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Just finished watching my DVD!! Awesome contents!!

- The giant blob of the concept mesh was created only using zspheres separately??

- In the dvd, Mike works separately on the body parts,  how they are put together later into one file??


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Thanks for the kind words Smiling

  1. The concept mesh was sculpted with the use of ZSpheres and basic primitive objects that then had the unified skin operation performed on them
  2. The parts were brought together by importing the separate tools and the appending the together.

Hope that helps!

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Hi! I have a question regarding of this: was the main body modeled using only zspheres, and the additional metal plates were made with primitives that had the unified skin operation performed on them? I need to know if I'm on the right track Sticking out tongue Thanks in advance!

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Is viable to use the default male model of zbrush to make the armor of the hard surfaces technique DVD 1 (ie, use the technique of the DVD2 to make the concept mesh of DVD1)? (I'm new at Zbrush and if I try to accomplish something similar to the concept mesh shown in DVD1 it'd probably take me months :S.

Thanks in advance for your time!

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is the "trim hole" brush a custom brush?