1964 Stratocaster Fender

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Hey guys ! 
Finished another prop this time a guittar Laughing out loud hope you like it ! i think this time i did an good work on my uv layouts what you guys think?
It was alot of fun working on the texture it was also a pain to create the wood damage by hand :X but i think i managed it.
Also you guys have any tips for creating gloss maps? i start mine by using the spec map i dont think im doing it right lol.

Thanks alot guys !
Cheers !

For more shots: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1964-stratocaster-fender 

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Great job!
The rendering within marmoset looks spot on.


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Thanks alot Jeremy ! im very happy you guys liked my guittar !
Here's my marmoset scene, its pretty simple light setup, one spotlight as my main source one point light as an "point of interest light" and two secondary lights one directional oposite to my main light as an cool light and one hot light coming from the opposite side of the point light. 

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Thanks ! im glad you liked it and that it was informative to you !