New DVD Release! The Dozer - Part 2 - Low Poly Modeling, UVing, and Baking

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We are proud to present the highly anticipated sequel in our Dozer training series.

More information:

In this DVD, Instructor Laurens Corijn continues from Part 1 and constructs the Low Poly version of the Dozer including the Modeling, UVing, and Baking. Laurens also starts each major section off with a brief introduction on what to expect during the process. He starts off by carefully modeling each section of the Dozer’s low poly mesh. Once the low poly is complete he goes into creating the complex UVs required for baking and texturing. Laurens then goes into baking out the normal and ambient occlusion maps. and finally applying and adjusting a shader in the 3ds Max viewport. 

This DVD is perfect for those who want to want a comprehensive look at how to take a complicated high-poly vehicle and create a low-poly version ready for real-time applications and games. 

About the Instructor:

Laurens Corijn is a 3D artist from Belgium currently employed as a 3D Technical Artist at Splash Damage Ltd. Laurens has also taught 3D for realtime applications as well as intermediate Unreal Engine 3 topics at the University College of West-Flanders. Having been trained in both artistic and technical fields, Laurens prefers to work on projects were these skills are combined. Having worked for broadcast as well as games, Laurens focuses on realtime mechanical 3D art for games.



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