Blue Alien Creature

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Just joined Eat3D (my favourate Zbrush training DVD provider), and I thought Id share my work I did of a blue alien creature.

I started off with a sphere using Dynamesh, Retopolagized the mesh using 3Dcoat, Polypainted using Zbrush Layers.Then finally rendered inside Marmoset toolbag as a Lowpoly model.

However the last image is a Zbrush render. (highpoly)


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this is a youtube turntable of the character


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Wow! Fantastic work! Smiling

Would be cool to see this guy with some deep sss.


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Absoloutly beautiful piece of work. It actually makes me really intregued about your life drawing skills because ref or not - you have created some very realistic anatomy. Well done mate. Cant wait to see some more Smiling

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@ceribral - thanks man, Yea Ill definately will do a SSS render. I really need to work on my rendering skills, especially SSS. Ill update the last image very soon.

@metalliandy - wow thanks!

@devilshands - thanks man! yes i did use some human anatomy refs (that anatomy ZTL file inside Zbrush4R3), but good thing about creature is that I can still get away with imperfections.

Lyked d LOW POLY one...!! Smiling))

its a beautiful overall the only thing thats weird is the lack of biceps in both the legs and arms to lift those big forearms and tibias :]

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Wow! Very cool. I agree with the anatomy...This thing looks very believable. Great sculpting and texture work!

Katie Sabin

3D Artist | Raven Software

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Saw this on game and still, great job! Looks good man! Ditto the anatomy comments.

OMG its alien NUDE!!

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The character looks like a  turtle without  shell !

 Cool work.

All beautiful things begin with a render farm !