to see much of what is going on because the  noise on all the surfaces is just overpowering. Also the base that everything I sitting on is very blurring which is distracting. Although some of the details on the poles are beautiful, overall it’s hard to appreciate with so many details everywhere competing for attention.


Old & Damaged - jpnuclear :: Final

This would be a very useful piece for a game like gears of war. The main thing that jumps out is it feels very soft in the final image. I do love much of your high-res sculpting but unfortunately much didn’t translate to the game version. The textures also feel very dark overall and there needs to be something in the texturing to easily see the damaged areas in the concrete better.


Old & Damaged - MaVCArt :: Final

I like the highpoly on this but the lowpoly is hard to see because there is no AO interaction. Also much of those details may have needed to be bigger to avoid scintillation with aliasing. The background is also a bit distracting and a good lighting setup would have shown this off much better.


Old & Damaged - Ark :: Final

There is a lot in this to like (especially in the highpoly) but when it all comes together it still feels like it needs some work.  The first thing I would suggest is to remove much of the darkest blacks from the open textured areas. (or at least tone it down to still reveal some texture).  Also try and make the metal seem more appropriate and consider adjusting the lighting rig some. This has potential but just may need some more work.


Old & Damaged - your0wnskills :: Final

I liked the concept of this one a lot. The final however looks very flat a didn’t translate much of the details. This is due in part to the lowres geometry (silhouette) and perhaps the lighting.


Old & Damaged - john_doe :: Final

Great design and normalmap but the diffuse doesn’t allow the details to come through because they are so plan. Perhaps a good AO or an overlay from the normalmaps blue channel could have helped. Also breaking up the shapes in the diffuse with different tones and shades would help greatly.


Old & Damaged - rocky :: Final

Also a great concept but I notice there are large gradients probably caused from smoothing group issues. The darkness in the final really takes away from appreciating all the hard work in the geometry and normalmap.  You may also want to try and distinguish the metal parts better to help them stand out from a distance.


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This post is from Marshall Womack - Sr. Environment Artist - ID Software


1st Place - Old & Damaged - BIANO :: Final

The Good:
Your High Poly model great!  It has excellent and believable damage to the concrete and good composition in terms of damage to non-damaged areas.   The Material and textures are also done very well.  I love the grunge in the top and bottom areas.. The contrast between the metal and concrete surfaces come across very well.  Also, the low poly model is a very nice adaptation from the high poly.  Many times, artists lose so much of the quality when baking down to a low poly model.  But you've managed to retain the main details for an impressive end result.

The Bad:
Nothing really "bad" I would say, just a few minor notes.  If the metal were that rusty, I would expect there to be some kind of rust stains/streaks that have discolored the concrete in some areas.  I think it would help ground the two elements together, while still keeping their contrast.  The second note is that some of the edges between the pillar wall and large damaged areas seem to have sort of a melted feel.  It gives those edges a slight "softened butter" feel.  Perhaps if those rounded edges didn't continue so far into the damage holes it would be less noticeable.  Overall Great work though!


2nd Place - Old & Damaged - Wildstyle :: Final

The Good:
Great Work!  Awesome detail in the model/normal map.  I love the damage at the top of the pillar.  I also love the fact that you've sunken in the damage in the middle of the pillar to change the silhouette when viewed from other angles.  Nice touch. Also love the inclusion of the metal drain pipe and drain grate below.

The Bad:
Can't say anything bad about this piece.  It's very nice!  The only minor comments I have would be to make the underlying brick surfaces in the damaged areas, more contrasted in color to make it stand out more against the grey surroundings.  The hints of red area a great touch maybe expand on that idea a little further.  Other than that, awesome job.


3rd Place - Old & Damaged - roosterMAP :: Final

The Good:
Excellent model!  Love the modern take on a classic shape.  Very well thought out and executed.  Very nice tonal contrast surface detail.  The accents at the top are great, and you've managed to keep a lot of that detail using your normal map.  The damage is very well done in each area. The balance of fine to broad detail is well done.

The Bad:  Nothing bad about this piece.  The only criticism I could offer, is that all of the damage appears to be compartmentalized.  What I mean is, the damage is contained with zones.  Either it's all in the concrete middle, or all in the bricks etc.  With the amount of damage that's on those areas, I'd expect the adjacent metal trims to be severely damaged along with it.  Other than that, I've got nothing more to add to this piece.  Outstanding work. 


Honorable Mention - Old & Damaged - Rico :: Final

The Good:
Outstanding metal damage and paint chipped surfaces.  Great use of rust and underlying metal to bring history to this piece.   The concrete base damage is nicely done as well.   Nice specular work and material properties.

The Bad:  Nothing really bad about this piece.  Over all, it's an excellent piece, and very well made.  A few minor comments:  The weakest part of this mesh is the top logo/checkered face area.    The size of the text within the circle is too large, so it gets lost in the edges a little.  Also, Might be better to have more color pop there to make it more legible.  I'd probably ditch the checkered background there and use more of a flat color or simpler pattern that works better with the logo/text.  Only other minor thing, is the concrete base under the pump could use some color variation within it.  If this rusty pump is sitting on top of it, I'd expect some rust stains and even dirt around the perimeter of the pump metal.  Awesome work though. One of the best finalists.


Other Notes:

Old & Damaged - Oniram :: Final
The Good:  Nice composition, and excellent usage of varying material/surface types to create an interesting set piece.  Your work has very nice contrast in color, shape, and surface texture.  I love the chain link fence and the layered effect of it, along with the brick and corrugated metal behind it.  Wish that detail was used again in other places.  Also, it appears you've taken many of the techniques from the old damaged pillar video and incorporated them into your scene.  Very well done and great reproduction of the style of the textures/materials form the video.
The Bad:  
Nothing bad to say here.  The only suggestion I could make would be to add some rust stains coming from the pipes and draining onto the concrete in various spots.  Excellent work!


old & damaged - manfredp :: Final
The good:
Excellent model, outstanding use of normal map and retaining that detail through to final model.  Love the use of ambient occlusion to accentuate the details.  The contrast between the raised and lowered grooves is very well done, and reads nicely in lit game scene.  Nice Work!

The bad:
There is nothing "bad" about this piece at all, just a few comments.  It would have been nice to see more drastic damage on this piece.  I love the subtle chunks missing and little nicks, but it would have been cool to demonstrate a larger area of damage, especially in a piece like this pillar, which could be very aged.  


Old & Damaged - Smithreed :: Final
The Good:  Excellent work!  Love the contrast of material types within this piece from metal, to wood, to concrete.  The age of the wood comes across well, and I love the edge of that crack in the concrete as it tapers off.  Well done.
The bad:
Nothing bad about this piece.  The only thing that stands out is the sharpness of the large chunk on the ground.  It doesn’t' seem like it would fit into the hole above it, and not sure concrete would break in such a sharp way.  But nice job on this piece, it's one of the best submissions!


