Unreal 3 Materials DVD - metal

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I am about to wrap up this dvd and i have a few questions. I am working on the "Metal" portion of the dvd, I'm using the UDK.

Is there a way to tone down and break up the reflection? right now my metal is reading like glass or higly polished silver. i.e way too mirror like in ite reflection.

The example in the dvd doesnt not posess this "feature". I've tried blurring my reflected map as well as multiplying the reflection map by a constant value but that only makes things darker or brighter depending on how i adjust the constant value from 0-1.

I also noticed that adding a reflection map darkend my diffuse map, akin to adding the multiply effect in photoshop.

FInally i have some screw holes in my metal texture, i do not want those to have a reflection, i know i can use a mask to mask out those areas. would i add this to my shader by using an ADD or Multiply Node?


 - badugah