Concept Art

Really cool ZBrush sculpture.

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If you want to see some more of the "MuppetMan's" work, go to his website and check out some of his sketches and sculptures as well. Mr. Moffitt has a really clear and refreshing style.


Laurel Austin Creature Sculpting Showcase

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SplashDamage Senior Concept Artist Laurel Austin has posted some of her awesome sculpts over at

Darksiders Concept Bonanza!

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Paul Richards has posted some of the totally amazing concept work he did for Darksiders on his site.

Chaos & Evolutions - Digital Painting Course Using Free/Open Source Software.

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The Blender Foundation have announced the release of their newest training DVD ‘Chaos and Evolutions’ -  Digital Painting Course Using Free/Open Source Software by Durian/Sintel concept artist David Revoy.

Andy Park Video Interview

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CGChannel have posted a nice video interview with concept artist Andy Park, who worked on God Of War 2+3 

Air Village

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Artist and Evermotion moderator Edi_W has created a beautiful piece of work that has been based upon a concept by Iwo Widulinski.


Sintel Snow Environment Design

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The Durian team have posted a cool update (Sticking out tongue) on the environment design for the open movie Sintel Interview Avatar Artists

Eat 3D Blog have interviewed 5 artists who have worked on James Cameron's highly anticipated Avatar, which is released this month.

Sintel (Durian Project) Concept arts updates

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Some very interesting new concept art has been released for the upcoming open movie Sintel.

The movie is being made as a catalyst to further improve and refine the tools within Blender 2.5 and increase its awareness to the 3d community.

d'artiste: Character Modeling 3 Now Available

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Ballistic Publishing have announced that Part 3 of the absolutely fantastic d'artiste: Character Modeling series has been released and  is now available to purchase.

Brink Developer Diary - Olivier Leonardi Art Director

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Over at Beth Blog they have a developer diary with Olivier Leonardi the art director on Brink. In the diary he breaks down the specific details about the choices and influences for Brink's "exaggerated reality". It's a great read to show that great art is made with fore thought and purpose. Check out the diary here.


New Sketch Blog by Enrique Pina III

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 I love Enrique's style, hopefully he will continue to update this. Smiling

Two Guys, Insomniac and a CreatureBox

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Over at Autodesk's AREA website they have a great interview with both David Guertin and Greg Baldwin who are concept artists at Insomniac Games (Ratchet and Clank, Resistance). 

In the interview David and Greg talk about their history, influences, getting into games and how they came together to create 

Check out the full interview here.


Art of Guild Wars 2 Now Avaliable

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ArenaNet, makers of Guild Wars and the upcoming Guild Wars 2, have released the Art of Guild Wars 2. 

This hardbound book comes with 128 pages of concept art that includes the undead realm of Orr, the Sylvari and the fiery war machines of the Charr. A great addition to any artists inspiration shelf.

Parka Blog Book Review - The Art of Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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The highly successful Cartoon Network TV show Star Wars: The Clone Wars the 2nd season starts October 2, 2009 and with it an art book has been released covering material from both the movie and the TV show.


Massive Black portfolio updated

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Massive Black have recently updated their portfolio.

The much revered 3d outsourcing studio, with clients such as Activision, Blizzard, EA, Sony and id software have added many new pieces of work to their already stunning portfolio.

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