Old & Damaged - antsvetkov :: Final
The Good:
Nice work on the color contrast.  The metal stands out well being painted a deliberate color.  The Texturing overall is very nice as well.  The dirty grime is a nice touch, (however the pattern of the dark splotches is noticeable on the left side.)  The pipes read well and add some nice detail to the scene.  I also like that you've grounded the tank against the wall with brackets/bolts as well as the thin wire/pipes that have brackets holding them in place.

The Bad:
The only negative feedback I have is that I'm not sure what the two large extrusions are that are coming out from the wall surface.  It appears as though this surface is concrete and extruded outward for some purpose, but that purpose is not clear.  If it were one continuous shape, it might read as a pillar or support beam built into the wall, but currently, I'm not sure what this bulge represents.  


Old & Damaged - Ark :: Final
The Good:
Your material work is very nice.  The metal feels like metal, cement feels like cement. There is some great specular contrast between the materials which makes them read well. Also the color choices work very well together.  The difference in the main 3 surfaces really help each element stand out against one another. 

The Bad:
The scale within your scene appears inconsistent. Specifically, the wheel valve appears to be very thick in relation to the height of the wall.  If a character's hands were big enough to fit around the thickness of this wheel, then proportionally, they'd be too tall for the placement of the wheel.  It would be up to their knees or so with the current proportions.  Perhaps making the thickness of the wheel thinner would make it a more believable scene, and possibly smaller in diameter.

Other suggestions:  If this sliding door actually slides, or did at one time, it might be good to show evidence of that movement with scrapes along the wall that the door slides along.  


Old & Damaged - Bunglo :: Final
The Good:
Your metal material is very nice.  Great use of specular to bring out those hot shining edges.  The dents in the side are nicely done, and believable.  The scrapes along the edges help give it a nice "used" look.

The Bad:
More polygons should have been spent on the wheels.  They appear very angular and low poly.  I would have spent more polygons achieving the roundness of those shapes and cut polys elsewhere if needed.   Also, for this contest, although it's not required, it would have been nice to see some different material surfaces in the scene.  One thing that is great about the Old Damaged pillar DVD tutorial is that the asset has a nice contrast of varied material types.  It's always nice to have different materials next to one another to make them stand out, with specular differences and visual interest in a scene.  Overall, very nice work.


Old & Damaged - cmc444 :: Final
The Good:
Nice variety of material surfaces. Visually there is good contrast between eh tile, tub, and wall surfaces.   The rusty/dirty stains inside the tub are a nice touch. The amount of damage to the back walls of the shower is nice, and adds some nice depth.  I also like there being some dropped tiles in the tub where they've fallen.  

The Bad:
Nothing really "bad" about this scene, but here are some constructive comments: The material surface of the wall, appears to be concrete, which seems out of place a little.  Perhaps the reference you used had concrete there, but it seems odd to have that type of surface adjacent to a shower.  The difference in tone is nice, but believability is questioned slightly by the concrete material in this scene.  Perhaps it is dry wall that is very dirty, but it reads as concrete with the amount of bump and specular sheen it has.    Second, the tiles having such dark edges, and soft gradients along their borders makes them appear very "pillow-like" in their shape.  I think some darkness in the grout does help make them pop, but in this case, the combination of the normal map and darkened edges gives it more a bubbled feel than expected for this type of surface.  Lastly, the top edges of the tub could use some more grunge and grime on it.  I love the amount inside and outside, but I'd think the top corners would be much more funky and gross.  Showers always get nasty in the 
corners first where moisture gathers and mildews.  All in all, it’s a great piece.


Old & Damaged - gmstmichel :: Final
The Good:  
The model is nice, good proportions for the most part.   The depth of the damage reads well.

The Bad:  The textures could have used some more grunge or dirty stains of some kind.  Right now it's very much one tone, and adding some nice mold/grunge in the crevices would greatly improve the model.  The damage, though having nice depth and use of normal map, feels a little random and unbelievable.  When adding damage to an object such as this, you must ask, "How did this damage occur?"  It from cracks over time that caused portions to crumble off? Was it smashed with something or shot at?  Currently, the damage on this piece does not indicate how it happened.  It appears almost as though someone squirted acid at it in certain places.  If these chunks crumbled off, then some additional cracking around those damages spots would help indicate that.  Think of the damage as a way to tell a story or give some history to the piece and what happened to it before the viewer came upon it.


Old & Damaged - Hulkspidy51 - Broken Door :: Final
The Good: 
Nice use of the normal map to bring surface detail out into eh model.  I like the grittiness of the wood; it has a nice worn appearance of it. For the most part the damage is well done and believable.

The Bad:  one small portion of the damage at the top appears to have a very rounded cut to it.  It doesn't feel natural in its shape if it's damage.  Wood will crack and splinter but it doesn’t' usually break and leave rounded edges behind.  Second, the lock and metal bracket behind the lock appear much newer than the metal hinges.  Perhaps the lock was added much later, if not, then it stands out as being inconsistent in age.  And lastly, just a minor note, I've noticed the wood grain on the back and front appear the same.  It's one thing if they shared the same UV space to save texture memory, but if the front and back of the door have their own designated UV space, then it would be worthwhile to make the wood grain slightly different.   Great model though, and nice texture/materials!


Old & Damaged - john_doe :: Final
The Good:
Nice pose and concept.  The normal map by itself, has some nice detail to it, though could use more intensity to make the details read better.

The bad:
Once textured, the detail from the normal map is lost.  Part of the problem, is that the diffuse texture does not support eth normal map in any way.  If the diffuse texture had a more dramatic ambient occlusion map over it, or even hand painted darks in all the crevices, then it would really help the accentuate the normal map better.  Without these dark crevices and such, the flat diffuse texture actually works against the normal map, which is a shame because there are some nice details in there.  Also, think about how to age this model.  Consider adding some grunge/mold/stains/grime to the crevices of it.  Areas like the inside of the elbow, under the neck, and on the bottom sides of the hands and fingers would have some grunge where moisture might have collected.    Also, it would have been nice to see some more dramatic damage to this piece.  I'd consider adding some large cracks to it, and small areas where chunks have crumbled off around those cracks.  The arms, for example, are thin areas that are likely more fragile and would crack more easily than the bulk of the body.


Old & Damaged - jpnuclear :: Final
The Good:
Nice model and good adaptation of the damaged pillar concept.  Nice texture in the normal map, nice amount of grunge/grime and excellent UV layout for maximum resolution. The amount and placement of the damage is believable and well done.
The Bad:
The only thing that stands out to me is the lack of difference between the various material surfaces within the mesh. The lighting may be taking away from it, but the materials should have more contrast in their surface properties to make the metal more metallic and pop against the concrete/pillar material.


Old & Damaged - Kaneth :: Final
The Good:
Great game ready model.  Nice textures, dirt/grime is nicely done, great metal sheen in material.  Love the dangling phone, and cigarette butts/trash at the base.  Those details are nice would help ground this mesh in an urban environment.

