Alan Van Ryzin's portfolio

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I have just happened upon Alan Van Ryzin's portfolio and its simply stunning!

Most definitely one of the best portfolios i have ever seen Laughing out loud


My name is Alan Van Ryzin, and I was born in Seattle WA. I've been in the game industry for about 6 years, I've worked a few staff jobs, and my most recent endeavors has been on a freelance basis.  My skills range from Modeling/UV, Texturing, 2d Design and Web Design. I'm a very versatile artist overall and I like to do lots of different kinds of things. 

My work has ranged from AAA titles to indie projects including mods, and even handheld titles. I have a love for it all really, but my main passion is with texturing. My style sways heavily towards realism, and I have a love for photography and I try to use it as much as possible as a basis for my 3d work.


Thanks for Glynn Smith for the heads up Smiling