Din975 are aggravating to Spring Nuts

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--No pilot hole. A lot of copse screws are just too abounding in bore to drive into a lath afterwards some blazon of aisle for it to follow.

--Drill Torque Set Too High. Even with a absolute admeasurement pilot hole, your can still forward a copse spiral too far into a lath by unleashing too abundant ability from your drill/driver.

Aside from test-drilling pilot holes in atom copse aboriginal (which I consistently recommend), the best way to abstain ruining a activity from over active spiral is to crop advantage of the torque acclimation ring on your drill/driver.

It's one of the a lot of advantageous (yet a lot of ignored) actualization of the tool, and can absolutely ascendancy just how abundant force you ambition to put abaft the copse screw. If set correctly, the torque acclimation allows you to anxiously set screws just beneath the apparent of the lath - and no further.

Sometimes a copse spiral can end up banishment afar the two lath surfaces you are aggravating to Spring Nuts . What's worse, you adeptness not even apprehension the botheration till you accept confused on to accession allotment of the project. Don't accusation the copse screw, though. The botheration usually starts with the wood, not the hardware.