New DVD Release! Visual FX Masterclass - Part 1 - A Crash Course in Advanced Visual FX

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In this first DVD of our 2-part Masterclass series, instructor Jeremy Baldwin begins by giving visual examples to explain volumes in UDK and even 3ds Max using a maxscript. He then goes into creating a material function sub-library which dramatically helps speed up the process when creating other shaders which includes materials such as: custom distortion, multiple vertex animation techniques, and generating fake caustics. Next, Jeremy guides you through creating several unique and power shaders like an ice shader with amazing customization, a very powerful "dust falling" material, and even a dust particle system. If that wasn’t enough, he goes into constructing a tiled lava shader with many different variations. From there Jeremy constructs a concrete material that works on world coordinates instead of UVs. Finally, Jeremy demonstrates how to create an incredible holographic door effect inside UDK. He starts the door effect by showing how a custom mesh was created and rigged inside 3ds Max and then moves into UDK to create the script-controllable shader and finally wraps it up by creating the full effect using kismet and matinee.

With over 4 1/2 hours of content, this DVD is perfect for those who want to go beyond the basics and create some amazing and custom VFX inside UDK.

 DVD Chapters:

00 - 05min - Introduction
01 - 16min - Maxscript Demo
02 - 17min - Unreal Radius Demo
03 - 21min - Water Caustics
04 - 20min - Sprite Dot
05 - 07min - Vertex Static
06 - 06min - Custom Distortion
07 - 10min - Manual Radius
08 - 37min - Ice Shader
09 - 23min - Magma Shader
10 - 17min - Smoke Shader
11 - 09min - Dust Shader
12 - 22min - Concrete Shader
13 - 15min - Holographic Door - Rigging
14 - 38min - Holographic Door - Shader
15 - 30min - Holographic Door - Kismet

Total Time - 4 1/2 Hours 

About the Instructor:

Jeremy Baldwin is an effects artist from the US who started off as a professional environment artist. He has created several free videos on the website and has worked at Irrational Games, Timegate Studios, and 2 Man Studios. Jeremy has worked on games such as "Bioshock:Infinite", "Aliens Colonial Marines", "Minimum", and is currently a freelancer who is dedicated to producing high quality training videos that go far beyond the basics.