James Hawkins GOW 3, UT3 And Bulletstorm Concept Art

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Over the past few weeks James Hawkins has updated his portfolio to include some of the new GOW 3, UT3 and Bulletstorm concept art that he has created for Epic over the past few years. Laughing out loud


I am steadily collecting more of my concepts for the blog.  I opened up the archive and found a few UT3 concepts that I had done.  I really had a great time on this project.  Its hard to believe I was working on Gears and UT at the same time.  In fact we worked it out so that I alternated weeks on each project.  I had one week to produce a design for Gears then one week to produce a design for UT.  I was was a very productive time for me to say the least.


Check out the brilliant concepts HERE


June 1, 2011 - 4:05am