The bad:
Nothing is really bad about this piece.  Just a few comments:  Would have been nice to include the shredded/torn out phone book that is in one of the reference images.  I could see the dog-eared, folded corners of the yellow pages sitting in the bottom of the tray, which could add some more contrast in color and material/surface types within the mesh.  Second, the front of the phone looks great, but the backside seems less detailed, and could use some more grunge around where the stand meets the back of the phone hood.  Overall, excellent work!


Old & Damaged - kyle.rau :: Final
The good:
Excellent water stains/drainage placement.  Very believable and well used.  Nice concrete texture and good grime/dirt along the bottom ring and base.  Also, the damage around the window and door, as well as the damaged patches of the lighthouse are nice additions.

The Bad:  Nothing really bad about this piece, but a few constructive comments:  The top white part of the lighthouse could use some more detail to flesh it out.   If each side of the white part was made of wood or metal even, it should have some sort of seams between each panel/section.  Perhaps the posts could continue down to the walkway up there.    Also, the glass appears to be outlined in sort of a toon-like fashion, while the rest of the mesh doesn't have that same treatment.  I think it would be better without it, but if you wish to have the outlines, Id' continue it throughout.


Old & Damaged - Madshooter :: Final
The Good:  Nice model, excellent texturing.  And the rust/paint peeling/scratches feel very nice.  The specular shine on the threaded valve stems are spot on and the overall material properties seem realistic and believable.
The bad:
Nothing bad to say about this peace, other than the wall and floor have much lower texture resolution/density than the pipe.  I'm sure the focus is just the pipe set, but if including background environment pieces, it's good to maintain the same level of texture quality so it doesn’t detract from eh quality of your focus.  The only other thing worth mentioning is you might want to spend more of your polys establishing the roundness of your valve wheels.  They appear very angular compared to the rest of the mesh, so perhaps losing some detail elsewhere might help keep the roundness of those.  Overall, excellent work and great materials!


Old & Damaged - MaVCArt :: Final
The Good:
Nice composition and arrangement of details on this mesh.  I like the variety of surface types present within this one piece. Also like the dirt/grime along the top of the wall, and scratched/damaged edges of the tiles:

The Bad:
The pieces need to stand out from the wall more in terms of color and contrast.  This could be achieved by use of an ambient occlusion map, to add shadows in all the little corners and underneath and overlapping details like the pipes and around the boxes on the wall.  Also, in terms of color, it would help to make the pipes, boxes, and even the tiles use a more contrasted color than the wall.  Right now, they colors all sort of blend in, and some of the details are lost or washed out.  The small strip of floor could also use a change in color to something much darker to make it pop against the wall.


Old & Damaged - Popeye9 :: Final
The Good:
Very nice use of normal map!.  The damage around the broken edges reads well, and also around the base.  Love the grime and grunge around the base of the pillar. The bottom stone squares are very well done too.  Great work!

The bad:
Nothing bad about this piece, but a few suggestions for improvement: The large cracks in the upper section don’t' feel totally believable.  Perhaps some supplemental finer cracks along with those large cracks would make it feel less artificial and support the damage that you've done.  Also, some additional water stains coming from the letters that are engraved would help.  All in all, great piece, very nice work.


Old & Damaged - Rahul :: Final
The good:
Love the specular on the metal pipes.  The metal materials read very well.  Also, the scene has nice composition in terms of shape.

The bad:
The texture resolution appears inconsistent between the floor and other meshes.  The cracks and large engraving in the floor don't have the same quality as elsewhere in the scene.  The grunge and grime is a nice touch, but it seems to compete with the intricate engravings/designs on the pillars.  Perhaps being more selective in the placement of the grunge would allow the designs to read better.  Currently a lot of your texture detail is lost because of it.  Lastly, the bundled wires aren't particularly believable. They sort of blend together in shape and sort of have the appearance of one grooved shape instead of multiple wires bundled together.


Old & Damaged - Reksaw :: Final
The Good:
Very nice model.  I love the combination of the metal top and brick base.  The metal scratches are well placed and believable.  Great specular usage.  The specular texture and normal map are very well done.

The bad:  The brick damage isn't totally believable.  It feels a little hand crafted.  Perhaps some rougher inner faces on the broken bricks would help it feel better as well.  Overall, great work!


Old & Damaged - rocky :: Final
The good:
Good contrast in terms of shape. Nice modeling overall, especially on the pipes, and nice metallic quality on the pipes.

The bad:
The weakest part of this scene is the wall normal map.  The brick shapes create appear inconsistent.  They appear to be sunken in along the bottom edge of them, and bulging out along the top edges of them.    Not sure if you used crazy bump to achieve the normal map on the bricks, but I've seen similar results when having the "shape recognition" slider up too high.    If that's not the case, then more time and attention should be given to the appearance of those bricks, and whether they are intended to be bulging outward or sunken inward.  Also, the bricks stand out, in that they are either 100% visible or 100% not visible.  If this entire wall is made up of bricks, that have been plastered over in some way, then it would help to show areas of transition between the covered and uncovered states.  It might help to have some partially covered bricks and less deliberate definitions between the brick and plaster/concrete surfaces.  In Addition, the water tank is completely covered in rust, which while possible, makes it stand out when connected to the pipes, which show dramatically less rust. I think the pipes are the stronger of the two, so I'd make adjustments to the tank to make it fit well with the pipes.  Perhaps leave some areas of the tank that are not rusty, and have areas of partial rust to ease that transition between the two.


Old & Damaged - Shyamsagar.S :: Final
The good:  Great use of color and shape to create an interesting set piece.  Nice normal map texture on the surfaces, and great specular map.  Nice damage as well.
The bad:  nothing bad about it.  Only criticism I have is that the rebar appears very thick in scale compared to the rest of the piece.    Other than that, great work!


Old & Damaged - your0wnskills :: Final
The good:  Nice hi poly model.  Nicely sculpted your normal map and diffuse textures are very nice.
The bad:
The scale of the chunks in the pile at the base seams inconsistent.  When looking at the bricks on the pillar, it would seem the chunks would be larger.  Also, in your specular map, the grout appears pretty white, would make it almost wet in appearance.  For materials like brick and grout, it might be good to tone down their specular level.  Overall nice work!


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This post is from Brad Lewis - Sr. VFX Artist - Bioware.


