Tiling 45 degrees Texture not working correctly

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Hi all,
I have this tilable texture which i made in 3ds max 2012. Everything works perfect and seamless. Until I rotate my texture_plane 45 degrees. I also tried rotating my brick layout. But nothing seems to work. How is this possible same file I only rotate the RTT_plane and the tiling doesn't work any more?. I tried both mental ray and default scanline render.

I have tested the brick layout in max and tiles perfect.
that's why the normal version works perfect, but going 45 degrees not!!

I have just added a rotate and constant to my texture and this works perfect (UDK) But I'm still wondering why a perfect RTT bakes perfect with  90 degrees and when Rotaing the RTT_plane or even the bricks 45 degrees it won't tile any more. I'm still curius what could be the problem. Testing is done in PS with the offset /2.

Thanks in advanced. 

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I've been experimenting with some techniques for making tilable textures. I have made some square tilable textures using boxes and offseting them 256. This works well. To see/test if the tilling works. 

Now I have bricks that have been placed on the grid (16px) and vertex snapped to getther. Only these bricks are 45 degrees. So basicly you're know longer on the grid any more.

 I have noticed that 256 doesn't work any more, but offseting it 272 px does. Is this logical? Can the render to Texture plane be different size and is this based on the offset you are using?

 I would like to know if this is correct?

 I have checked it in PS Offseting it 512x128 and looks perfect(only height)

 RTT in 3DS max is 512 x 256

  Can I also flip the texture/normals If I wanted to make a right side. To save Texture space?