Avatar Digital Sculpts Gallery

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Zbrush artist Patton has posted a very cool collection of sculpts that he worked on for Avatar over at ZbrushCentral.

Uncharted 2 Show & Tell at ZBrushCentral

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Can't get enough Uncharted 2?

Head over to ZBrushcentral HERE for an inspiring thread showcasing work from characters to environments and how some of it was created for the recent Game of the Year award winner. 

Eat3d Interviews Gavin Goulden

Eat 3D Blog

Recently we had the pleasure to talk to Blue Castle Games character artist Gavin Goulden about his workflow, how Zbrush has changed the way he models, how aspiring artists can improve and his general thoughts on the industry as a whole.

Sintel Snow Environment Design

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The Durian team have posted a cool update (Sticking out tongue) on the environment design for the open movie Sintel Interview Avatar Artists

Eat 3D Blog have interviewed 5 artists who have worked on James Cameron's highly anticipated Avatar, which is released this month.

Cthulhu By Chris Nichols

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Chris Nichols has sculpted a wonderful model of Cthulhu in Zbrush which is based upon H.P Lovecrafts famous creation.


Autodesk Masters 2009 - Riki Babington Nominated

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Our very own Riki Babington has been nominated for this years Autodesk Masters 2009

Riki was nominated for the Autodesk Masters Award for 3ds Max and he would love it if some of you would log into the area and give him a 5 star vote!

Andy Byrne's VFX Reel

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Andy Byrne of 2012 and Wolverine fame has updated his VFX reel and i have to say its looking sweet Laughing out loud

Check out his superb work HERE!




Realtime 3d Model Creation With A Webcam

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Introducing ProFORMA, a system allowing on-line (live) generation of textured 3D models.

Created by Cambridge university student Qi Pan for his PhD, the technique allows the user to scan a real world object using a webcam, which is them mapped to geometry in real time.

Sintel (Durian Project) Concept arts updates

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Some very interesting new concept art has been released for the upcoming open movie Sintel.

The movie is being made as a catalyst to further improve and refine the tools within Blender 2.5 and increase its awareness to the 3d community.

d'artiste: Character Modeling 3 Now Available

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Ballistic Publishing have announced that Part 3 of the absolutely fantastic d'artiste: Character Modeling series has been released and  is now available to purchase.

Dan Schick's Reel

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Dan Schick has posted his awesome reel over at CGTalk and i must say it is very impressive indeed Smiling

Artists Are Superheros!! Pixologic Action Hero Winner Tutorial

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Jeff Miller is featured over on CGSociety talking about how he created his superhero for Pixologic's Action Hero Contest. Go learn how to fight crime and make cool art now here.

Sintel Concept Art

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The Blender Foundation has released some concept art for the the forthcoming Durian project.

The Blender Foundation's Sintel turntable.

Eat 3D Blog

The Blender Foundation has released the first official turntable of the lead character for the the forthcoming Durian project.


Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is upon us!

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To much fanfare and celebration, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been released today.

The sequel to the best selling FPS ever continues to push gameplay and graphic fidelity too the cutting edge of what is possible with today's technology.

The Ultra-Realism of Alex Roman At

Eat 3D Blog have recently put up a hyper real movie short created by Alex Roman.

The HD movie was created in Max and rendered within VRay and shows a perfect example of photo-realistic work.

The Mill Showreal 2010

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FX power house, The Mill, have recently updated their showreel to include some of the most recent work the intercontinental studio has completed.


Epic Games UDK Comparison Shots

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Laurens Corijn, 3D and Technical Artist for ExDream, posted some comparison shots showing the differences in Unreal Tournament 3 using the new Lightmass GI baking system that came with the release of Epic's UDK (Unreal Development Kit).  

Check out Laurens post here. Read more about the release of Epic's UDK on Eat3D here.

CGChannel Interviews Jeremy Cook

Eat 3D Blog

CGChannel has recently interview Jeremy Cook of ILM and Blur fame.

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