Kraken Concept Sculpt

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Hey guys here's a concept i did, its my first post here but hope you guys like it, or have any crit or suggestions go crazy :) 



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Very Cool! I really like the attention to detail and the unique shapes.
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Wow! Jeremy thank you very much! 

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Thanks appircate it, any crits? always welcome :) 

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Amazing work. Great detail. My only critique would be the mouth sucker thing looks to uniform and machine like. However, it might just be a factor of it's pose and may look fine during animation. In this particular case my eye is drawn right to it but that probably isn't what you intended. It's light value is probably adding to this as the brightest spot in the render. Impressive creature design.

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Thanks  for the crit @mrsdoubtfire, i think i agree, it was very much symmetrical and i should break it up a little more thanks Smiling Yeah i just did a white overlay to boost the mouth i got a little dark, in the comp, may have over done, something im prove on when i ger round to the textured and in game model :P 

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Adding on to what  doublefire said. The suckers on the tentacles seem all in a row and all the same size, maybe just adjust the position and size of a few of them a little. It be really cool if they had hooks in them Smiling Ive noticed that a lot of the bigger sea creatures tend to have subtle splotches marks (kind of like beauty marks but for fish LOL) on the skin. Add some color variation specially to mouth. small body parts have thinner skin which translates to SSS. This is a sick sculpt!!! post a break down.


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Hey thanks for the reference images very cool! ill revist i think once im done with the comicon entry and see what i can do Smiling Break up the uniformity and symetry a bit more, especially liking the barbbed suckers, nice find! There s alot of SSS in the creature already but i went with a negative temperature (purpley blue) for a bit of a difference instead. 

Ill see what i can find to put a breakdown together, never done one before so could be interesting.