1st Place - Old & Damaged - Wildstyle :: Final


The damage is believable, tells a rich story of what this column has experienced in its lifetime, and really has a strong sense of materials it's constructed from.
The damage and age on this piece doesn't seem arbitrary as in other pieces.  Every ding and dent seems to "fit" and have a reason for being there.  Specifically, the bumped section of bricks at the top, that subsequently pushed the drainpipe out of its channel.  Expertly done here.
The color choices on this piece are something I'd like to call attention to.  They are subtle, finely contrasting, and well matched to themselves. On the whole, I think this piece is the best of the finalists.
This has an excellent reproduction of metal and rust, is expertly modeled and the finish is about perfect.  The  UV layout could be a bit more compact, but overall I love this piece.  It would be a great game asset for multiple uses inside a level, as it has enough visual detail to be interesting, but subtle enough to be used next to itself without looking too repeated.  The attention to detail on this one is very pro.
I like the simple elegance of this piece.  It shows a mastery of WHERE damage should be on something as simple as an ancient greek or roman column.    The chipped outer edges breaking over to the smoothed inner fluting shows good control of surface variation, and the texturing is spot on for this piece. 
It shows that even when working with a simpler subject, it takes talent and skill to bring it up to a high level of quality.
I like this column because it doesn't show the massive amount of damage the other entries do, but has a nice hint of it, as an accent to its history.  It can be damaged without being completely destroyed.
The weathering and aging of the materials and surfaces are good, but I would have liked to see some color accents, or some other surface quality to break up the majority of tan and brown, some more contrast would have been nice here.


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This post is from JP Self - Animator - Xaviant Games

1st Place - Old & Damaged - Rico :: Final


I really love this piece. Exciting, vibrant, and destroyed.
The flaky pieces of the paint peeling off and rust combination is perfect and looks very realistic. The
artist’s attention to detail is spot-on towards a real life gas pump in today’s standard. The signs and
stickers were a great touch to the piece itself, bringing it closer to life. The artist utilized his texture
space and polygon requirements very well, keeping his texture quality very sharp and easy to see.
Very professional piece.
My only negative comment can only come from the base of the piece. Where the grass looks out of
place compared to the pump, and repetitive.
I love this piece but wish there was more to it.
I love how it is a singular piece and can stand on display on its own, not relying on outside assets.
The artist utilized his texture and polygon requirements very well by keeping the asset small. It was a
great idea to do a smaller piece so that the artist would be able to get higher details in the texture and
polygon count.
Not really too much negative comments about the piece. Other than I would have liked it more if it had
more color on the asset. Maybe some green moss collecting at the bottom, or a sticker or label.
This is a very clean and strong piece of art.
My biggest complaint is that I wish the artist could have steered more to a original piece that didn’t
resemble the original “Old & Damaged” pillar in the dvd.
Other than that the artist utilized his requirements on his texture and polygon requirements very well
and efficiently. The artist did a great job sticking to a smaller, individual piece so that he/she can focus
more resources in a confined area instead of losing detail over a huge area.
I really enjoyed the color choice of the piece. The greens don’t overpower the creams in anyway and
complement each other very well, it’s different and interesting. I would have liked to have seen more
of a separation between the texture of the tiles, concrete, and piping though. The whole piece seems to
give that impression that it is all the same gloss and specular type. I would assume that the tile would be
more reflective and glossy compared to the piping.
Strong piece. That could use some more refining and imagination from the artist.
Nice piece of art.
Although, I would have liked seeing it more “destroyed” as a final. As a big environmental piece it’s hard
to see the damage that is encompassing it now. Maybe seeing actual chunks missing from the structure
would have been more visible. The damage I do see just doesn’t match the scale of the piece.
I can see an inconsistency between the texture quality of the metal portion and the concrete portion
below the platform. The platform and above just looks out of place (texture wise) from the base of the
tower. The metal just looks a little more illuminated compared to the concretes dull state. This could
have been a result of a light source being too close to the top.
The texture quality is very clean and sharp for such a big piece; I really enjoyed the style as well. The way
the artist used black outlines on the broken glass pieces was a nice touch. It really helps indicating the
individual shards of glass. The way the artist “destroys” his mesh up is very realistic and doesn’t feel out
of place. Cracks appear where I would expect them to appear, as if I saw this in real life.
I enjoy the color scheme, very dark and spooky vibe to it. Even without post effects of fog, I can feel the
eeriness of the piece.


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This post contains the results and reasoning for me "Andy Davies" Sticking out tongue

I hope everyone finds my comments and critiques helpful Smiling


1st Place - Old & Damaged - Rico :: Final 1st

From block-out through the HP stages and then sculpting through the LP and texturing, its obvious that you have  worked extremely hard to get the clean result that was shown in your entry.
The silhouette is striking and very unique which helps a ton when looking at objects from a distance and the colours are visually appealing.
It was great fun to watch your asset come together Smiling

Very clean and well thought out.
Efficient modelling and sculpting
Great looking dents
Clean and sharp texturing Smiling

I would have liked the rust and paint to be a little less saturated in some places.
It would have been nice to see a less consistent level of chipped paint as paint doesn’t wear at the same level across an object.
Adding an undercoat beneath the paint layer would have increased the realism of the piece and given another dimension to the asset.
I would have liked to see the paint be a little thinner.
It would have been nice to have used the UV's a little more efficiently. The sides of the main tank that are covered by the red pieces could have almost  been removed entirely from the UV map with no issues as you only needed the top corners (which then could have been mirrored)



2nd Place - Old & Damaged - Wildstyle :: Final
I thought your piece was fantastic!
Your model has a good amount of damage without making the asset noisy and the bricks under the tiles are very convincing which adds another level of polish to the asset as a whole
Great job on this Laughing out loud

Nice clean sharp textures Smiling
Great looking bake. Its always a pleasure to see a clean bake and yours is no exception!
Great sculpting. I loved the layers upon layers of detail

The green tiles seem a little over saturated (though not by a great deal) and it would have been cool to add some slight Hue/Lightness (+/- 10%) and depth variation to the tiles.
It would have been nice if the tiles were a little darker green
The LP mesh could have been a little more efficient as there are some areas, the base  and flat sides of the pillar for example, that have unnecessary geometry. Its always a good idea to hand clean any automatically decimated mesh so you can remove triangles that are not needed. I tend to over shoot my budget by 10-15% when using decimation and then clean the mesh by hand, which gives the added benefit of extra automatically created detail in areas that require more geometry while still retaining a clean mesh.



3rd Place - Old & Damaged - roosterMAP :: Final
Your entry shows an good execution of HP modelling while still retaining a more organic feel to the bricks.
I make no secret that I love this style of art where the more classical aspects of architecture are mixed with more futuristic elements.
Fantastic work! Smiling

Great HP modelling!
Nice clean sharp textures Smiling
Very nice use of the detail normal. Having different amounts for the metal and stone was a great use of Lerp Smiling

I would have liked to see the edges around where the bricks are smashed to be sharper and the damage to be less localised too the bricks alone.
Adding some Rebar/Reinforcing steel to the damaged brick would have been a nice chance to add some extra colour and material contrast too the piece as a whole.
Using a Gloss map would have be good for tuning the spec.
The Emissive could have been boosted by a good amount which would have also given more distinction and contrast to the asset.



Honourable Mention - Old & Damaged - Ryan Watkins :: Final

Your piece is very visually appealing and original. I must admit that I probably would not have thought of something like this with the given brief

Visually appealing and creative interpretation of the brief.
Very clean normal

I would have liked to see much more damage to this piece.
The Emissive could have pushed a lot more which would have given the piece some extra polish.
I thought the texture was a little too dark. Adding a levels adjustment above the diffuse and then bringing the sliders in so that the full range of the texture is a great tecnique. Adding a H/S adjustment after this can reduce the over saturation that the levels can cause.

