Epic Release December UDK Update!

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Epic have released the December update to UDK !

The update includes numerous bug fixes, new features and tools Smiling



New UDK features and tool :-

  • DLLBind feature
    • This significant feature enables UnrealScript to call functions implemented in Windows DLLs.
    • UDK users can now write native C++ code to interface with script.
    • “DLLBind” gives users the ability to extend the functionality of UDK.
    • http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/DLLBind.html
  • Material vertex shader control
    • Offset static mesh vertices from within the material using world position, vertex colors and “WindDirectionAndSpeed” data.
      • Artists can now modify vertex world position in the material editor, which allows arbitrary deformation effects and custom ambient animation for different types of objects.
      • “WindDirectionAndSpeed” is useful for obtaining wind parameters from any wind actors placed in the level, which can be changed at runtime.
    • http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/WorldPositionOffset.html
  • New visual-only “InteractiveFoliageActor”
    • Simulate a spring based on input touch and damage forces.
      • Walk through tall grass and bushes, which will be pushed out of your way and then sway back when you stop pushing them.
      • Weapon projectile and explosion damage will also apply forces to the foliage actor.
    • Extremely low performance impact; costs nearly the same as a static mesh and therefore can be used extensively.
    • http://udn.epicgames.com/Three/InteractiveFoliageActor.html
      • Includes example videos for explosions, walking through fields and advanced foliage animations.
  • New Unreal Editor features
    • UDK users can now import 32-bit BMP images.
    • View original, displayed, and effective texture resolution in the new Texture Info panel.
    • Check out the many other editor upgrades here
  • Navigation mesh additions
  • ActorX has been updated to support 3ds Max 2010!
    • UDK users using 3ds Max 2010 can now export skeletal meshes and animations to binary file formats that the Unreal Editor can import using the ActorX plugin.
    • Find it in the /Binaries/Tools/ActorX directory.
  • Custom lighting and transmission improvements
    • Custom lighting can emulate Phong for two-sided materials via new “TwoSidedSign” node.
  • In-game debugging tool
    • "ToggleDebugCamera" now supports selection and shows all materials used by mesh components.
    • UDK users can now select meshes at runtime to view what is in front of the player.
  • Translucent sorting features


 Improved UDK Features and Tools

  • Level Browser improvements
    • New tagging and filtering system with keywords makes searching levels easier than ever before.
    • Persistent level actors can now be easily hidden or shown.
    • New "PIE Only Visible Levels" toolbar toggle limits which levels get loaded in PIE to only levels that are currently visible.
    • New “Lock/Unlock/Hide/Show” settings for all levels via right mouse button (RMB) are now available.
    • New "Find in Content Browser" option has been added to the Level Browser.
  • Unreal Kismet upgrades
    • Kismet editor now has navigation history. Handy “Back” and “Forward” buttons make it easy to toggle between actions in the history log.
    • Dropping Kismet nodes down on top of ports now auto-wires the node.
    • New "Select in Level" option to Kismet right-click menu is now available.
  • Particle improvements
    • New camera-facing options for mesh emitters will override “AxisLock” settings.
  • Unreal Lightmass
    • Scene data exported to Lightmass is now compressed.
      • Reduces disk usage and network bandwidth.
      • Increases speed of Lightmass startup.
  • Mesh Paint Tool
  • Animation
  • Miscellaneous editor improvements and fixes
    • Greatly improved “Convert Light” tool now supports all light types. Simply right-click on lights in the level viewport to convert them to other types of light.
    • New material for geometry mode editing makes it much easier to align volumes and BSP in the world: New Geometry Mode Texture
    • AnimSet Editor log spew has been fixed.
    • UDK users can now build old UE3 lighting on SM2 cards.
  • BSP and "Accept Lights" change
    • Lights no longer "bleed" through BSP corners.


You can grab the update from HERE


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