3Point Shader 1.01.03 Released!

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3Point Studios have released an update for their uber 3Point Shader, which now includes support for Max 2012.


2012 build is out. Please report findings of 2012 bugs to support@3pointstudios.com or post here.

-Lite users go here.
-Commercial users please refer to your original registration email details for re-download.

Your viewport needs to be set to Direct3D/DirectX mode, not nitrous.

This version includes two new ui elements in the Environment rollout of your material. These are used to copy your environment settings to the other 3Point materials in your scene, and to lock the current material so such changes will not affect it.

These elements are in place to tide you over until we release our full environment handling, aiming to support, among other things:

-Full-rez environment rendering in the viewport background
-Environment volumes that automatically determine reflection maps for objects within.
-Automatic cube map generation at any rez including ambient light map generation. This lets objects reflect and receive lights from your actual viewport scene.
-Environment presets for quickly and easily changing the mood and location of your scene.


Changes in this version:-

  • Recompiled for max 2012. NOTE: Possible issues with 3ds 2012. Please report any findings to support@3pointstudios.com.
  • Unlocked env sync functionality.



Graphical User Interface

  • The 3Point Shader GUI provides an artist-friendly approach to building complex real-time materials. It's intuitive and efficient without compromising on features. Unnecessary interaction has been eliminated and several traditionally manually performed tasks are now automated.
  • The GUI fits on low end monitors, with all the controls shown. Essential controls are on the left and complex controls on the right. Main settings control surface properties. Environment settings control scene lights, shadows and reflections. The big question mark takes you to the help page.

Basic Materials

  • All industry standard effects are featured. Surface colour, highlights, normal maps, glow, transparency, point lights, ambient lights and reflections. These can capture all materials you will need, from stone to skin, cloth or metal. Hard shadows are supported to the extent that your version of 3ds Max allows.
  • Each effect is configurable in multiple ways to be able to conform to a wide range of needs and standards of production environments.

"Quality mode" Normalmaps

  • Normalmaps are integral to "next-gen" graphics. Despite their industry-wide adoption, tangent-space normalmaps are typically rendered with harsh shading errors, and object space normalmaps have had no UV-mirroring support.
  • In either case, performance and/or visual fidelity has been significantly lacking.
  • The problems are now eliminated. 3Point Shader Quality Mode renders real-time tangent space maps without shading errors. Object space normalmaps now support UV-mirroring. All existing 3ds Max bakes are supported. 3Point Shader Lite fully supports Quality Mode.


  • 3Point Shader handles mixing of viewport bound lights and omni lights, light range and shadow control as well as ambient light and reflection bakes. These emulate effects such as sky and environment illumination and colour bounces, light occlusion and environment reflection. Cube maps can be rotated to manually position the environment effects. Environment settings are highly configurable and integral to a professional quality result.

Advanced Materials

  • Parameter values are non-capped, meaning that no rendering assumptions are made, enabling glow effects that suck away light, negative shadow strengths that transform shadowcasting into "lightcasting", inverted fresnel masks and much more.
  • 3Point Shader has extensive transparency controls that enable a wide range of effects through multipass rendering. Complex fur, sub-surface scattering, transition maps, texture projection, dynamic aging and cartoon shading are just a few examples of features that are not explicitly supported but have been user-crafted using only the 3Point Shader GUI.


3Point Shader is comprised of the following:-

  • 3ds Max 3Point Shader Material
  • Modifier to enable Quality Mode
  • Tool to convert Lite materials to full GUI materials
  • Sample content that demonstrates 3Point Shader features
  • Documentation


Grab the Lite version HERE and purchase the full version for $48 HERE

Current full version users can refer to their original registration email details to re-download the Full version.