The background of your Diffuse should be changed to something that more closely resembles the average colour of the texture in general. Using Black can cause things like Mipping issues when the model is viewed from a distance so changing this will save headaches later Smiling
You can take screenshots in marmoset by hitting F12 or using the Takeshot button in the File menu, which will save you the time erasing the navigation overlays Eye-wink



Other Notes:

Old & Damaged - antsvetkov :: Final
Generally I loved your piece and the only real critique I can give is that the yellow is a little uniform and over saturated. The amount of damage to the concrete would suggest that the metal would also be stressed to a larger degree.


Old & Damaged - Ark :: Final
Nice job with this Smiling
Everything looks groovy apart from the scale of the asset is hard to gauge and the colours are over saturated and maybe a little dark in some areas.
I think the scale issue is exaggerated by the Danger sign which are usually much larger as to be visible from a distance.

The darkness is probably due to the AO being a tad too strong.

Fix those and you are good to go Smiling


Old & Damaged - BIANO :: Final
Nice job on the HP but overall I thought the texture was a little too dark. Adding a levels adjustment above the diffuse and then bringing the sliders so that the full range of the texture was used would help with this Smiling After that add a H/S adjustment layer and desaturate the texture slightly.
The background of your Diffuse should be changed to something that more closely resembles the average colour of the texture in general. Using Purple (or any contrasting colour) will cause Mipping issues later on.


Old & Damaged - Bunglo :: Final
If we could had another placing position then your asset would be on the list for sure.
I loved the metal texture and your specular map reads well.
My only real critique is that the wheels are a little too low poly and more of the budget should have been used for them


Old & Damaged - cmc444 :: Final
Very cool piece overall Smiling
The textures could have been a little sharper though, which would have improved the look of the asset.
I know your worked extremely hard on the normal map and had to jump through hoops to get it looking good and I think you did a good job getting it to where it is now.

Just sharpen everything up a bunch and this piece will be great.


Old & Damaged - gmstmichel :: Final
I thought your entry was very original and visually pleasing, Though I feel it was let down slightly by the texturing.
It would have been cool to see some variation in the diffuse and some staining across the stone, along with some more detail in the broken areas.

Nice art none the less!


Old & Damaged - Hulkspidy51 - Broken Door :: Final
Your piece has a very nice silhouette, which will read well from a distance but overall I think the wood is a little noisy and over saturated.
It would have been nice if you had mirrored front and back UV's so you could have saved texture space and then increased the resolution of the whole texture by using the freed up space to scale the islands up a little Smiling


Old & Damaged - Jackyboy :: Final
I found it hard to critique your asset as it was executed very well in every aspect of the process.
The textures are great and the normal looks very clean, though I think the base could have been damaged a little more and even though you obviously spent a good amount of time on the top, it was not shown in your submission.

While simplicity can have its place, I think perhaps on this occasion it was a little too simple but you have a good eye and an obvious talent for environmental art.
I really hope too see you enter future competitions with other great pieces. Smiling


Old & Damaged - john_doe :: Final
Generally I think your entry has a good composition and silhouette and a nice amount of detail in the normal.
Unfortunately the detail in the normal map seemed to get lost in UDK, which I think could have been the lighting set-up you used for the beauty shots.
The Diffuse is a little blurry and sharpening it would have helped the asset read better.
It would have been nice to see some staining to break up the diffuse a little more too.


Old & Damaged - jpnuclear :: Final
I liked your asset but I felt that the stone ended up looking too soft in the final asset and the fine detail across  the surface of the HP ended up causing it to look a little noisy
Adjusting your specular map so that the concrete is a little less shiny would also help sell the concrete look Smiling


Old & Damaged - Kaneth :: Final
I really like your asset. I thought everything was modelled really well and your textures are clean and sharp.
You are indeed correct in saying that the allocated budget for your piece as it stands would have a little generous, but you could have filled the asset out a little more with other items to use up those extra tris and injected a little more colour into the piece Smiling
Generally when you are given a budget to work with, its best to use what you have as all the specifics such as runtime cost have been worked out and passed by the higher ups so you don’t really need to worry about that sort of thing.
Its not a massive critique though and you did great overall Smiling


Old & Damaged - kyle.rau :: Final
I love your take on the brief!
Great work on the normal and the HP, they both came out really clean and read really well.
The main issue I have with your entry is that it kind of looks cell shaded which detracts from the realism of the asset as a whole.
Also the colours in the Diffuse seem a little blown out.

Overall a very Nice entry though! Smiling


Old & Damaged - Madshooter :: Final
Great job with this!
Overall I thought this was a good entry and my only real critiques would be that it looks a little noisy in some place and is maybe a little too pastel green.
In your reference there is much less paint and a softer fall off to the rust (which is also a little lighter)
I think the use of DOF was nice but in this instance I would have probably toned it down a little as it makes some of the details a little hard to see in places.
Nice work though, you did great!


Old & Damaged - manfredp :: Final
I absolutely loved your  HP work Laughing out loud
The mesh was modelled and sculpted very well with some really nice detail.
Overall I thought the beauty shot was a little dark, which is likely down to the lighting being too dim as you pretty much used the full range for your textures, which is great too see Smiling


Old & Damaged - MaVCArt :: Final
I really liked the idea behind your entry.
Modular wall pieces are extremely useful when making levels and your asset could easily be cut into 3 sections what could be reused over and over with a little editing Smiling

The normal map does seem a little weak though and it would have been a good idea to bake an AO and then multiply it over the Diffuse, which would have made a real difference to the final look of the asset.


Old & Damaged - Oniram :: Final
I loved your entry Smiling
It has great composition and awesome use of multiple material types.
Overall I would say that while the asset is really good the concrete is a little noisy and the specular is a little tight, which makes it look wet in some places.
It would be nice if you could brighten the scene a little and maybe lighten the brick texture a bit too.
Very nice work though Smiling


Old & Damaged - Popeye9 :: Final
Overall I thought your entry was great!
I loved the sculpting on the HP and you made some great decisions regarding the amount of detail and damage the piece received.
The LP is modelled well, though you could have gotten a cleaner result by using smoothing groups, which would have also made the normal map easier to edit.
You could easily cut this into sections for modular use around a level with very minor editing and adding a few tris to cover up holes in the mesh.
Nice job!


Old & Damaged - Rahul :: Final
I thought you model was one of the most original in the competition and has great potential. Smiling
I think that there is probably a little too much detail on the piece, which make the asset look a bit noisy and due to the amount of parts the textures are quite blurry.
You could increase the resolution my over laying the UVs for the pillars which would probably give you another 20% UV space to work with and the texel density could have been a little more uniform  as the base is much less defined  when compared to the rest of the asset.
Fix those and you are set! Smiling


Old & Damaged - Reksaw :: Final
I thought you entry was really nice!
I thought the design was original and stood out among the other entries.
I would have liked to see more more damage on this piece though and a more striking silhouette so it would read better from a distance.

