Goran Pavles video lesson recorded from LIVE thinkingParticles episodes 1 & 2

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Goran Pavles (previously ScanlineVFX) will be giving episode # 3 LIVE Webinar on thinkingParticles fluids and particles next week May 26 at PDT 9-10am 

To register go http://blog.novedge.com/2017/04/novedge-experts-series-thinkingparticles-course.html
(NOTE: LIVE is free access, recordings will be on PPV )
To find out more about Goran Pavles, check out our Novedge Blog interview: http://blog.novedge.com/2017/04/computer-graphics-gospel-according-to-fx-artist-goran-pavles.html

For the recording of Goran's webinar episode 1 and 2, they are on PPV, please go to 
Episode 1        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMeDTMOQlSQ
Episode 2   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOmB_E8HE1E

In these episodes Goran Pavles will look at tree rigging and simulation of leaves. He will use techniques which are not directly intended for this purpose so you can achieve realistic looking motions. 
Chapter 1- 00.00.00 Intro
Chapter 2- 00.01.30 Import and separate the leaves.
Chapter 3- 00.16.57 Separate the small branches.
Chapter 4- 00.26.11 Creating the splines.
Chapter 5- 00.39.35 Resampling the splines.
Chapter 6- 01.04.10 Calculate branch thickness.
Chapter 7- 01.11.44 Size and mass.
Chapter 8- 01.28.56 Branch joint data.
Chapter 9- 01.44.00 BranchRoot joint data.
Chapter 10- 02.06.45 Creating the joints.
Chapter 11- 02.12.58 Basic sim set up.
Chapter 12- 02.32.29 Breaking detection.
Chapter 13- 02.49.27 Advanced dynamics.
Chapter 14- 03.22.54 Export and skinning.
Chapter 15- 03.55.27 Cleanup and global control.

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