New Free Video - Creating Dust Particles in UDK

Eat 3D Blog

Thanks to Jeremy Baldwin for creating this short but useful tutorial on creating dust particles in UDK.

Watch Here:

Eat3d ZBrush Character Production - Marketing Image Walkthrough

Eat 3D Blog

Our very own Michael Pavlovich have given a immensely thorough walkthrough of how he created the marketing image for the upcoming ZBrush Character Production DVD over at ZBrushCentral

Games Industry Mentor Episode 7 Now Available

Eat 3D Blog

Aaron Canaday's immensely cool Games Industry Mentor podcast about breaking in to the games industry has just been released.


Currently at Episode 7, Aaron is joined by BioWare Environmental Artist Isaac Oster and our very own Riki Babington in which they question "What is needed to have a successful portfolio that gives the artist the best shot at landing a job?"


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