You could have mirrored much of this asset and probably could have halved the map size without losing texel density (or had even more density on a 2k map Eye-wink ) as much of the mesh is symmetrical.
Overall this is a great asset for you portfolio Smiling


Old & Damaged - rocky :: Final
Your asset has a lot of potential but there are some issues you should fix before the asset can be considered Portfolio worthy.
The textures are very dark and there are smoothing issues across the LP, which are detracting from the impressiveness of this piece and making it look  very soft in places
You should consider toning down the brightness of the specular map as its too powerful which is masking the details that you have worked hard to create.
Fix those issues and you will have a great piece of art Smiling


Old & Damaged - Shyamsagar.S :: Final
I thought you entry was extremely interesting and very original.
It has a great silhouette and the LP is modelled well.
The HP is looking a little noisy though and the scale is hard to gauge because of the rebars size in the asset.
You might also want to consider rethinking your seam placement so you can add more efficient smoothing groups ,which will help the mesh read better and render a more editable normal map.


Old & Damaged - Smithreed :: Final
Your entry was very interesting with a strong silhouette Smiling
Overall, I thought everything was well done and I especially liked the sculpting!
As for critique, the only real issues are that the concrete seems to have too little mid range detail and a little too much high end detail.
Using a Gloss map would help differentiate between the metal, wood and stone a little better as you could adjust the falloff and hone the specular.
Great work though! I really enjoyed watching this asset come together.


Old & Damaged - your0wnskills :: Final
I was really excited about your entry as it was vastly different and quite an ambitious concept Smiling
The high poly came out well for the most part but I think it was let down a little by the lack of detail on the bricks at the base of the model.
The LP was ok, but you could have removed much of the geometry for the top 2/3s and then improved the silhouette of the base which is the weakest part of the asset in my opinion.
You have to consider the fact that Normal maps cannot represent protruding detail very well and as such, need geometry to reinforce the effect.
By adding geometry on the base you would balanced the assets detail so it was much more consistent and produced a more pleasing result. Smiling

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This post is from Michael Pavlovich - Sr. Character Artist - Sony Online Entertainment

1st Place - Old & Damaged - roosterMAP :: Final

Very solid, nice surfaces, lights, and interesting "tech noir" treatment.  Love it!


2nd Place - Old & Damaged - Wildstyle :: Final

Solid final image.  Maybe it's because it's late, but I don't have much to say about this one.  Well done!


3rd Place - Old & Damaged - Bunglo :: Final

Troy Adler:  Another very cool idea, makes me want to go watch Temple of Doom again.  I wish just a few more polys were able to go into the wheels, but poly budgets are there for a reason, and it certainly isn't a deal breaker.  Solid!


Honorable Mention - Old & Damaged - Rico :: Final

 Awesomely retro.  I'm not getting a clear read as to what the "Rico3D Gasoline" top section is made of, it almost looks like a cushion (although obviously not).  Love it!


Antsvetkov: I like the texture treatment!  However, I wasn't sure what the protruding shapes were on the wall (the two concrete protrusions).  If it's a crumbling overhang or a jutting piece of masonry that's fine, but these read almost as if the contractor had some extra cement at the end of the project and left some big lumps on the wall.  I love the dashing style of the scale reference model!

