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Toronto IGDA Talk by Adam Bromell

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Adam Bromell, Principal Editor and Head Administrator of Polycount, recently did a talk at the IGDA Toronto meet!

In the talk, entitled "More Than Pushing Polys",  Adam discussed being a video game artist, gave his opinion on how to progress into the field, how he got his first job in the industry and even took time out for a Q&A session!


RAGE Behind The Scenes Videos

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Over the past few weeks Bethesda have published 6 behind the scenes videos for the forthcoming id game: RAGE

Blender 2.5 Dynamic Wave Painting In Development!

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Miika Hämäläinen has been hard at work on his "Carrot" branch and has uploaded an awesome feature that he has been working on.

Games For Change Festival 2011: Gabe Newell G4LI Keynote

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Gabe Newell's Keynote presentation for the Games for Change Festival 2011, is now available to watch in full over at Vimeo!


Rage "The Legacy Of ID" Behind The Scenes Video

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G4TV have posted a great video entitled "The Legacy Of ID"

The video goes behind the scenes of id's forthcoming RAGE FPS, which promises to be an awe-inspiring shooting extravaganza Laughing out loud



The development team behind, RAGE, explain the legacy of their company, id Software, and they dive into their new game engine, ID Tech 5. Check out the first behind the scenes video in a six part series for RAGE.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Official Trailer

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Bethesda have released the first in game footage of the forthcoming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It looks really have stepped up the visuals with this one and its looking pretty amazing Laughing out loud

Check it out HERE

DIGIC Pictures' demo reel, 2010

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DIGIC Pictures have released their demo reel for 2010 and it looks mighty impressive Laughing out loud


Check it out over at YouTube!

Indie short: Salesman Pete

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This indie short, created by Marc Bouyer, combining flash backgrounds and 3ds max is utterly awesome.

Warhammer 40k Movie Trailer

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Looks like they are going for the "300" style. Looks promising. Smiling

More info here:

Digital finger painting. In your Face!

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Check out the great work Kyle Lambert produced with his iPad.


Animation Short: Cycle

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Check out this cool animation form Denis Briant who recently graduated from Animation Mentor.



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Patrick Jean has published a short film that he has written and directed, entitled PIXELS, where  8bit creatures invade New York!

Awesome Laughing out loud


New York invasion by 8-bits creatures !
PIXELS is Patrick Jean' latest short film, shot on location in New York.


Check out the video HERE

Air Village

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Artist and Evermotion moderator Edi_W has created a beautiful piece of work that has been based upon a concept by Iwo Widulinski.


Realtime 3d Model Creation With A Webcam

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Introducing ProFORMA, a system allowing on-line (live) generation of textured 3D models.

Created by Cambridge university student Qi Pan for his PhD, the technique allows the user to scan a real world object using a webcam, which is them mapped to geometry in real time.

The Ultra-Realism of Alex Roman At

Eat 3D Blog have recently put up a hyper real movie short created by Alex Roman.

The HD movie was created in Max and rendered within VRay and shows a perfect example of photo-realistic work.

Video Short: The King of the Island

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 'The king of the island' is the second short film directed by Raimondo Della Calce and produced by artFive animation studio. The movie tells the story of Gioannin, a shy and lonely child, left no father because of a mishap occurred at sea years before.

Its long but has a great quality to it, enjoy Smiling

Pixar Intro Parody

Eat 3D Blog

 Beware of adorable, homicidal lamps!

"CABLE" Short film

Eat 3D Blog

cool short film by a 1 man team. Artist:

Rhapsody with James - 3D Video Short

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Here is a cool short video about a character with double personality issues.

artist's website:

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