Model 7290 Flashbang Grenade

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Hi guys, so i noticed that before i run i have to learn to walk, even thou i've introduced myself to 3D 5 years ago, i've never really been able to do an decent looking hardsurface model, so i signed up to Brett's Briley class and managed to do one ! i was feeling so happy that i couldnt hold off and had to share with you guys, hope you like it ! (First image has 2k maps on it, i handled my uvs badly and my 1k maps got some blurriness on the text :/ so i used 2k maps just for the sake of prettiness on the showcase render)
Please any feedback would be welcome, dont worry i wont be annoying defending my piece on why i made that mistake, i swear ! 

Cheers guys ! (for more shots) 

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Great job!
The main thing that jumps out to me (that I would personally work on) is how much empty space there is within the uv set. I would really try to maximize the area in order to achieve the best results for texturing.


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Thanks alot Jeremy !
Indeed im struggling quite a bit on getting a tight pack on my uvs, i'll certanly work harder on it for my next prop !  hopefully by end of the week i'll post it here Smiling

Thanks again !

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Very well done, man

Congrats Eye-wink

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Thank you Gustavo !!!