New Free Video! Creating Tileable Textures in ZBrush

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In this demonstration, Andy Davies goes over the creation of tileable textures within Zbrush 4.

New Free Video! Modeling a Tire in 3ds Max

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In this demonstration, Jeremy Baldwin takes you through the process of creating a highpoly tire in 3ds Max.

You can watch the video free here: http://eat3d.com/free/modeling-tire-3ds-max

New Free Video! Writing XML Data from Maya using Python

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In this demonstration, Luiz Kruel demonstrates how to get xml data out of Maya using Python.

Check it out here: http://eat3d.com/free/maya_python

New Free Video! xNormal Overview

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New DVD Release! ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques

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More info on the product page here: http://eat3d.com/zbrush_hardsurface

New Free Video! ZBrush Sub-Surface Scattering

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In this demonstration Tony Reynolds starts off by creating a sub-surface scatter material in ZBrush and then renders out a portrait with BRP into render layer passes. From there he takes the layers into Photoshop to composite them into a final image.

Check it out here: http://eat3d.com/free/zbrush_sss

New Free Video - Sculpting Stone with Morph Targets in ZBrush

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In this demonstration Andy Davies shows you how to sculpt lightly damaged/weathered stone with morph targets within ZBrush 4.

Check it out here: http://eat3d.com/free/sculpting-stone-morph-targets

Unemployed? Need A Discount? Get 20% off Eat3d Tutorials!

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During these times of financial turmoil, where many artists are finding themselves suddenly out of work, it can be hard to access the training that is required to get your next job.

Eat3d wants to help out as much as we can so that unemployed artists can start applying for new jobs and can get back on too making great art!

As of today, we want to do our part by giving all unemployed artists a 20% discount on all Eat3d tutorials so everyone has the opportunity to learn more and become that much more employable!


Free DVD Chapter: Using Zookeeper

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We released an entire free chapter on ZooKeeper from the 3ds Max 2011 DVD!

If you want to watch the video for free in HD, please log in to the site and watch it in the streaming section here: http://eat3d.com/streaming/3dsmax2011

New Free Video - Creating Dust Particles in UDK

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Thanks to Jeremy Baldwin for creating this short but useful tutorial on creating dust particles in UDK.

Watch Here: http://eat3d.com/free/dust_particles

New DVD Release! Character Skinning - Skinning A Low-Res Character For Animation

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Product Information:
In this DVD, JP Self takes you through the process of skinning an animation-ready character from head-to-toe. He goes over how to fit the biped to the mesh, using the weight tool to adjust the folds in those tricky areas (such as the hands, shoulders, and pelvis), mirroring the vertices from one half of the character to the other in order to achieve that professional outcome, and even resizing the character after the skinning is complete.

New DVD Release! Low-Res Character Production - Constructing A Character For Next-Gen Games

Eat 3D Blog
Product Information:
In this DVD instructor Adam Schuman walks you through the entire process of constructing a low resolution character worthy of any "next-generation" game. Follow him as he shows you his techniques in exporting the high-res model from ZBrush, reconstructing the low-res meshes, creating the UV's for all of the meshes, baking out all of the maps (3ds Max and xNormal), creating all of the textures, using real-time viewport shaders, and rendering out the final for your portfolio.
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