New DVD Release! ZBrush 4 Character Production 3 - Creating the UVs and Texturing the Game Model

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In this DVD, instructor Michael Pavlovich continues where he left off in part 2 to create UVs, Textures, and Rendering for the cowboy character. He starts off by UVing the low-poly mesh utilizing 3 programs: Headus UV, Autodesk Maya, and ZBrush UV Master. Once the UVs are complete, Michael then goes into xNormal to create the Normal Map, Ambient Occlusion Map, and capturing the Poly Paint for the Diffuse Map. He then takes the maps into Photoshop to clean them up and then uses Quixel's dDo plugin to create the final textures. Finally he takes the mesh and textures into Modo to create the final presentation renders. 

In this final DVD of the series, you will have a number of solutions for quickly and easily created quality assets for your own custom character pipeline. 

 DVD Chapters:

00 - 04min - Introduction
01 - 36min - Unwrapping in Headus UVLayout 1
02 - 23min - Unwrapping in Headus UVLayout 2
03 - 38min - Unwrapping in Maya 1
04 - 10min - Unwrapping in Maya 2
05 - 09min - Unwrapping in Maya - 101
06 - 05min - Unwrapping in ZBrush - 101
07 - 23min - Baking in xNormal
08 - 19min - Assembling the Bakes in Photoshop
09 - 32min - Cleaning the Bakes & Creating a Selection Mask
10 - 08min - Baking the Cavity & Stubble Maps
11 - 27min - Creating the Facial Hair
12 - 09min - Creating the Eyeball Textures
13 - 24min - An Introduction to dDo
14 - 15min - Generating the Leather, Metal, & Clothing Textures
15 - 43min - Rendering in Modo

Total Time - 5 1/2 Hours 

About the Instructor:

Michael Pavlovich has been in the game industry since graduating from the Ringling School of Art and Design in 2005. Starting as an environment artist, Michael has worked on several titles for multiple platforms, at both Electronic Arts and Sony Online Entertainment. Michael is currently a senior artist at Certain Affinity in Austin, TX.