New DVD Release! UnrealScript MasterClass - Part 3 - Re-creating Assault in UDK

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DVD Description:

In this DVD James Tan continues his series on re-creating Assault in UDK. James uses his 13 years of experience with Unreal Technology and Global UDK Educator with Epic, to demystify custom UDK game creation using UnrealScript. He starts by explaining how to update to a newer revision of UDK, adding Pickups, adding an Announcer, Scaleform, Navigation Meshes, Way Points, Upgrading the Task System, AI Overview, AI and Kismet, and some final words. 

This DVD is an amazing resource for those looking to customize their games using UnrealScript. 

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DVD Chapters:

00 - 02min - Introduction
01 - 14min - How to Update to a Newer Revision of UDK
02 - 48min - Adding Pickups
03 - 24min - How to Add the Announcer
04 - 31min - Scaleform Introduction
05 - 27min - Navigation Meshes and Way Points
06 - 13min - Upgrades to the Task System
07 - 65min - AI Overview and Discussion
08 - 22min - AI and Kismet
09 - 05min - Last Changes and Final Words

Total Time - over 4 Hours 

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 About the Instructor:

James Tan has worked with Unreal Technology for 13 years and specializes in programming. He has also traveled across the world with Epic Games demonstrating UDK. James currently works in his own studio called "Digital Confectioners" and has worked on such titles as "The Ball", "The Haunted", and "Cube".


About Eat 3D:

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