Help Editing Wood Texture

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So i found this wood texture that i really like only problem is that its the wrong color and i dont know a good way to edit it so it not just a a color overlay. any suggestions? Second image is the desired look.

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Hi man , to edit the color of a texture you can try a lot of workflows!
Try to "Ctrl + B"  or the "Ctrl+U" on Photoshop.  to change the color of the Whole texture.
By the way you should try using a base color , made by you picking up the color you want.
then manipulate the texture you have... for example i would try to Multiply it on the Base... the multiply make the White parts invisible, and add the other color.
If the texture you choose have too many variation , you can try to add "contrast" and brightness to clean some parts ,
or you can try the "High pass"
in the Filter / other / high pass section.... slide the tool , and it will catch the detail of the texture erasing colors...
then to add it to your texture , simply desaturate the result and add with multiplay or dodge (i often try them all and change opacity)
good luck