Julio Cesar Bust

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Hi guys!!

This is my last work!! A bust of Cesar. It was sculpted in Mudbox (yes! Mudbox haha) in order to practice with another digital Sculpting software. I did the retopology in 3ds Max, textured in Photoshop and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 2. Smiling

As soon as I can I'm going to post the breakdown (highPoly, textures, wires)

I hope you like it. 

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Awesome work! My only 3 critiques are:
1. The amount of red in the render is way overpowering.
2. The eyes seem hazy and without too much defined detail.  
3. The level of specularity on the lips and eyebrows is way to high (imo)

I would take a look at some of the nvidia head renderings to try and nail the shaders and lighting.

Keep up the great work! :) 


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haha well, the idea was it had to be like a selfie posted on Instagram with a photo filter hhehe that's why the red is overpowering.

I will fix the issues with the eyes, lips and eyebrows Smiling

Thanx for the comments guys!