Avatar Digital Sculpts Gallery

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Zbrush artist Patton has posted a very cool collection of sculpts that he worked on for Avatar over at ZbrushCentral.

Uncharted 2 Show & Tell at ZBrushCentral

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Can't get enough Uncharted 2?

Head over to ZBrushcentral HERE for an inspiring thread showcasing work from characters to environments and how some of it was created for the recent Game of the Year award winner. 

Sintel Snow Environment Design

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The Durian team have posted a cool update (Sticking out tongue) on the environment design for the open movie Sintel Interview Avatar Artists

Eat 3D Blog have interviewed 5 artists who have worked on James Cameron's highly anticipated Avatar, which is released this month.

Realtime 3d Model Creation With A Webcam

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Introducing ProFORMA, a system allowing on-line (live) generation of textured 3D models.

Created by Cambridge university student Qi Pan for his PhD, the technique allows the user to scan a real world object using a webcam, which is them mapped to geometry in real time.

Assassin's Creed II: Nicolas Collings Character Art

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Incredible post over on Zbrushcentral from Nicolas Collings showing his character art work for the recently released Assassin's Creed II from Ubisoft. Catch it HERE.

d'artiste: Character Modeling 3 Now Available

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Ballistic Publishing have announced that Part 3 of the absolutely fantastic d'artiste: Character Modeling series has been released and  is now available to purchase.

Insomniac Games Blog - Interview with Dave Guertin & Greg Baldwin

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Insomniac Games' new blog site has an interview with Dave Guertin & Greg Baldwin who are concept artists for Insomniac and are also known for their website Both talk about their beginnings in the industry, their time at Insomniac and some of the early days working on the first Ratchet and Clank games. Also featured are two time lapse videos showing their creation process. Check out the full inteview HERE.

Artists Are Superheros!! Pixologic Action Hero Winner Tutorial

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Jeff Miller is featured over on CGSociety talking about how he created his superhero for Pixologic's Action Hero Contest. Go learn how to fight crime and make cool art now here.

Sintel Concept Art

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The Blender Foundation has released some concept art for the the forthcoming Durian project.

The Blender Foundation's Sintel turntable.

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The Blender Foundation has released the first official turntable of the lead character for the the forthcoming Durian project.


Epic Games UDK Comparison Shots

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Laurens Corijn, 3D and Technical Artist for ExDream, posted some comparison shots showing the differences in Unreal Tournament 3 using the new Lightmass GI baking system that came with the release of Epic's UDK (Unreal Development Kit).  

Check out Laurens post here. Read more about the release of Epic's UDK on Eat3D here.

District 9 [Part2] :: Production Focus

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CG Society has just released part 2 of  the production focus on District 9.

d'artiste Character Modeling 3—Available to pre-order!

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Part 3 in the excellent Character Modeling series by Ballistic Publishing is now available for pre-order.

And whats more, If you pre-order d'artiste Character Modeling 3 Limited Edition or are one of the first 500 customers to pre-order d'artiste Character Modeling 3 slipcased edition you will receive a link too Giovanni Nakpil’s quadruped creature, and Cesar Dacol Jr’s Pond Guardian models that are featured within the book itself.

The Blender Foundation's Durian Project's Secrets Revealed

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The Blender Foundation has released the first official teaser for the the forthcoming Durian project along with an animatic of the first full minute of the film.


Paul Debevec Talks Emily Project

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3d technology pioneer and guru Paul Debevec has recently given a lecture at TED explaining how the Emily Project was brought to life using state of the art photo source capturing from a spherical lighting rig.

District 9 [Part 1] :: Production Focus

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The crew at Image Engine Design Inc. in Vancouver opened their doors to CG Society on their work on 'District 9'. They showed them the R&D, their textures, their pipelines. This is just the first instalment.


Star Wars: The Old Republic - The Making of Coruscant

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Another behind the scenes video from the art team at Bioware discussing how they went about making Coruscant for their upcoming MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic.

You can download the video here and if you're on Facebook check them out here and add them as a fan while you're there.

Brink Developer Diary - Olivier Leonardi Art Director

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Over at Beth Blog they have a developer diary with Olivier Leonardi the art director on Brink. In the diary he breaks down the specific details about the choices and influences for Brink's "exaggerated reality". It's a great read to show that great art is made with fore thought and purpose. Check out the diary here.


Batman Arkham Asylum :: Game Production Focus

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CG Society has done a game production focus on Recksteady's  Batman Arkham Asylum.


Read the full article here

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