UDK June Beta Released!

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Epic have released the June update for UDK !

The update includes numerous bug fixes and new features, including FBX Custom Normals , Penumbra scale adjustment and Numerous skeletal mesh improvements Laughing out loud


Vertex Colors and Multiple UV Sets for Skeletal Meshes

  • Users can now import vertex colors with skeletal meshes and access them in materials
  • Works with both the FBX importer and the latest ActorX plug-in
  • Vertex colors only work for GPU-skinned meshes (for now)
  • Up to four UV sets will be taken when importing a skeletal mesh
  • The skeletal mesh vertex buffer only uses the amount imported so as not to waste memory


 Bloom Improvements


Penumbra Scale


Custom Normals with FBX

  • FBX importer now supports custom vertex normals
  • This is useful for 'combing' vertex normals on foliage, or when you need smooth lighting continuity between multiple meshes
  • To use this, first export normals (and/or tangents) using the FBX exporter in your modeling program
  • Next, enable the new 'Explicit Normals' option while importing the FBX file into UE3New Tool for Visualizing Render Target Textures on the HUD
  • http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/VisualizeTexture.html


Multiple UVs for Skeletal Meshes

  • Up to four UV sets per skeletal mesh is supported
  • Works with both the FBX importer and the latest ActorX plug-in
  • You can access these texture coordinates in materials assigned to your skeletal meshGame Caster Virtual Camera
  • Game Caster virtual camera support is ready to use
  • http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/MatineeUserGuide.html#Gamecaster Integration

Auto Texture Reimport

Other New Features and Improvements

  • Major performance improvements, especially with shadows and animation
  • New per-level post process chain will override the single per-game chain if set
  • http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/ContentBlog.html#Per map post process chain.
  • Added one-bounce GI even for areas outside the Lightmass importance volume
  • Note that this is lower quality than bounced light within the volume
  • Physical Material Masks for material instances now available in the editor
  • Support for Shader Model 2 and fallback materials has been removed
  • Fallback materials will be automatically deleted
  • Improved screen-space ambient occlusion with new 'AngleBasedSSAO' setting
  • This will yield better quality with same sample count
  • Improvements to skeletal mesh importing of 'alternate weight sets'
  • This allows vertex data to be shared between different weighted character rigs
  • The editor's Map Check tool will now also warn you about potential performance issues
  • Various minor improvements to Scaleform GFx workflow
  • Gamma correction has been disabled throughout the GFx pipeline in order to better match the output of Flash



  • DM-Deck has been updated with some new engine features
  • Added god rays, improved bloom, and a new sky!
  • Angle-based SSAO is now enabled in UDKGame by default (improved SSAO quality)
  • Made shield projectile-blocking consistent with the old behavior
  • Various minor cleanups to PlayerController, PlayerReplicationInfo and Pawn classes



You can grab the update from HERE


What is it?

UDK is Unreal Engine 3 – the complete professional development framework. All the tools you need tcreate great games, advanced visualizations and detailed 3D simulations. The best tools in the industry are in your hands.

Whis it for?

Anyone. Everyone. You. Unreal Engine 3 has been used by game developers, researchers, television studios, machinima directors, artists and students. If you have an idea that needs tbe brought tlife in a game engine, UDK is for you.

Why UDK?

Only UDK has the power, flexibility and track record of Unreal Engine 3. These tools have been proven with countless releases and dozens of awards. There is nbetter way tmake awesome games than with UE3.