Interview with FirstKeeper

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Recently, we were lucky to have the opportunity to conduct an exclusive interview with the beautiful and extremely talented Tamara "Firstkeeper" Bakhlycheva. She took time out of her busy schedule to speak with us about her background, career and future.

Tamara Bakhlycheva has made a name for herself as one of the top game character artists on popular game art sites such as CGHUB, Polycount and Deviantart. Originally born in Russia, she has been studying art and playing videogames since her childhood. After studying painting and crafting at Saint Petersburg’s Art College, she shifted her focus to creating game characters on the computer, and it has since become her passion. For Tamara, she loves the process of mixing the creation of 3D graphics with more traditional 2D art techniques for the textures. For the past few years she has worked as a freelancer for the videogame industry, with experience at companies including Smite Entertainment and Astrum Nival, where she worked on her personal favorite project “Allods Online”, an MMORPG from Russia. Besides continuing to develop her professional and personal computer-based art, Tamara also enjoys producing costumes and jewelry. Check out the article here. Enjoy…