JackyBoy's Tiled Pillar

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You mean something like THIS?


That would be perfectly awesome for a generic tiling rubble texture but it wouldn't hold up to any major close inspection...This is what i would do personally (pretty much what the Materials DVD shows Sticking out tongue)

  1. Make a HP set of generic rubble bits (a few pieces of broken concrete, some wood, some rebar, some glass, a mound of earth/dirt etc.) .
  2. Make a LP of each piece and UV/texture as normal on 1 texture for each material pass(using exploded Normal and AO)
  3. Create 3 rubble piles from the LP bits, duplicating/rotating/scaling and placing each bit as needed.
  4. Optimise the LP assets but removing unneeded tris.
  5. Unwrap each LP asset so each piece (wood, rebar etc.) has unique UV islands (not lightmap packing) on the 2nd channel of the .ase.
  6. Do a separate AO bake for each LP asset (no HP bake), pack all 3 onto a texture and then multiply them on each asset in UE.

So after all that you would have 3 modular rubble bits using 1 texture for each pass with unique AO :)


Hope that helps Smiling



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love this thread great work