New DVD Release! Live Action & CG 5 - 3D Set Extensions in Nuke

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DVD Description:
In this DVD, instructor Matt Skonicki explores plate enhancement and set extension. He starts off by going over the raw workflow with footage captures from the new Blackmagic Cinema Camera. From there he tracks the footage in Nuke and then begins rotoscoping for sky replacement using the new Nuke Planar Tracker Node. Next, he moves into 3D Projecting and does some cosmetic work on the plate by adding multiple glowing and flickering neon signs. He then finishes off the composition with Nuke’s powerful 3D scanline render engine, lighting geometry in the scene using many of Nuke’s 3D environment tools including point lights, environment lights, materials, and shaders.

This DVD is an essential master class for those looking to work in the commercial and visual effects industry, creating subtle and convincing extension work to any live action scene.


DVD Chapters:
00 - 03min - Introduction
01 - 08min - Raw Workflow with Blackmagic Cinema Camera
02 - 13min - Importing and Tracking in Nuke
03 - 23min - Orienting Scene to 3D
04 - 12min - Rotoscope Planar Tracking Building - Part 1
05 - 13min - Rotoscope Planar Tracking Building - Part 2
06 - 15min - Luminance Keying Antennae
07 - 11min - Carding in 3D Cloud Layer
08 - 22min - Grading and Animating Clouds
09 - 04min - Organizing Composition Pipeline
10 - 20min - 3D projection Neon Signs
11 - 26min - Adding LensBlur, Flicker, Glows, Luminance Casting for Neon Signs - Part 1
12 - 05min - Adding LensBlur, Flicker, Glows, Luminance Casting for Neon Signs - Part 2
13 - 22min - Adding LensBlur, Flicker, Glows, Luminance Casting for Neon Signs - Part 3
14 - 22min - Adding Animated Neon Signs
15 - 13min - Adding Drop Shadows and Utilizing Cloned Nodes
16 - 08min - Using Switch Nodes for PreMultiplication
17 - 18min - 3D Projection on Multiple Depth Planes
18 - 11min - Placement and Grading of Steak House Sign
19 - 15min - Adding Chinese Restaurant Sign
20 - 03min - Resizing Signs to Fix Stretching
21 - 01min - Tweaking Old Reflections to Match New Signs
22 - 36min - Incorporating-Lighting 3D Scanline Rendered Geometry
23 - 18min - Adding 3D Rendered Atmospherics
24 - 06min - Re-Creating Lens Flares for Matted Objects

Total Time - 6 Hours 


About the Instructor:
Matt Skonicki has worked in the video game and film industry for over 6 years. During his time at Midway Games in Chicago, he worked very hard to prove his way up from being a cinematics artist to a character technical artist. Matt has worked on such video games as "Mortal Kombat: Armageddon" and "John Woo's Stranglehold" and even received a prestigious excellence award for his contributions. Currently Matt is a visual effects instructor at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy in Chicago Illinois.


About Eat 3D:
Eat 3D has been feeding your brain for over 5 years with some of the highest quality training that exists. Our goal is to provide you with the best education and get straight to the point with practical real world exercises that professionals actively use in production.