Games Industry Mentor, Episode 20: QA

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The latest episode of Aaron Canaday's awesome Games Industry Mentor podcast is now available!


Currently at Episode 20, Aaron is joined by Drew McGee - QA analyst, and Jordan Koch - associate designer.


Eat3d Sponsor The NGHS Battlefield 3 Weekend!

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Eat3d are proud to sponsor the NGHS Battlefield 3 Weekend!

Hosted on a dedicated UK/Amsterdam 64-player server that has been donated by EA, the event will pit some of the best players from the community in a weekend long Battlefiled 3 MP experience, and we will be there to reward each of the top 3 players of the weekend, with an Eat3d download of their choice!

Johan Andersson Battlefield 3 Keynote: Shiny PC Graphics in Battlefield 3

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DICE's Rendering Architect Johan Andersson's, Shiny PC Graphics presentation at the recent GeForce LAN 6 is now available to watch!

Toronto IGDA Talk by Adam Bromell

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Adam Bromell, Principal Editor and Head Administrator of Polycount, recently did a talk at the IGDA Toronto meet!

In the talk, entitled "More Than Pushing Polys",  Adam discussed being a video game artist, gave his opinion on how to progress into the field, how he got his first job in the industry and even took time out for a Q&A session!


Luminous Engine by Square Enix Tech Demo

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A stunning video of the tech demo for the Luminous Engine by Square Enix has popped up on YouTube.

The new engine will have native DirectX 11 support, cloth and fluid simulation, realtime reflections and highly efficient tessellation techniques.


Digital Art Masters: v5 Free Book Chapter!

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Those great guys and gals over at 3DTotal are giving away a free chapter of The Digital Art Masters: Volume 5!

Julien Allard - Polycount Deathmonsters Showcase

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Julien Allard has posted some of the amazing environmental art that he created for the Unity based game DeathMonsters, over at Polycount!

Pixologic Deus Ex: Human Revolution Interview

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Pixologic have published a stunning interview with Sébastien Legrain that goes over the making of  Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


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Portal 2 Fan Art

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Decided to brush up on some hard surface modelling skills and make some portal 2 fanart at the same time, just a little test render to have a look at the model, but evolved into something a lil' bit more.


XoliulShader 2.0 - Video 2 - Presets

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Laurens Corijn has posted another awesome introductory video on the forthcoming XoliulShader 2.0!

High-Poly Vehicle Modeling Challenge Results Announced!

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It is with great pleasure that we announce the results of our fourth challenge - High-Poly Vehicle Modeling

With absolutly stunning entires all round and an amazing turnout, the challenge was extremely hard fought until the last minute Smiling


Awesome Modular Design Paper

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For those of you who may have missed it, Scott Jones has written a great paper on modular design entitled "Investigation into modular design within computer games"

The paper has been written as credit for his degree of BSc(Hons) Science from Staffordshire University.

Shortfilm Characters / Reel 2011

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Jelmer Boskma has released his 2011 show reel!

The video contains some simply amazing pieces that have been created over the past 5 years by Jelmer, including  modeling, character design and visual effects work!

He has also posted a few pieces of personal work for our viewing pleasure Smiling

40+ 3DTotal Siggraph 2011 Video Diaries

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Siggraph 2011 is now over and our friends over at 3DTotal have uploaded over 40 short interviews with the vendors of various stands!

In the videos, Tom Greenway talks about what the vendors have been up to and what the future holds for each company Laughing out loud


Thanks guys!



XoliulShader 2.0 - Video 1 - UI101

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Laurens Corijn has posted an awesome introductory video on the forthcoming XoliulShader 2.0.

The introductory video goes over the installation of the shader and explains how to use the UI.

RAGE Behind The Scenes Videos

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Over the past few weeks Bethesda have published 6 behind the scenes videos for the forthcoming id game: RAGE

QuakeCon 2011 - John Carmack Keynote

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QuakeCon 2011 is over, but those who couldn't make it shouldn't despair! John Carmack's annual Keynote is available to watch over at the QuakeCon YouTube page Laughing out loud

Bungie's 20th Anniversary Documentary

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To calibrate their 20th anniversary, Bungie have released an hour long documentary that goes over Bungie's legacy Smiling

View Conference 2011 Announced!

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This years View Conference has been announced!

The 12th international computer graphics conference with be held in Turin, Italy between 25th-28th October 2011 and will feature many of the industry's brightest and most talented stars, such as Pixar's Director of Photography/Lighting: Sharon Calahan!

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