Marmoset Toolbag 2.0 Released!

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Those realtime rendering wizards over at have released the highly anticipated Toolbag 2.0!

The major update of Marmoset Toolbag includes goodies such as:

Knald 1.0 Released!

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After a long public beta Knald Technologies has released Knald 1.0!

The ultra-fast GPU powered solution for generating “bake quality” textures from any 2D source texture can now be purchased from HERE along with the ability to download a demo for testing purposes.


e338: The Art of Loïc Zimmermann

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Those fine people over at 3DTotal have just started a new Kickstarter campaign!

e338: The Art of Loïc Zimmermann is an epic collection of personal work by master artist Loïc Zimmermann (VFX Concept Artist on Thor, Iron Man 3, True Grit & more)



New DVD Release! Cyborg Design - Concept Art Production Techniques

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More information on the product page here:

New CRYENGINE announced

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Crytek have announced the next version of their spectacular game engine.

CRYENGINE includes many new features and improvements to the previously released version of the engine; many of which will also be propagated over to the  to Crytek's free CRYENGINE® SDK later this week!


3DTotal Release ZBrush Jouster Tutorial For Free!

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Our good friends over at 3DTotal have released a fantastic ZBrush character creation tutorial entitled 'Jouster' by Adam Fisher

The tutorial goes over subjects such as Blocking in the proportions, Sculpting the face, Sculpting the armour, Creating the armour meshes, Finalizing the details, Creating the low poly model, UV unwrapping and texture baking, Texturing the armor, Texturing the face & finally Model presentation in Marmoset!

Marmoset Toolbag 2.0 Teasers Ahoy!

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Those realtime rendering wizards over at have posted a few amazing shots of the highly anticipated Toolbag 2.0 on their Twitter account.

3DTotal Art Fundamentals Book Available For Pre Order - 10% Off!

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Our good friends over at 3DTotal are giving a 10% discount on pre orders of their stunning 3DTotal Art Fundamentals.

Marvelous Designer 3 Open Beta

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Marvelous Designer allows you to create beautiful 3D virtual clothing with 

our cutting-edge design software. 

Marmoset Skyshop! Image-Based Lighting Tools.

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Those crazy cats over at have been busy working in their underground lair creating some amazing rendering goodies for those of us who use Unity.

Skyshop will enable full Marmoset flavour lighting within Untiy and just to tease us they have been posting images and wizard powered magic on the interwebs.


What is Skyshop?

Skyshop takes sky images (panoramas, crosses, or cubemaps) as input and will generate diffuse and specular IBL cubemaps from them.

Mipmapped Gloss-

Blender 2.67 Released!

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The Blender Foundation have released  Blender 2.67!

The release adds some really big changes including new mesh modelling tools, a new 3d printing addon, improvements to the 3d painting system and the ability to render SSS in cycles.


Fast Cloth Alpha Creation In ZBrush

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Watch it free here:

In this demonstration, Andy Davies goes over the creation of cloth alphas in ZBrush 4 R5.

He shows the techniques needed to efficiently create multiple cloth alphas using a range of 2.5d tools within ZBrush, which can then be used as a solid base for sculpting or to compliment existing geometry.

Zbrush - QuickTips # 1 - BulletHoles/Custom Decal Brushes!

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Joe Harford has released another fantastic tutorial!

In the first of a series of QuickTips, Joe goes over how to create convincing  Bullet Holes/Custom Decal Brushes within ZBrush! Laughing out loud


In the first of the Zbrush quick tips I cover creating bulletholes in objects using custom 'decal' brushes and alphas. I also cover creating your own brush icons and how to use your new brushes.


 You can watch the tutorial in glorious HD over at his YouTube page.


Correcting the Viewport colour display of imported AutoCAD drawings & Rendering higher resolution images with VRay/Mental Ray

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Jamie Cardoso has posted a couple of great tutorials on his Mental Ray blog that go over correcting the Viewport colour display of imported AutoCAD drawings, when added into a Layer in 3Ds Max & Rendering higher resolution images with "Render_autosave", using VRay or mental ray.

Marmoset Toolbag v1.09 Released!

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For those that might have missed it, Marmoset Toolbag v1.09 has been released! Laughing out loud

Everyone's favourite model viewer and presentation tool has been updated with a few bug fixes and updates including detail normal maps & shadow accuracy improvements when using dynamic lights and auto-generation of normals for OBJs when missing.


Marmoset Toolbag v1.08 Released!

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Marmoset Toolbag v1.08 has been released! Laughing out loud

Everyone's favourite model viewer and presentation tool has been updated with a few bug fixes and updates for including Windows 8 Compatibility, new StoogeExport plug-ins for Maya 2012 and 2013 and  DX11 Tessellation.


Whats new in 1.08?:-

Features Added:


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