Refractive Software Announces OctaneRender For 3ds Max!

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Refractive Software has announced  Octane Render for 3ds Max!

The GPU based, un-biased, physically based render engine will be available on the 1st of December 2011 and will cost 99 € until the Beta program runs it's course.

The plugin will initially support 3ds Max 2010, 2011 and 2012, with other versions being supported at a later date.


nDo2 Map Generation Tutorial!

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Those awesome guys from over at Quixel have released a quick tutorial that shows you how to  generate AO, height, diffuse and specular maps from your normal maps in the stunning nDo2! It even includes the new feature: Doodle to 3D!

MysticThumbs 2.6.3 Released!

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Version 2.6.3 of the Windows Explorer Thumbnail Generator for Windows 7, Vista & XP has been released and includes a range of bug fixes and optimisationsSmiling


MysticThumbs 2.6.3 released. Tweaks, fixes and improvements.

Changes since 2.61 :-


New Free Video! Floating Geometry Overview

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In this demonstration, Andy Davies gives a overview of Floating Geometry baking techniques using Blender and nDO2.

He shows the techniques needed to efficiently use floating geometry to bake high poly details into Normal maps, without the need for complex topology.

Epic Release October 2011 UDK Update!

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Epic have released the October 2011 update for UDK !

The update includes numerous bug fixes and new features, including God rays and shadows support added on iOS, new Unreal Landscape and Foliage Features and an improved Foliage Settings Paint Tool Smiling


What has changed in this version?

Johan Andersson Battlefield 3 Keynote: Shiny PC Graphics in Battlefield 3

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DICE's Rendering Architect Johan Andersson's, Shiny PC Graphics presentation at the recent GeForce LAN 6 is now available to watch!

Blender 2.60a Released!

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Hot on the heels of Blender 2.60 being released, only a few days ago, The Blender Foundation have released Blender 2.6a!

The release addresses 12 issues with the 2.60 release


A dozen issues where immediately solved for the 2.60 release.


What's changed in 2.60a?

MysticThumbs 2.6.1 Released!

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Version 2.6.1 of the Windows Explorer Thumbnail Generator for Windows 7, Vista & XP has been released and includes a range of bug fixes and optimisationsSmiling


MysticThumbs generates thumbnails of many image formats not natively supported by Windows. It plugs into Windows Explorer so you don't have to run a separate application to preview your images, see them all in the native shell and Open/Save dialog boxes in all 32 and 64 bit applications!

Toronto IGDA Talk by Adam Bromell

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Adam Bromell, Principal Editor and Head Administrator of Polycount, recently did a talk at the IGDA Toronto meet!

In the talk, entitled "More Than Pushing Polys",  Adam discussed being a video game artist, gave his opinion on how to progress into the field, how he got his first job in the industry and even took time out for a Q&A session!


Fraps 3.4.7 Released!

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Fraps 3.4.7 has been released!

The update for the benchmarking/screen recording software fixes multiple bugs found in previous versions and adds new optimisations Smiling


Changes since 3.4.6:-

Kevin Johnstone Gears Of War 3 Art Explosion!

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 Kevin Johnstone has posted some of the amazing art that he created for Epic's recently released Gears of War 3!

The Polycount thread shows a vast array of assets that Kevin created for the game using Max and ZBrush.

nDo2 Updated!

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Those awesome guys from over at Quixel have released another fantastic update for the stunning nDo2!

Quixels extremely versatile and powerful tool for Photoshop, caters for all your normal mapping needs from within the confines of everyone's favorite image editing application Laughing out loud


CryENGINE SDK 2572 Build Released!

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Crytek have released the 2572 build of the CryENGINE SDK!

The release adds a large amount of updates and additions compared to previous releases.

Shader Production - Now With 3ds Max CGFX Shaders Included!

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Ryan Turney has kindly ported over the CGFX shader files featured within Shader Production - Writing Custom Shaders with CGFX, over to 3ds Max!

Luminous Engine by Square Enix Tech Demo

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A stunning video of the tech demo for the Luminous Engine by Square Enix has popped up on YouTube.

The new engine will have native DirectX 11 support, cloth and fluid simulation, realtime reflections and highly efficient tessellation techniques.


ZBrush 4R2 ZClassroom Movie #12!

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Over the past few weeks, Pixologic have been busy releasing a few detailed overview videos on some of the new features which are included in the recently released ZBrush 4 R2 release.

The latest video, which is #12 in the series, covers Curve Editable Polypaint

Blender 2.6 RC2 Released!

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The Blender Foundation have released the second release candidate for Blender 2.6, with the final 2.6 release being penciled in for the 15th of October!

The release addresses various issues with the 2.59 release and includes new features such 3D Audio, Motion capture addon, Recast & Detour, Weight painting tools and Vertex group modifiers Laughing out loud


Grome 3.1 Released!

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Quad Software has released Grome 3.1!

Skin Slide Plugin For 3d Max

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Seigi Sato has created a fantastic plugin for max, called Skin Slide.

The plugin creates the effect of muscles sliding underneath skin, and it looks fantastic Laughing out loud

New Free Video! Creating Realistic Glass In CryEngine 3 SDK

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In this demonstration, Simon Fuchs shows you how to create a realistic glass material in the recently released CryENGINE 3 SDK


Check it out here:

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