New DVD Release! ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques 2

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Hi Everyone! We are so excited to release the highly requested and anticipated followup to one of our most popular DVDs: "ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques". We put an insane amount of time and effort into this like so many other of our high quality releases and we think everyone will benefit from it greatly. It was a lot of fun to produce and Mike has come up with an entire new set of techniques using ZBrush 4 R2. Thanks for everyone's continued support!

Check it out here! 

DVD Description:
In this DVD, Instructor Mike Jensen is back by popular demand to demonstrate even more hard surface techniques using ZBrush 4 R2. Mike starts off giving an overview of all the techniques and basics that will be covered in the creation of a full armor set. He then starts concepting the character armor and then building out the main shapes for the final. Mike then begins to detail the final armor and brings it all to portfolio quality sculpt. Finally he talks a little about how to pose your model and bring it into 3d Studio Max to render with VRay and then compositing the final in Photoshop. 

This DVD is perfect for those who want to learn how to create hard surface character armor inside ZBrush 4 R2. 

About the Instructor:

Mike Jensen is a character artist from the US who specializes in creating mechanical characters in zbrush. He has created several training packages on ZBrush including the First DVD in this series "ZBrush Hard Surface Techniques", the book "Zen of ZBrush" and the e-book "ZBrush Techniques". Mike is currently a freelancer who is dedicated to developing new techniques within ZBrush to produce mechanical characters with the same quality, precision, and accuracy of a traditional 3d modeling package.


January 26, 2013 - 8:39am

Hello, I have been wondering if you have found a fix for the following. Ever since I saw the 1st video with the mech, I have been using the custom menus. But in 4r4 they have had this annoying issue for the custom symmetry window...If you make a custom menu and throw in all the symmetry options - 1st few times its ok...then after that the symmetry turns to something else like goZ or other buttons - the only fix I have found for this is to save my custom menu and have the symmetry options be open at on the side - but this only works if I have only 1 ztl open...if I have more than 1 then the symmetry buttons turn to something else again...

Anonymous (not verified)

December 22, 2011 - 8:15pm

No this could not be done in mudbox the same way. You would need to create the armor pieces in 3ds max and you can pretty much just detail in mudbox. Mudbox does not have 70% of the things he is going to use in this video. Also mudbox is not an inferior product it has many things about it anyone is sure to like. First off mudbox blows zbrush out of the water when it comes to painting zbrush is using primitive poly paint mudbox is using a more modern system. Mudbox also has vector displacement maps, tileable stencils and much better projection methods. Spotlight is good but mudbox beats it there. Another thing is mudbox has viewport filters which in my preference and many others preference beats matcaps. They are better because you can visualize a model how it would look with an AO or cavity map on it while you work. Last thing is mudbox is straight forward and every tool and every setting is exactly where you would expect to find it.

By the way I use zbrush and prefer it, but I have to give mudbox credit where credit is due.

Zbrush is better to concept and come up with something from scratch, with mudbox you make it in 3ds max maya or softimage. And that only makes sense autodesk makes all industry standard 3d packages so their sculpting product "mudbox" is designed to work with it not fight their own app.

Mudbox is also used by environment assets comonly because of its fast texturing/modeling/detailing speed. On many of those assets you just need mid teir details since it all gets baked down to pixels in mudbox I know from experience you will get an environment high poly environment asset detailed much quicker than zbrush.

So there is my rant for you all to read in the comments, think I nailed it eat3d?

When it comes down to it it's all mostly preference of working anyhow.


December 21, 2011 - 10:58pm
Anonymous wrote:

can you do something like this in mudbox?

why would you want to use a inferior product??

Anonymous (not verified)

December 16, 2011 - 9:53am

can you do something like this in mudbox?

Anonymous (not verified)

December 15, 2011 - 8:55pm

Why use 3dmax? Zbrush now have an excellent render