Ark:  Cool idea, this is the first door I've seen like this (thanks for the reference pictures too, otherwise I might not have gottenit...sorry, I'm a character artist!)  What jumps out at me most is the fact that it the door is SO damaged.  Seems silly for me to mention that in an "old and damaged" contest, but this particular door seems to have taken damage from all angles!  Most objects wear over time in particular areas more than others (for example in your reference photos the doors get pretty dinged up from the bottom up and around moving parts); also consider where moisture might settle, rust might drip, etc...  this piece looks like it was hit with 3 different kinds of bombs! All that cool wear and tear you have ends up competing with each other so much that it's a bit overwhelming, and you lose the chance to add contrast to really draw the eye.  Actually, in your concept drawing there's some very cool material and color differences between the wall and the door, and I think that actually reads better than the final; if you can pull some of that back in, I think you're golden!
Biano:  This is definitely an old damaged pillar!  There's a couple of places where the concrete seems to "hang" in an odd way, like the middle image in the final at the top, and I like the idea of the big corner "V" shaped chunk that has broken and started to "slide" a little, but there's something about the way it's jutting toward the middle that doesn't ring true.  Excellent job on the texture work, I'd say you got your money's worth out of the dvd!  Very nice!
cmc444:  Another very cool idea!  I'd love to see some tatters on the curtain, and I think having the curtain draped over the side of the tub instead of hanging limply down toward the drain might help the overall composition...but I'm not a bathtub scene expert.  A lot of mood in this piece!
gmstmichel:  I love me some statuary!  I think you've got a nice start, but when you get the chance definitely go back and punch up your diffuse map with some more "varied" statue wear and tear (I know there's some great weathered statue reference out there); also, adding a nice spec map will work wonders.
hulkspidy51:  Cool!  I'm kind of scared to know what's behind that door.  I'd say the boards at the top are broken off a little lumpy for wood, and I'm not sure how those middle boards are stuck together (maybe get some nails in there with some nice drippy rust stains); I'm also not sure if that's rusted metal bolted above and below, or some maple wood...if it's metal, really sell the material difference between wood and metal.  I'm also not sure why the lock/bracket was given so much texture space...but since it was, I'd expect a little more texture love on it!
Jackyboy:  This one turned out pretty sharp, and has a certain treatment/style to it that I think would lend itself nicely for a game "look".  Very cool!
john_doe:  I'm going to try and not be picky with this one because it has a figure and cloth (and believe me, art directors get plenty picky with me with those things lol).  I think you've got an interesting start, and in the context of the room the statue itself has a very surreal quality that I find appealing.  As far as the figure and cloth (yeah, I said I wouldn't, but...), I'd suggest grabbing some reference of the pose you're trying to hit, and reference for the way cloth tends to fall across a figure, and if you can nail that down, your piece will improve exponentially.  Also give your textures some love, right now they have texture, but the realistic "wear and tear" isn't there yet.  Just like for the figure, there's reference out there, so just observe and replicate until you nail it!
jpnuclear:  I'm having a hard time reading the damage in areas, it almost looks looks more like a giger-esque relief sculpture than actual damage. You've got a good handle on the other aspects though, so if you can punch up the crumbly parts I think you're on your way.
Kaneth:  Very cool idea, and cigarette butts?!  Awesome touch.  There's a few areas stretched textures on the inside and bottom that draw my eye, but overall very good use of your budget.  In fact, since you have a few hundred polys to burn, I might build out the bolts since those are getting a little lost.  One thing on the diffuse map; I'd kill that white, and either bleed out the shells more, and/or replace the white with one of your dark neutrals.  You don't want this thing to have blazing white seams when it mips!
kyle.rau:  I love all these cool ideas.  The top  and some of the cracks are almost getting a cell shaded look to me...not necessarily a bad thing if that's the kind of style you're going for.  I'm losing a sense of scale on the concrete texture, it's causing the model to look like a miniature in somebody's garden instead of a 6 story lighthouse...I'm not sure off the top of my head, but check out some lighthouse reference and see if there's a way to break up that surface in a way that will help it read as "massive".  Solid progress though!
Madshooter:  Very cool use of alpha cards, I want to reach in and brush it off!  What in the world is that small wheel connected to though!  The middle wheel is the only one that's grounded, the other two looked tacked on (and that small one is going to break)!  Very nice image overall--
manfredp:  Maybe it's my monitor, but that lighting is so moody I wasn't able to see how cool your high res was!  My only comment would be to get a key light in there and really punch it, so we can see all that detail and material treatment you put in there.
MaVCArt:  You've got the textures working in your favor, but what I really think would punch this piece up 10 notches is if you could get some light to play across your surfaces.  That way we could see the material properties of the tile, metal, and concrete play against each other, and really sell it!  (Also, maybe put it against a  more...neutral background.  Those checkers are giving me a funhouse vibe!)
Oniram:  Very cool bunker feel.  I'm having a little trouble reading the material on the pipes...almost seem a bit PVC to me for some reason.  The door turned out very nice.  Solid!
Popeye9:  One of your maps (I'm not sure which, the bottom left one under what I'm assuming is your diffuse map) is making this piece seem a little more heavy handed than it really is.  I think if you dial that back a bit, you'll lose those heavy stroked black lines that are starting to give it an almost cartoon quality in some areas.  Other than that, you've got some solid progress going!
Rahul:  Wow, you've got a lot going on there!  Certainly stretched that budget to the max.  Even after looking at the reference I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking at, but I think I've got it, very interesting to say the least.  The texture resolution on your focal point is suffering because you're stretched so thin on your pieces, I wonder if just duping and rotating the columns would have bought you an extra 1024 to throw towards the middle where your eye goes--
Reksaw:  Neat object!  The coffee table platform / depth of field is making it look like a paperweight though, not sure if that's what you were going for or not.  Overall very solid!
Rocky:  Getting some ambient occlusion / cast shadow between the wall and your object will really help ground it; it also looks like your texture resolution is hurting a bit, but I'm not quite sure why (don't see any of your maps)!
Ryan Watkins:  Haha, very cool take.  Although I see it in your normal map, I'm losing surface depth information on those rings at the top?
Shyamsagar.S:  Very cool, and that reference photo was a great example of "old and damaged".  Something with your final renders is playing with my eyes, almost as if it's got a jittery 3D red/blue filter on it.  The texture work on the bottom masonry really pops, but the big column doesn't seem to be reading as well, might need to give it a little more texture space?
Smithreed:  I like the treatment on the white cement areas; the metal could use some spec love to really make it "pop" on both the big wheel and the can; bump up the contrast on that and see if it helps.  Overall really cool image, I really love the rusty loop around the vertical boards with the little twist to hold them together for some reason!
your0wnskills:  In the final image, the ceiling and walls seem to be higher resolution than the focal point!  I can see in the (phong shaded?) version there's a lot of surface depth going on, but you seem to be losing a lot of that in the textured version.  The shadow between your column and the ceiling also seems to be a bit heavy...unless it's a tim burton-esque chimney pushed against the ceiling, and that's causing some soot to spray out the sides.  Speaking of, I'm not quite sure what happened to this column, it's got a little stalactite / stalagmite thing going's just weird enough that I like it!


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This post is from Jim Magill - Sr. Environment Artist - Sony Online Entertainment
Many pieces showed that their creators grasped the methods of the Old Pillar DVD, but few utilized those methods and tied them together into a polished, cohesive presentation.  I selected Rooster's piece not only because of its polish, but also because of my attraction to its aesthetics—I love its design, style and colors.  I would like to see this pillar as part of a complete set with a busted half and a matching rubble pile!
It would have been nice to see the high poly model.  Why go to all that work and not include it in your final images?
BIANO's high poly is a great example of what I like to see in cg sculpts: exaggerated, chunky details that trail off into natural-looking cracks and smaller bits of detail.  The dripping graffiti and worn, blue paint were nice additions to the diffuse.
I would suggest devoting more time to the lighting process.  When your end result will be a 2d still, you have ultimate control over the way your piece is lit.  Why not exaggerate the lighting and call out the most impressive details?  
I appreciate the artist's use of concrete, brick, tiles and metal, as they do a good job of breaking up the form with color.  I would like to see more variation from the materials; however, as they look to be too closely matched as far as specular properties.  What does the high poly model look like?      
The moss on the bottom is a nice touch. 
The finished product looks good and I love the texture work; however, I wonder how it might have turned out if more attention had been given to the sculpt. A few more hours sculpting deeper detail into the HP would have helped it. Top-notch prop!


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This post is from Thomas Woods - Lead Environment Artist - Timegate Studios



I almost didn't pick this at first glance because of the monotone color and it was hard to see how much detail went into it in the smaller image.  After seeing the full sized image I really dug the breakup and detail, as well as the grit. I could see it fitting into an Unreal/Gears of War style game.

2nd Place - Old & Damaged - Rico :: Final

Nice model with good colors, aging, and the foliage is a nice touch. I think the concrete base needs more aging and grit to match the rest, it's a bit too clean.

I like the mix of different materials (wood, rusted metals, concrete) and the shapes vary but work together. It would have been nice if the normal maps popped a bit more in the damaged areas. 
Interesting idea. The pillar comes off nice, i think the base and top textures come off a bit flat.


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This post is from Enrique Pina - Lead Artist - Timegate Studios



PROS - Excellent execution. The type of corrosion and destruction if appropriate for all the different types of surfaces. Good thought put into how a pillar is actually constructed. 
CONS - maybe just a bit too much color on the specular. Ceramic tiles usually have a white highlight despite the color pattern on them. 
PROS- All surfaces are very clearly distinguishable  and the mount of corrosion and destruction is appropriate for each. the door in particular is very easy to 'read'. 
CONS- Chain link fence seems a bit out of scale. The thickness of the wall is too think so it looks more like large rock instead of a concrete wall.
PROS-good concept. overall good execution. good use of samples textures. easy to 'read'. 
CONS- spent too much texture realestate on the pipe that could have been used to make the concrete even sharper. 
PROS - very nice concept. model is clean and efficient. 
CONS - some potentially wastefull UV layouts
Other notes:
 PROS- good concept. good opportunity for different surfaces. geometry looks intelligently layed out. The normals seem strong and clean.
CONS- the surfaces were a bit unbelievable. The concrete has some unnatural gouges and some dimples that would be more fitting to boulders than a man made surface. The warning stripes are a good touch but the way they fade off is not very believable. The specular values of the yellow canister are practically the same as the concrete when paint is a bit shiner than that resulting in a flatter looking asset.  Strongly suggest using more real world reference, but focus on what it is that makes certain surfaces look believable to us. 

