New Free Video! Zbrush: Rigid Surface Speed Sculpt

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Happy Free Friday!

This week Jeremy Baldwin shows how to sculpt rigid surfaces in ZBrush using various freeform techniques.

Watch it for free here!

Fast Cloth Alpha Creation In ZBrush

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Watch it free here:

In this demonstration, Andy Davies goes over the creation of cloth alphas in ZBrush 4 R5.

He shows the techniques needed to efficiently create multiple cloth alphas using a range of 2.5d tools within ZBrush, which can then be used as a solid base for sculpting or to compliment existing geometry.

Photo Based Sculpting In Mudbox, xNormal & nDo2

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Watch it now here:

In this demonstration, Richard Piper shows how to get a quick & effective sculpt from a photo in Mudbox, xNormal and nDo2 with the final presentation being shown in Marmoset toolbag.

ZBrush 4R3 Decimation Master Overview

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In this demonstration, Andy Davies goes over the powerful ZBrush plugin Decimation Master.

He provides an overview of the different settings you are most likely to need, such as adjusting the amount of decimation and masking to get the most out of your decimated meshes, and explains the differences between the options within the plugin, to ensure maximum compatibility for application specific configurations while maintaining a good workflow.

New DVD Release! ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques 2

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Hi Everyone! We are so excited to release the highly requested and anticipated followup to one of our most popular DVDs: "ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques". We put an insane amount of time and effort into this like so many other of our high quality releases and we think everyone will benefit from it greatly. It was a lot of fun to produce and Mike has come up with an entire new set of techniques using ZBrush 4 R2. Thanks for everyone's continued support!

50 Free Custom Bolts Alphas

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Eat3d Artist/Moderator Andy Davies recently created 50 Custom Bolts Alphas which are now available to download for free!

The alpha pack contains 50 x 512² custom made alphas of various head configurations which are designed for use within any sculpting application.

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