3Point Studios Unveil 3ptools Lite!

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3Point Studios have announced the imminent release of 3ptools Lite for Autodesk 3ds Max!

ZBrush 4R4 Update 2 Released!

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Pixologic have released ZBrush 4R4 Update 2!

The update, which is free for registered users, contains a few fixes and improvments.


This update addresses the following:

Flow Map Painter 0.3 For Max Released!

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Mattias Van Camp has released Flow Map Painter 0.3 for Max 2012 64bit!

The awesome script allows you to paint the direction of flow for a liquid surface and then use the resulting texture in a game engine to super realistic results Laughing out loud


UDK FBXporter Released!

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Laurens Corijn has been hard at work writing a FBX Exporter script that keeps track of "ExportSets" for UDK and has made it available on Scriptspot!


LoopTools 4.1 Released!

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Bart Crouch has released an update for his stunning modelling tools script LoopTools!

The script now works with BMesh and the Bridge and Loft functionality has been restored Laughing out loud

Quad Chamfer For Max Released!

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Quad Chamfer Modifier for Max has been released!

The massively successor of the Quad Chamfer maxscript, which produces all quad chamfers, is now available for purchase in a vastly improved modifier form Laughing out loud

The Quad Chamfer modifier produces all quad chamfers, unlike the normal 3ds Max chamfer which produces a lot of triangles and ngons.


What improvements have been made?

Wayne Robson's MudWalker X And ReDucto Released!

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Wayne Robson has released the much talked about MudWalker X And ReDucto!

The decimation tool and suite of plugins include such features as Vodel grid based polygon reduction, Intelligent hole filling, Vertex level Ambient Occlusion and Normal map baking and Customisable interface configurations, along with a surprise addition: WeaponX and over 30 minutes of help videos from the man himself!


Wayne Robson's MudWalker X And ReDucto To Be Released For Free!

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Wayne Robson is to release the much talked about MudWalker X And ReDucto for free later this week!

The decimation tool and suite of plugins will include such features as Vodel grid based polygon reduction, Intelligent hole filling, Vertex level Ambient Occlusion and Normal map baking and Customisable interface configurations!

MudWalker X features:

Blender 2.63 RC1 Released!

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The Blender Foundation have released  Blender 2.63 RC1!

The release adds some really big improvements, including a totally rewritten mesh system that supports Ngons!


After months of hard work, the team is close to release this version with a completely modernized Mesh system!


Blender 2.62 Released!

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The Blender Foundation have released  Blender 2.62!

The release adds some really big updates including improvements to the UV Tools, Cycles, Motion Tracking, Ocean simulation and all new  Remesh and Boolian modifiers have been added!


The Blender Foundation and online developer community is proud to present Blender 2.62. The 2.6x series is being targeted at including all work that happened in branches or patches past years.

Diamant Modeling Tools Alpha 1.0 For Maya Released!

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Rich Diamant has released Diamant Modeling Tools Alpha 1.0 for Maya!

The toolset includes Custom Selection Brushes for UV Edge and Ancor Marking, Automatic UV Mapping, Custom UV Editor with color distortion, Maya UV Editing Tools, Custom Retopology Tools, Mesh sliding and more!


FiberMesh To Splines Script For Max!

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Marius Silaghi has created an awesome script that converts the new FiberMesh to splines!


The 3DS Max plugin FiberMesh to Splines will convert the exported FiberMesh from ZBrush to splines.
The splines can be used to create and render 3DS Max hair either with 3DS Max default hair modifier or using a hair plugin that has a recomb from splines option.


Here are some of the benefits you get:

Grabviewport 2.5 Released!

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Leslie Van den Broeck has released Grabviewport 2.5

The awesome Max script allow the easy capture High Resolution Screenshots of your Max viewport with a ton of option such as 4xAA, custom width and height values, Alpha, Wire, Color, Zdepth (+3dsMax 2010 only) and SSAO (+3dsMax 2010 only)!

TreeGen Beta v0.97 For Max Released!

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Ryan James Smith has released TreeGen Beta 0.97!

 The 3DS Max script generates cheap realtime trees via an intuitive interface, and allows for numerous tweaks to the generated tress via 15 trunk controls, 15 Branch controls, 6 leaf controls and the ability to use user selected leaf meshes Laughing out loud


Hey guys, This is the thread for my TreeGen script. It's a free 3DS Max script that I thought i'd share with you all. It's the fruit of my MaxScript learning binge which i've been learning in my free time.

nDo 2 v1.0.3 Released!

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Quixel have released nDo 2 v1.0.3!

The release improves performance and now includes partial CS2 support Laughing out loud


What is new in 1.0.3?

  • Performance boosts
  • partial CS2 support
  • UI improvements


You can download the latest release from HERE and purchase the application from HERE


Bsurfaces New Year’s Contest!

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Fancy winning a copy of awesome commercial Blender addon Bsurfaces?

Check out the Bsurfaces New Year’s Contest to be in with a chance of winning 1 of 12 copies, along with a chance of picking up the Christmas bonus prize, which allows up to 12 copies for the same company / institution , one for the Sculptor and one for the Referrer! Laughing out loud

UDK Sync 0.3 Teaser Video!

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Norman Schaar has posted an amazing teaser video that shows an update for his as yet unreleased UDK sync script for Max.


The script allows you to view the UDK display in Max and propagates and changes made in Max to UDK

UDK Sync is a tool that will allow you to move assets between 3dsMax and UDK instantly.
This is a little preview of the integration of a UDK viewport in 3dsMax. So you can see the changes happening in realtime.


Shader Production - Now With 3ds Max CGFX Shaders Included!

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Ryan Turney has kindly ported over the CGFX shader files featured within Shader Production - Writing Custom Shaders with CGFX, over to 3ds Max!

Skin Slide Plugin For 3d Max

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Seigi Sato has created a fantastic plugin for max, called Skin Slide.

The plugin creates the effect of muscles sliding underneath skin, and it looks fantastic Laughing out loud

nDo2 Feature Tutorial!

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Those awesome guys from over at Quixel have released a quick tutorial that features some of the features in the stunning nDo2!

Quixel is an extremely versatile and powerful tool for Photoshop that caters for all your normal mapping needs from within the confines of everyone's favorite image editing application Laughing out loud

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