Sculpting in HD with Zbrush Tutorial

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Pixologic has released a detailed overview on the best practices to use when sculpting in HD mode, whilst using Zbrush.

Model a High-Poly Roof Hatch in 3ds Max

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Chris Tate has created a tutorial for CGTuts+ that goes through creating a roof hatch in Max.

The tutorial give step by step instruction on creating the roof hatch and contains a whole host of valuable techniques which are sure to be of great use to any 3d student or hardsurface modeling lover.


Free Tutorial Videos - Autodesk University In Glorious Technicolor

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Autodesk have released a large series of free tutorials over at The Area that show varying reveal techniques using features such as PFlow, Pro-Booleans, Loft Objects and Reactor and Time Distortion.


The tutorials, originally recorded in 2007 by their author Louis Marcoux, have now been released to the public for the first time and show a useful insight into this illusive art.

Bones Pro is back with a Vengeance!

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Bones Pro is back and better than ever!

The skinning application for Max has recently been revived and looks great with many new and improved features added.


Call of Juarez Level Design Tutorials - Part 3 Bonus!

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World of Level design are currently running a series of tutorials, in conjunction with Techland that go through the process of creating a level for Call of Juarez  using ChromEd and have now released a bonus video as an addition to part 3

Vue 8 xStream and Infinite Now Shipping

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 Vue 8 xStream and Infinite have now been released.

The industry standard natural environment creation software can now be purchased from e-on for $895-$1495.


Call of Juarez Level Design Tutorials

Eat 3D Blog

World of Level design are currently running a series of tutorials, in conjunction with Techland that go through the process of creating a level for Call of Juarez  using ChromEd.

ZBrush - Rubble Tiling Texture Tutorial

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Nick Marks has created a very interesting tutorial on creating a tiling rubble texture in ZBrush.

Very cool stuff indeed  and highly recommended viewing Smiling


You can watch the tutorial on Nick's Vimeo page

Assassin's Creed - Lineage, Live Action series

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Part 1 of Assassin's Creed - Lineage is now available to view on YouTube.

Ubisoft have taken a novel approach to promoting the fast approaching Assassin's Creed 2 by making a series of live action shot films that give an overview of the world in which Ezio lives.

New Allan Mckay Tutorial Trailer

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VFX Guru Allan Mckay has released a trailer for the first part of his forthcoming Creature FX series.

The Blender Foundation's Durian Project's Secrets Revealed

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The Blender Foundation has released the first official teaser for the the forthcoming Durian project along with an animatic of the first full minute of the film.


Paul Debevec Talks Emily Project

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3d technology pioneer and guru Paul Debevec has recently given a lecture at TED explaining how the Emily Project was brought to life using state of the art photo source capturing from a spherical lighting rig.

Superb Animation Reel From David Lam

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David Lam of Lucas Arts, Bungie and Blur Studio fame has recently updated his most excellent of reels.

The quality of David's work is simply breathtaking as he imbues life into the characters contained within the 2 minute masterpiece.

First ever DirectX 11 benchmark released

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Unigine Corporation have announced the release of the first ever DirectX 11 benchmark.

DirectX 11 contains some very intriguing technological improvements such as Tessellation, Multi-threaded Rendering and Compute Shaders which could provide some very interesting results when they trickle down to the development world as part of Shader Model 5

Free Video Tutorial - Switching Cameras in an Animation in 3ds Max

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 Here is new set of videos covering different techniques to switch cameras in an animation in 3ds max. Either it's for a pre-viz project or a visualization walkthrough from multiple points of view, you'll see how to create a camera switch to cut from one camera to another in a single animation.

2 New Free Video tutorials at JoeGunn3D

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Tearing Cloth Max 2010 and "Beachball Softbodies"

Check them out here:

Pretty cool stuff, The more I learn about Max 2010 the more impressed I get!!

Xoliul viewport shader tutorial

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Laurens Corijn has made a great tutorial about using Xoliul's viewport shader in 3dsMax which is availiable over at and goes through how to set up cool things like shadows and SSAO in the shader, which was created to emulate the "Game Engine" look from within Max.


Luxology releases a Modo spotlight tutorial set

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Luxology have released a  Bee-autiful (sorry :P) Modo spotlight overview video that takes the viewer through the workings of Modo with special attention being paid to the new 401 feature set.

The three part series by Andy Brown focuses on the creation of a bee and contains information such as modelling, rigging, animation, texturing and rendering.

Star Wars: The Old Republic - The Making of Coruscant

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Another behind the scenes video from the art team at Bioware discussing how they went about making Coruscant for their upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

You can download the video here and if you're on Facebook check them out here and add them as a fan while you're there.

CryEngine 3 - "Beauty, Speed, Interaction" Trailer

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Incredible new trailer from Crytek, developers of Crysis, showcasing the new tools and feature set for CryEngine 3. 

More about the engine can be read here along with a new website dedicated to the engine.

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