Princess Grand hall (Torque 3d engine)

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Hey guys have not posted anything in awhile because school has been really crazy lately. I finished up an environment that I did within the torque 3D engine. I really in the beginning honestly was hating this engine (because i use unreal also) but in the end I really like the results that i got with it. Here are some shots of a environment called the princess grand hall. 

software used: 


3ds max 




torque 3d game engine 


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Looking awesome man! (promoted to spotlight)

my only crits are that the painting needs a little more light and the normals on the round deseigns on the ceiling seem to be reacting a little strange (shadows etc.)


Can you post some textures and close ups of the assets please?


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Very nice!

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Really nice....Torque is cool and UDK (this my personal opinion and i don't want the thread to turn in to comparing the two Engines)...we all know the drillllll!;I have used Torque in the past but find UDK to be more user friendly,better quality end results of complete scene creation....Try create the same scene in UDK and see my point...nothing personal mind you!.Smile

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Awesome. Some scenes are close to a rendered image. Like as if pre-rendered. Amazing stuffSmile

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wow, this is great, 

hope to be as good as this one day

im just a beginner, but the only crit i have is the white balls of light on top of the pillars

they appear to be very bright


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Thank you guys so much for the kind words I really appreciate it. I spent so much time on this project and I am glad to hear that people really like it. I only wish that within the engine I had better lighting capabilities as apposed to point light and spot light and that being it. 

Matalliandy: I will post the texture map for the shields at the top of the room soon, I know what you mean about the shields normals i really sometimes go over board with overdriving the rgb values of the normal map sometimes with a levels adjustment. I just wanted to blast the detail out as far as possible but ended up making a mess of it. As for the painting with shadows that would be an easy fix, it was darker at first but when I did a bit of post I added a level adjustment layer and went in and made it brighter in the layer mask of that adjustment layer.

yanchiko93: I have def have plans for using unreal later, my reasoning for using torque was not because I just wanted to my school forced me to use it lol..i know makes no sense to use an engine you have to pay for when they could have just let me use the FREE udk. Although I am not sure how to use the new udk as well as the moded packaged with unreal version that i used to use at midway games when i worked thier. 

Madshooter: thanks a lot man ! yeah i def tried to go with an almost film like look to it or even try to adjust it enough to have it look like concept art which is the comment I kept getting, nobody thought at first it was 3d and nobody believed def that i took the screen grab to begin with within an engine lol 

Speirso: Dude you will be as good as this one day, way better than me im sure. I promise you, and you can come back in a couple of years and yell curse and scream if it doesnt happen but if you just check out tutorials practice almost every day just doing simple tasks or following tutorials you are going to be a great artist i promise man. you should have seen me a 2 years ago man..I SUCKED :0 !! LOL seriously i didnt know what the hell i was doing ( but i have othier people to blame for that also Sticking out tongue ). But just keep trying man and even if you would like hit me up for advice or techniques anytime i love helping people that really want to be great artist because i wasnt really offered that when i started EVEN WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL ! haha. take care buddy and def post some work i would love to see what you have worked on. And yes you are very right about the white balls being to bright, i went crazy with the flares in torque and wanted the balls to glow a ton and even after that i added bloom on top of that so yes you are right def needs to be toned down Sticking out tongue



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I hear you man!.I was thinking about upgrading to Torque 3D when "UDK" pops up and says FREE!0__0;that was it for me.When you have time try UDK package,you don't have to have UT3 Game package install!.It's a complete package;new features being added as they become available for FREE?; and tons of friendly vetrans to assist you get your fet wet.Looking forward to see more of your creative screens.

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