PROS- good to see use of real wold reference and textures.
CONS- The texture detail is out of scale. Its a bit messy, the reference photos were not nearly as dirty as this. The level in your diffuse texture are too stark. Those shadows should come from your scene and not burnt in. Same for the highlights in the knob.  Overall, the asset is hard to 'read'. 

cmc444 - ***
PROS- nice execution. I especially like the holes in the walls with the exposed pips. properly executed an aged look that is still clear to understand. 
CONS- not enough distinction in materials. most of the surfaces seem like they have the same physical properties. 

PROS- geometry looks efficient.
CONS- surfaces are non convincing. The aged effect needs work. For that much surface destruction, you would expect to see more surface stains or discolorations. Instead, the unbroken surfaces are very uniform and actually look almost new.  They style of cracks and broken chunks dont' look how stone breaks and cracks. More use of photo reference would go along way to achieving a more believable look. 

CONS- The geometry looks a bit inefficient. specular values looks wrong for wood. Specularity is the color of the highlight and wood is not  that bright (looks more like what you would use for copper highlights). Cleary, the intent is a make shift door, made up of different wooden planks from different sources. However, the scale of detail between the different planks just don't seem to match to one another, and the result is very noisy

PROS- Nice execution. Very convincing surfaces. nice details with the grass blades.
CONS- the flat top of the base is a bit too clean when compared to the base of the pillar. would expect more grunginess to accumulate there.

PROS- nice idea.
CONS- geometry seems a bit wasteful. lack of definition in the normal or diffuse textures make this look flat and unfinished. 

PROS - nice execution. texture work looks good. good use of specular and diffuse values for the subject matter.
CONS - Some of the shadows seem too stark. the fracture style of the concrete seems like ti could use better reference. 

Kaneth *********
PROS-nicely executed. very nice use of textures. convincing level of grunge. 
CONS- specular looks like it could stand to be a bit stronger on some of the less dirty surfaces.



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This post is from Josh Ball - Sr. Environment Artist - ID Software


1st Place - Old & Damaged - Rico :: Final

Rico's has tons of character and immediately informs my mind of great stories or events that took place in the environment the piece lives in. Not only that but he also did a fantastic job in all aspects of creating his entry.


2nd Place - Old & Damaged - Wildstyle :: Final

Wildstyle did an excellent job building up the wear and the age. I like how it's dirty and grimy but still very vibrant and has great colors.


3rd Place - Old & Damaged - roosterMAP :: Final

roosterMAP nailed the nice subtle wear on the corners and edges of his piece. Which when combined with the originality of his design really bring it to another level. 


Honorable Mention - Old & Damaged - Bunglo :: Final


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congrats to the winners. Laughing out loud it was a great competition and i look forward to any other that may come. thx to all the judges as well for their feedback.

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Thanks very much for the feedback from the judges and well done to the winners. I knew Rico would win Smiling

- Kane Forrester

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cant wait for the next challenge, maybe open an ideas thread Laughing out loud

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Congrats guys! Really sick work that deserved podium! Laughing out loud Thanks to all the judges for the awesome critiques. Super helpful and I totally agree. Until next time...........

.portfolio. - WIP ]

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congrats to the winners.

but  BIANO submit his last entry in 1 nov so he not be a winner..

i thing 3rd winner is antsvetkov

and many users submit his entry in 1 nov

. thanks

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Kaneth wrote:

Thanks very much for the feedback from the judges and well done to the winners. I knew Rico would win Smiling


Wildstyle actually won 1st and Rico won 2nd. Both were great Smiling


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fantasy24 wrote:

congrats to the winners.

but  BIANO submit his last entry in 1 nov so he not be a winner..

i thing 3rd winner is antsvetkov

and many users submit his entry in 1 nov

. thanks

Perhaps the time shows different for you but according to what I see on the server they all qualified as far as I can tell. Smiling


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Congratulations guys... i'm really happy with the judges feedback and decision.. thanks to all the judges taking time n giving suggestions to improve on our work..

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Thanks for some great feedback everyone! I really appreciate the time you put into evaluating each piece individually.

Also a big congrats to the winners! Smiling

Clinton Crumpler

3D Modeler

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Awesome feedback, Judges! What a blast this was and congrats to the winners. I'll be coming out swinging on the next competition Laughing out loud

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Wooo!! I'm so stoked for placing in the top 3! Congrats Wildstyle for taking the gold!!!

Thanks to all the judges who voted for me and for all the time they took out of their busy schedule to write all of us a critique. This was one of the top reasons why I entered.

Also thanks to all the fellow artists that critiqued me during the contest! Really awesome dudes here on Eat3d!

Special big thanks to Riki for holding this competition!!

Congrats to all those that finished and see you next challenge!

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Im so thrilled that I placed. I learned a lot from this competition. Most importantly, I need to diversify my color pallet.

good job to everyone who completed their models. It takes a lot of will power to see it all through.

See you next competition!

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Congrats to all the winners...Nice works you got was nice participating in the insipred me to make my first low poly asset..and thanks to the judges who gave there feedbacks...waithing fo rthe next challenge..thanks Riki

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Congrats to everyone that placed! Ya'll deserved it. This was my first comp and certainly not my last. It was a good learning experience and I thank every one of the judges that took the time to critique all the people that didn't place as well (me). Even though not all of the judges had good things to say, I'm going to be like a sponge and take in everything they say. I'm really glad that some of them took the time to write something down. I appreciate it and hopefully Eat3d has another comp coming up. I thoroughly enjoyed this. 

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The contest has really been a great experience, I think everybody learned a lot and really was challenged to push their work further than before. Special thanks again to all the judges who took their time to look at our work, Eat3D for organizing this comp and everybody on the forum for making this such a cool experience!

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Congrats  to the winners and everyone who completed the task, it´s  realy great have those feedbacks from the judges...and a big congrats for Riki .See you guys in the next contest...

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hai everyone....if u ppl can give me more feedbacks and suggestions and tips for the entry i had made...i would help me when will be the next challenge...

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congrats everyone.

i am very happy for Judges tips its realy helpfull for all

and Michael Pavlovich - said me the texture resolution is hurting a bit.hmmmmm

please tell why its hurting the resolution

thanks for comments

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Hi Rocky, you didn't upload your texture sheet, so we can't view your UVs to see what the possible resolution issue could be. I would imagine it has something to do with your UVs being scaled too small and thus the lower looking texture resolution.

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thanks bunglo

i think there is problem in baking texture.

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congrats to the winners and thanks for the amazing feedback. this will really help for my next pieces Smiling

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Thanks for the feedback and congrats to the winners. I hope my next model would be better Smiling

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Congrats to the winners! Very nice work. Really enjoyed the feedback from the judges as well. Thanks to Riki and everyone else at Eat 3D for putting on this contest. Looking forward to the next one.


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