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Batman Arkham City - Art Dump!

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André Wahlgren has posted some of the fantastic work that he and the Rocksteady team did on Batman Arkham City!

The critically acclaimed game was recently  released to a fanfare from gamers around the world and recently picked up Metacritic's 2011 Game of the Year!

Blender Cycles Roadmap!

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Guru Blender developer and the brain behind Cycles: Brecht van Lommel, has made an interesting post that details his current development plans for the new GPU accelerated rendering engine!

Now that Cycles is in a Blender release, the next step is to extend it further and improve performance. Remember that Cycles is intended to be a render engine for individuals / small studios, aimed primarily at rendering animations, and this goal is what we evaluate priorities of features by.

For the next few months, the main priorities are:

Grabviewport 2.5 Released!

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Leslie Van den Broeck has released Grabviewport 2.5

The awesome Max script allow the easy capture High Resolution Screenshots of your Max viewport with a ton of option such as 4xAA, custom width and height values, Alpha, Wire, Color, Zdepth (+3dsMax 2010 only) and SSAO (+3dsMax 2010 only)!

TreeGen Beta v0.97 For Max Released!

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Ryan James Smith has released TreeGen Beta 0.97!

 The 3DS Max script generates cheap realtime trees via an intuitive interface, and allows for numerous tweaks to the generated tress via 15 trunk controls, 15 Branch controls, 6 leaf controls and the ability to use user selected leaf meshes Laughing out loud


Hey guys, This is the thread for my TreeGen script. It's a free 3DS Max script that I thought i'd share with you all. It's the fruit of my MaxScript learning binge which i've been learning in my free time.

CGSociety 2011 Retrospective Top 20!

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2011 is over and the CGTalk community has gone over the year with a fine tooth comb to find the top 20 CG related goodies!

Atangeo Balancer 2.0 released!

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Atangeo Balancer 2.0 has been released!

The update for the decimation and optimisation application adds some nice new features such as precise pixel-based tolerance simplification, T-Junction elimination mesh processing and improved robustness and feature preservation!


OctaneRender For 3ds Max v1.0 Beta 2.56b Released!

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Refractive Software have released OctaneRender v1.0 Beta 2.56b for 3ds Max!

The update adds improvements to the speed of rendering and produces cleaner results!

Kevin Johnstone Gears Of War 3 Art - Asset Progress Walkthrough!

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 Kevin Johnstone has posted some more of the amazing art that he created for Epic's Gears of War 3!

The Polycount thread shows a huge amount of assets that Kevin created for the game using Max and ZBrush and the new additions show some of the progress and itterations that Kevin made to a high poly asset.


Thanks Kevin!


nDo2 1.0.6 Released!

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Hot on the heels of the holidays, Quixel have released nDo2 1.0.6!

The new release includes support for manually duplicated normals and 16 bit normal creation!


What has changed in 1.0.6?

  • Support for manually duplicated normals
  • 16 bit normal creation support
  • Improved normal bevel removal support
  • nDo2 no longer hogs the screen when processing


ZBrush 4R2b Release Scheduled For January 23th, 2012!

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Pixologic have released a few more details about the forthcoming ZBrush 4R2b and have announced the release date of January 23th, 2012!

Among the new features that have been announced are FiberMesh and NoiseMaker!

nDo2 New Year Sale With 35% Off!

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Our friends over at Quixel are having a New Year sale and are giving artists the opportunity to purchase nDo2 with a discount of 35%!


Did Santa fail you this xmas? Don't worry! is 35% OFF!!! Laughing out loud Happy new year everyone! Code: NDO2FORALL


xNormal 3.17.8 Released!

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xNormal 3.17.8 has been released!

The new version contains a few  bug fixes Laughing out loud


What's new in xNormal 3.17.8?

  • Fixed a problem scaling derivative maps.
  • Recompiled using the latest libraries.

Check out the full announcement and grab the installer, for free, HERE


Polycount MUTANT LEAGUE Challenge Deadline Changed!

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 Polycounts MUTANT LEAGUE Challenge has had a deadline change!

The challenge has been extended by a week to allow extras time for those of us who were celebrating over the holidays!

Polycounts commander in chief, r13, writes:-

Marmoset Toolbag On Sale Until 2012!

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8Monkeylabs are having a sale on Marmoset Toolbag!

The amazing model viewer and presentation tool can now be purchased for a 20% discount until 11:59PST on Sunday, January 1st, 2012!

Purchase Marmoset Toolbag for $39.99 HERE Laughing out loud

Epic Release December 2011 UDK Update!

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Epic have released the December  2011 update for UDK !

The update includes numerous bug fixes and new features, including improvements tot he Texture Paint tool and the ability to have discontinuous LOD levels for individual Landscape components  Laughing out loud

MysticThumbs 2.6.6 Released!

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Version 2.6.6 of the Windows Explorer Thumbnail Generator for Windows 7, Vista & XP has been released and includes a range of bug fixes, new features and optimisationsSmiling

nDo 2 v1.0.3 Released!

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Quixel have released nDo 2 v1.0.3!

The release improves performance and now includes partial CS2 support Laughing out loud


What is new in 1.0.3?

  • Performance boosts
  • partial CS2 support
  • UI improvements


You can download the latest release from HERE and purchase the application from HERE


3D Realism: Practical & Easy Workflows

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Jamie Cardoso has posted a very informative tutorial on his Mental Ray blog that goes over the creation of marketing images for the professional visualisation industry.

Surface Splash Thinking Particles Tutorial

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Eat3d tutor and VFX guru Hristo Velev has released a new free tutorial on Thinking Particles!


The tutorial covers surface splash, which is a useful technique for the emission of particles from the leading edge of a moving object against the ground Smiling

That’s a useful technique I employ a lot – emission of particles from the leading edge of a moving object against the ground:


Games Industry Mentor, Episode 21: Making Indie Games

Eat 3D Blog

The latest episode of Aaron Canaday's awesome Games Industry Mentor podcast is now available!


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