Hard surface technique (Posing) /Resolved/

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Hey Folks,


First of all thank you people for helping us improve our knowledge in 3d, you make wonderfull dvds  !

I'm coming to you guys, because there is a part in the HS part 2 dvd whrer i'm stuck !

I'll explain myself my model is done and everything was fine until now but the thing that i don't get is THE POSING in zbrush ! how do he manage to put is model this pose ?! did he merged all the subtools before moving with transpose or what ?  do you have any explanation on this subject because i'm totally lost ...!

It's too bad, that part was skipped ! 

anyway thanks guys for your awesome work !!!

all the best, 





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Hi again,

it's been 2 days now and I was waiting for some help and I can see that more than 230 people have seen my problem but noone stopped by to say something...

I'm very disapointed i thought that i could find a cool comunity but it seems that people are too busy to answer, anyway thank you for reading.

I'll find the answer to my question somewhere else.


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It could be that people don't know the answer to you question. I wouldn't take the thread view numbers as a concrete thing that people are too busy or are being rude.

I'm not sure of the exact technique that Mike used for the DVD but a common technique is to transpose with masks. You mask the areas of the mesh that you want to remain stating and then draw a transpose line and move the unmasked part. This is repeated as required.

Hope that makes sense Smiling


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thank you Metalliandy,

i found the answer on one another forum they told me to use transpose master because you can use it with subtools and manage to move everything faster than one by one.

concernong my previous answer, i'm sorry if people may thought i was angry or so, i was just disapointed  as i say on my last message because as it was a eat3d dvd  I've learned from i thought it would be easier for people who might understand the problem to help me Eye-wink

anyway thank you for your help and hope my problem will help other forumers !

see ya soon 

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No problem Smiling


Glad you got it sorted out!