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UDK December Beta Released!

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Epic have released the December update for UDK !

UDK to get iOS support!

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UDK is going to get iOS support in its next release Laughing out loud

With Infinity Blade becoming the fastest grossing iOS application ever, there is no better time to unleash the power of UDK on the iPhone/iPad for your game Laughing out loud

Epic co-founder Mark Rein wrote:

Apple’s App Store is the most vibrant market for mobile gaming,”  “If you’re going to make a game for a mobile device, and you want to make the most money, you’re nuts not to make it for iOS.


FR_morphTool V3.0

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Muhammad fredo has updated his Morph Target script for Max with new features and improvements!

The script, which is now at version 3.0, helps you create symmetrical morph targets and accelerates their creation.


How do i use it?

UE3 Cool Tools!

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The master of all things Unreal and Eat3d Tutor SjoerdHourences” De Jong has updated his new website with an awesome selection of cool tools for use with UE3!


4k Sintel!

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The wait for a 4k version of Sintel open movie is almost over!

Blender Ocean Simulation Foam Accumulation!

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Guru Blender dev. Matt Ebb has posted some of the improvements he has made over that past few days to the forthcoming Blender 2.5 Ocean modifier and it now has Foam Accumulation Laughing out loud


test of baking+accumulating foam generated from ocean sim. still could use some optimisation, tweaks to fade-out formula and niceties like baking in a background job, but decent start so far..


Full Features include:-

First Blender Ocean Simulation Builds Availiable!

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The user donation funded project to re-implement the 2.4x Ocean modifier into Blender 2.5 has released its first official build to its donors!

The project has hired code Guru Matt Ebb to work on development and its bearing fruit!


Good news, we have an early test build of the Ocean Sim branch now available for donors to download and try out! Access to the builds folder has been emailed to all current donors to the project.


Features include:-

Fraps 3.2.4 Released!

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Fraps 3.2.4 has been released!

The update for the benchmarking/screen recording software fixes a few bugs that were present in the 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 releases.


Changes since 3.2.2:-

Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro WoW Cataclysm Plugin!

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The WoW M2 plugin for Ultimate Unwrap 3D Pro has been updated to import 3D models from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Smiling


You can get the plugin for free from the Download section and  purchase the application for $59.95

nDo 0.6.3 Released!

Eat 3D Blog

Teddy Bergsmans awesome normal map creation script for Photoshop has been updated with new features and fixes!


Changes since 0.6.0:-

RotoBezier in Blender 2.5

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Blender dev. ZanQdo has released his new add-on for the Blender 2.5 series which adds RotoBezier for super fast roto masks Smiling


Showing of a quick roto mask right inside Blender with my new RotoBezier addon. Thanks to Campbell Barton for all the API features and fixes needed for this Smiling


To try out this nifty new addon, head over to and grab a build!


Eat 3D Blog

Behold! A new automated image based photo modeler you say? and its free too?

Yes indeedie!

The new Opensource application allows the user to create meshes from photos and is available on Windows and Linux Smiling


Image Plane 4 Released!

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The new and updated Image Plane 4 has been released for ZBrush 4!



Image Plane 4 provides an easy way to load images into ZBrush for use in texturing and polypainting, as well as for background reference while modeling.

  • Easily load a background image when a model is in Edit mode.
  • For ZProject polypainting, quickly change the background image without leaving Edit mode.
  • For Projection Master texturing, the image is automatically wrapped onto your model.

New in this version

Blender 2.55 Beta Released

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The Third official Beta of the ongoing Blender 2.5 project has been released today!

The milestone release has reached the third Beta stage and has many new exciting features and improvements that have been in development since 2007.

Blender 2.55 is a stability release that squashes 360 bugs!


UDK October Beta Released!

Eat 3D Blog

Epic have released the October update for UDK !

The update includes numerous bug fixes and new features including a new adjustable tonemapper, MotionBlurSkinning improvments, Multithreaded cooking and and new UI system Laughing out loud


nDo v0.6.0 Released!

Eat 3D Blog

Teddy Bergsmans awesome normal map creation script for Photoshop has been updated with new features and fixes!


Changes since 0.5.6:-

nDo alpha v0.6.0, 2010-10-24, 13:10

  • New "Optimize" functionality. Optimization is now faster and results in much a much smaller filesize and less memory consumption.
  • Loading of "Photo presets" now faster.

nDo alpha v0.5.9, 2010-10-22, 23:04

LuxRender 0.7.1 Released!

Eat 3D Blog

LuxRender v0.71 has been released!

The update for the GNU physically based and unbiased rendering engine includes many bugfixes and improvements over previous releases.

nDo v0.5.6 Released!

Eat 3D Blog

Teddy Bergsmans awesome normal map creation script for Photoshop has been updated with new features and fixes!


nDo 0.5.3 Released!

Eat 3D Blog

Teddy Bergsmans awesome normal map creation script for Photoshop has been updated with new features and fixes!


nDo alpha v0.5.3, 2010-10-10, 02:37

  • Added new button, "Make color", which converts the normal document into a color map.
  • The user can select whether to load colors from a custom palette, or to colorize randomly.


nDo alpha v0.5.2, 2010-10-09, 00:30

ZAppLink v4 For ZBrush 4 Windows And Mac OS X Available!

Eat 3D Blog

ZAppLink v4 for ZBrush 4 Windows and Mac OS X available!

ZAppLink is a ZBrush plugin that allows you to seamlessly integrate your favorite image editing software -- such as Adobe Photoshop -- into your ZBrush workflow. While in ZBrush, call up your image editing package and use it to modify the active ZBrush document or tool, then go straight back into ZBrush.

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